What are the Advantages of Smart Heating?

A photo of the control panel of a Senelux Wifi Glass Panel Heater with a hand using the smart app controls on a mobile device

When you finish work, what's the first thing you do? Maybe you would put the kettle on, get started with the dinner or walk the dog. How ever you spend your first few minutes relaxing after a long day of work you're almost guaranteed to put the heating on. The UK weather can be unpredictable as we've covered before in previous articles. Which means that, to fight the unpredictable nature of our weather, you'll need to be resourceful and prepared for any eventuality at any time. How else can you be assured that, no matter the weather, you're guaranteed to come home from work with a cosy, warm home ready for you with your temperature, your times and your convenience in mind.


Wifi Heating for Homes

As you may have guessed there are many advantages to Wifi Heaters. From being able to set the times, temperatures and even the heating mode anywhere, at any time, having an app-compatible heater is a perfect way to make your first steps towards your smart home. For smart home beginners, there's no better way to get fully acquainted with the power and convenience of smart home technology quite like a reliable smart heater and, at Senelux, we aim to provide just that. Our two newest and most efficient smart home heaters are perfectly designed for exactly what we're going to talk about today: wrapping comfort and convenience together into one incredible package.


The Perfect Place to Start Your Smart Home

As eluded to previously, Wifi heaters are ideal for making a start into the initially very discouraging world of smart homes. Whilst, at first, it can be confusing to navigate the seemingly ever changing landscape of smart apps, controls and compatibility, heaters like ours are specifically designed to ease you into your first steps into a real smart home. It's important to remember that smart home technology is made for your comfort and your convenience, and it won't be too long before you're fine tuning your heating, your dehumidifying and your air purity all in the palm of your hand. Definitely an exciting prospect when it comes to creating your ultimate cosy home!


The Best Wi-Fi Panel Heater

Ideal for any home regardless of whether it's a smart home or not: the Senelux Wi-Fi Glass Panel Heater is a magnificent new heater designed with full app integration and control with wall mounted or free standing options included in the same box as the heater itself. Designed for fully customizable display and use. As mentioned, the Senelux Wi-Fi Glass Panel Heater is able to be controlled fully by app controls however, with an included remote control and LED touch display, there are many ways that you can provide your home with amazingly cosy warm air.


Discover the amazing power of wall mounted, smart home ready heating with the Senelux Wifi Glass Panel Heater and make sure that your home is warm whilst you're out and about, or are about to come home from a shift. With an IP rating of 24, this heater is more than sturdy enough to handle whatever it is that you can throw at it- settling the second matter when it comes to turning your regular home into a smart home: making sure that your smart devices are sturdy and ready to be added to your home how YOU want.


Smart Radiator Heater

For those who want a smart home with a traditional look, the Senelux Oil Filled Heater is so much more than your typical oil filled convector heater. Complete with a list of modes, functions and adjustable temperatures; this heating option gives that familiar taste of traditional heating with all of the fittings, design and functions that accompany any great smart heater. Like the Wi-Fi Glass Panel Heater, this fantastic Oil Filled Heater is capable of warming spaces at a rapid speed and can (of course) be entirely controlled using your smart home ready devices- whether that's your smart phone or a dedicated tablet.


Modern heating with a classic look that fits seamlessly with any home, not only is the Senelux Oil Filled Heater convenient for home decor, but with (like the Glass Panel Heater) an included remote control and LED touch display, you'll have access to a variety of methods to use your Oil Filled Heater how you want to use it. Whether that's getting your home nice and warm for when you come home with Wi-Fi app controls, or curled up on the couch and wanting a to take the chill off of a room with the included remote control- the oil filled heater has you covered with a variety of options.


Energy Efficient Smart Homes

As scientists are already discovering, smart homes are appearing more and more likely to be a great solution to rising energy costs and excess energy consumption. Not only does this mean that moving towards a smart home is the right choice for the environment, but also that by making the switch to app controlled and monitorable smart home appliances- you'll be saving serious money when it comes to your energy bills. This is thanks to wider visibility when it comes to how much your spending per hour with your devices, but also thanks to the efficiency of truly modern smart home appliances.


The UK's Best Energy Efficient Heaters

We have certainly covered this one before, however it bears repeating that; at Senelux, we firmly stand behind our promise to make our electronics more than affordable, but also energy efficient- so that we can help you save money at every turn when it comes to creating your ideal home. With the heaters above (the Oil Filled and the Wi-Fi Glass Panel Heater) we've taken this to a whole new level. Not only are these devices customizable with timers and temperatures, allowing you to keep warm regardless of cost. Our new heaters also come with a variety of modes that can start saving you serious money on your home heating.


But that's not all. As you may expect, this extends to our entire range of amazing home heaters to make sure that regardless of whether your home is a standard UK home or a cutting edge new UK Smart Home, you've got access to happy and straightforward heaters at affordable prices, jam-packed with fantastic energy efficient modes and features that save you money whilst keeping your home warm and toasty.

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