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The United Kingdom is a varied and fantastic place, particularly for those who call this country home. From varied and predictable weather to old and often historic houses, there's plenty on offer in the modern United Kingdom that excites the mind. However, there are also (as there are with many countries) unique challenges to be overcome that are specific to the UK. If you've read my previous article on dehumidifiers in the UK, then you'll no doubt be aware of some of these. But that article took a look at just one example- that being the rainy weather of the United Kingdom. In this article, I'm going to be stripping all of that back and going over what it truly means to live in homely comfort in the UK.


The British Weather

I've touched on this before and, to an extent, I've even covered it in more depth. Most notably, I've covered the best way to protect your home from rainy British weather in an extensive article outlining my pick for the best dehumidifier for rainy weather which ended up being the Senelux 25 litre per day dehumidifier. Whilst the assertions made in that article are definitely true, there's no denying that the article itself was laser-focused and highly specific. When discussing the benefits of dehumidifiers, this is a normal and refreshing approach however there's something to be said for discussing a topic in broader strokes. As a result, we're engaging in one of the UK's favourite pass-times. We're going to talk about the British weather.

 A rainy British street with vibrant greenery and wet cobblestone pavement slabs with trees on the left hand side

To say that the UK's weather is a point of contention would be an understatement. Rainy showers can quickly evaporate into bright sunny spells... Or just get rainier. The butt of many jokes, the British weather is both entirely predictable and unpredictable at the same time with studies indicating that the average British citizen can predict the overall weather of various seasons, but not the day-to-day result of the UK's varied weather. As you can imagine, this brings up many small and controllable problems that, if left unchecked, can become larger, more damaging issues over time.


Home Preparations

As a British company, we at Senelux understand the concerns of our valued customers and seek to introduce products that can help remedy these concerns and protect your home. As you might expect, we have covered this before in our many, dedicated articles; but we believe that your home and your comfort within is something worth protecting. To that end, our extensive selection of air purifiers, heaters and, of course, our famous range of UK dehumidifiers- are purposely designed for UK homes and to help UK citizens prepare for the trials and tribulations of our ever changing weather. Preparedness really is the word for it. As there is no foolproof way of gauging the twist and turns of rain fall and sunny spells, being ready is all we really can do.


Rainy British Weather

I've chosen to cover the rainy British weather first thanks to its enduring status as the defining feature of the UK. In polite, British conversation, it's almost a given that someone, at some point will bring up "bad weather" which inevitably refers to rain. And whilst it is true that the UK has it's fair share of rain, it's equally true that many UK homes are unprepared for it. During high periods of showery rain, people may wear waterproof coats and jackets, but often it slips their minds that it is equally important to also protect their home from the damaging effects of prolonged, gathering rain clouds- the effects of which I have already covered in my article about this exact topic.

A picture of the Senelux Q4 Mini Home Dehumidifier with an orange background that fades to yellow at the left of the image

Suffice it to say, the ideal way to get your home ready and defended against the effects of rain is by adding a highly efficient dehumidifier in your home. Not only is this a great way to reduce excess moisture in your home that could be hampering your comfort, but it also provides an energy efficient method of drying your clothes, removing damp spots from your home and even warming your home up thanks to a dehumidifier's ability to extract cold, damp water from the air in your living space. It's true that, in the United Kingdom, dehumidifiers are an amazing addition to any home.


High Pollen Counts

Did you know that in the United Kingdom, approximately 23% of land is considered "green space?" In many ways, this is undoubtedly fantastic and anyone who has ever taken a rural, countryside holiday within the UK will tell you that this is an amazing feature of this country. With such varied wild lands and countryside, the people of the United Kingdom are treated to some of the world's most famous country paths and quaint country villages that are remarkably historic and thankfully preserved.

 A Senelux air purifier from the top down, showing the extraction fan which is all black compared to the white background.

But this comes with a cost, as I can personally attest to. If, like me, you suffer from hay fever, the UK spring and summer months can seem like a bit of a drag especially if you live close to greenery or countryside spaces. The effects of high pollen counts can cause eye irritation, dry, scratchy throats and horrendous sneezing or coughing that can last hours. But the solution isn't to go out and start wreaking havoc on the near by flora. Instead, when it comes to your home there is a far more efficient and sustainable way to deal with the effects of hay fever and pollen in your home.


Air Purifiers UK

As this is a UK problem and we are a UK company, at Senelux we provide solutions in the form of energy efficient, cost effective air purifiers. Originally designed to combat the effects of pollution in urban areas (another fantastic reason to own one of these amazing devices) air purifiers are truly a modern marvel being both simple in design and fantastic in effect- bolstering the comfort of your home in mere seconds and providing you with the best summer night's sleep you could ever hope for.

 A photo of the Senelux Demi Air Purifier sitting on top of a marble effect table with a plant behind it and a pale blue LED light coming from the light strip

Recently, we've been covering our fantastic range of energy efficient air purifiers to help you prepare for the spring season and rapidly approaching summer. But needless to say that our air purifiers have been a remarkable addition to any UK home with a wide range of features such as smart home compatibility, LED mood lighting and even aroma therapy that allows for superb home comfort even during times where the UK weather would argue differently. When it comes to dealing with hay fever there is no better and more direct solution to the protection that a Senelux Air Purifier offers, particularly with regards to not only preserving, but enhancing your home comfort. Speaking from experience, when you've tried an air purifier in your home, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.


UK Cold Snaps

This brings us soundly on to our next and final topic and, for this one, we have to be a lot more serious. So far we have discussed the perils of home protection and home comfort in the United Kingdom however we've yet to discuss something a lot more pertinent and serious. In the north of England and particularly Scotland, it's not too uncommon to hear about the words "cold snap." For those unfamiliar, a cold snap is more or less the point at which the weather does a complete about-face and temperatures drop significantly due to passing weather clouds that drift over the northern most points of the United Kingdom. Hence why Scotland is especially susceptible to sudden and vicious cold snaps.


The reason I want to be so careful here isn't because of the mere discussion of cold weather. The UK's climate is, for the most part, pretty cold naturally and as a result frosty weather is to be expected. Although these cold snap points can not only surprise us but can also surprise our bodies, making us extremely vulnerable to illnesses and, in rare cases among the elders of British society, can even be fatal. That is why, when we discuss cold weather, particularly up north where cold snaps are more prevalent, we owe it to the British public to discuss the topic with seriousness and delicacy.


Energy Efficient Heating

As you may expect, there's no telling when a cold snap may occur. There can often be predictions, but often that is all they are and as a result- the best way to prepare for a cold snap is to have a dependable heater ready to go at a moment's notice. This is part and parcel of British life and as you may expect, it isn't exactly a particularly promising solution. With rising cost of living expenses and a plethora of other essentials to get through the colder months, heating is sadly a neglected necessity thanks to the question of price.

 A photo of a Senelux Desk Top Mini Space Heater sitting on a desk with a plant in the middle of the picture and a hand working on some paper on the desk on the right of the image

As you may expect, there is no problem that Senelux does not consider and adapt to though. With our range of energy efficient heaters, we can help you get through the worst the weather can throw at you. It's true that our heaters are designed with your home in mind, but more importantly, our heaters are each produced with a variety of cost-cutting, energy efficient features that ensure that you and your home are thoroughly protected from sudden, sharp cold snaps that could happen at any time. From timers, economy modes, defrost modes and more, the jewel in the Senelux Heater Crown is undoubtedly our smart-home ready glass panel heater.


Smart Home Ready Panel Heater

With all of the previously mentioned energy efficient features, this wifi panel heater is the pinnacle of home comfort and protection thanks to the varied, straightforward assembly methods that allow for a portable free standing standing heater (complete with wheels) or a wall mounted home fixture that dutifully provides your home with ample, effective heating. Furthermore, as the name suggests, this glass panel heater can also be controlled with smart home compatibility, meaning that you have the security of heating your home no matter your daily business. So you can make sure that no matter what you're doing and where, your home is always ready to receive you with a blanketing warmth of superior home comfort.

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