11 Benefits of a Dehumidifier

A picture of the Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier in a customer's home draining moisture from the air efficiently.

Getting a straightforward answer can be difficult when it comes to modern home appliances. With all of the tech-related buzzwords surrounding our favourite home appliances, the art of simplicity often gets drowned out by numbers and statistics. Nowhere is this more apparent than with dehumidifiers. Universally beloved in any home, dehumidifiers are an exceptional addition to your home; providing many long term benefits that get lost in the aforementioned numbers and statistics. Well, our team of technical experts have come together to create a list of the top eleven benefits of having a dehumidifier in your home. Honest, straightforward and to the point.


A picture of a Senelux Mini Dehumidifier drawing excess water from the air in a home office setting on a desktop


1. Home Protection

Have you ever noticed damage on your sofa? Or maybe the leather starting to peel off of your favourite jacket? A leading cause of property damage in the UK is moisture, plain and simple. Water damage is an incredibly evident example of moisture being out of control. Whilst most are content to write such damages off as "general wear and tear," there's really no excuse to allow moisture levels to start wreaking havoc within your home and- with a trusty dehumidifier by your side- you can start reigning in the moisture levels throughout your home easily and affordably.


2. Fighting Damp & Mould

An extension to the first benefit of owning a dehumidifier, however something that can absolutely be dealt with easily and without breaking the bank. Mould attacks your home by growing in floors, carpets, walls and ceilings. So persistent is mould, that it can begin to take root in almost anything in your home. The first and best line of defence is a quality dehumidifier and luckily, there are plenty out there to choose from. Mould in ceilings and walls are certainly the most common form of damp issue and can be so dangerous that your home could become unstable and eventually uninhabitable. By picking up a quality dehumidifier, you can reduce the risk of developing mould in your home in the first place- something that comes with more benefits that we'll get into very soon...


3. Removing Dust

 If mould was the only issue for homes without a dehumidifier, this list would be much shorter. But there is something much more common in your home than mould. Dust collects in warm, damp environments and- with the winter heating on- your home is their ideal habitat. By removing excess moisture in the air (the primary mission of a dehumidifier,) you'll notice an incredible reduction in the amount of dust in your home- greatly increasing your comfort at home as well as increasing your respiratory health thanks to the significant reduction in dust mites.


A picture of a dust pan and brush being used to clean up dust in a home instead of an easy dehumidifier

4. Getting Rid of Insects

Warding off insects can be a hassle. As much as dust likes to collect in warm, damp environments- dust mites are nothing compared to insects. A dark and humid basement, loft or wardrobe is an ideal habitat and nesting area for many tiny pests such as house spiders and cockroaches and the best way to deal with them is simple and easy. Reduce the number of warm, damp spots in your home- using a dehumidifier. In so doing, you'll notice a significant reduction in the number of invading insects and pests that thrive on your home's high humidity.


5. Eliminating Musty Smells

You know that type of smell. Musty smells go hand in hand with out of control moisture and humidity levels in homes and are responsible for a lot of lingering, unpleasant smells in homes. Musty odours are, without a doubt, the direct result of excess moisture within your home or even a specific room in your home. Needless to say, when it comes to removing excess moisture- you simply can't go wrong with a great dehumidifier. This is exactly what dehumidifiers are made for and, in the space of a few days, you'll notice that your home starts to smell much nicer as a result of damp removal.


6. Controlling Condensation

If you live in the United Kingdom, you will no doubt recall chipping paint work on windowsills or door frames. Perhaps something of the past, but with an interesting explanation. Condensation can cause paint to chip throughout your home and is still remarkably common thanks to the rising popularity of home washrooms and "steamier" technology such as kettles and irons. Steam is literally visible moisture, with all of the damaging effects listed thus far and luckily, with a dehumidifier at your side, you can get control over the steam in your home- ensuring that your home is completely protected from mould developing in ceilings or in walls.


An image that shows water droplets and condensation collecting on a window inside a home setting


7. Respiratory Relief

 All of the benefits listed so far have one thing in common. Helping you with your respiratory health- especially when it comes to breathing easy in your home. If you suffer from conditions such as asthma or bronchitis, a dehumidifier is more essential than ever to keep the air in your home light, refreshing and healthy. Heavy, musty air can be more than an inconvenience to your home comfort- but could instead be causing or provoking adverse respiratory conditions. Not only does a dehumidifier increase your home comfort significantly, but can also help you with a stuffy, winter nose.


 8. Cost Effective Heating

From all of the things a dehumidifier can protect you from, to a rather unusual but welcome side benefit. Moisture and damp can do so much more than cause musty odours or help dust to collect in your home. With lingering damp caused by moisture in walls and ceilings, homes can feel colder and less cosy thanks to the dropping UK temperature combining with moisture. This can drastically reduce the temperature of your home particularly in winter, autumn and spring where the weather combines to make your home colder. By reducing the overall moisture in your home, short bursts from a solid dehumidifier can result in warmer, cosier feelings inside your home.


9. Drying Laundry

One of the worst kept secrets about dehumidifiers is their incredible impact on laundry. Particularly, dehumidifiers can dry laundry at significantly lower costs than a traditional tumble drier and with less hassle than a clothes maiden or washing line in the garden. Because dehumidifiers are intended to remove moisture from the air, there is nothing stopping a high quality dehumidifier from removing moisture from fabrics. Perhaps one of the more playful and straightforward uses of a dehumidifier is to leave your dehumidifier running in the same room as your wet clothes. From there, watch as your clothes dry incredibly quickly thanks to advanced moisture extraction technology.


10. DIY & Tool Protection

Similar to our first benefit, rust and corrosion occurs under similar conditions as peeling paint and black mould growth. Thanks to excess moisture stemming from high humidity levels, not only can furniture be damaged, but so can your tools or, really, any kind of exposed metal. Rust occurs when metals are exposed to oxygen and moisture for long periods of time and, as a result, can alter the effects of tools, cutlery and even door handles. We can't advise reducing the oxygen in your home (for fairly obvious reasons,) but we can do something about moisture. Whilst a dehumidifier cannot repair the effects of rust or corrosion on metal, it can reduce moisture in the air thus helping to prevent the spread of rust thanks to reductions in humidity levels.


Rusty tools that have been rusted thanks to excess moisture and high levels of ambient humidity


11. Protecting Electronics

As we have hopefully established, dehumidifiers are exceptional when it comes to protecting furniture, tools and even the structural integrity of your home. But there's one thing we've still got to cover. Electronics are more valuable than ever thanks to high end televisions, computers, laptops and gaming systems; all of which don't come cheap. Having excess moisture in your home can severely damage wires, circuit boards and welded components to the point where your devices are incredible fragile. To defend against this, we can depend again on our trusty dehumidifiers to ensure that our various devices are kept safe and have the time to live up to their incredible value.


In Conclusion

Dehumidifiers are so much more than an appliance. More than anything- they are essential protectors of our property, our homes and even our health. With a wide range of exceptional, affordable and energy efficient- we're dedicated to protecting your home just as much as any dehumidifier. Our team of experts work around the clock perfecting all types of technologies to ensure that your home is adequately protected and your air is clean and pure so that you can make the most of your home. To see our incredible range of dehumidifiers, be sure to check out our dehumidifier department to begin protecting your home today.

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