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A close up of ice cubes being scooped up out of a Senelux Counter Top Ice Maker

What is a Counter Top Ice Maker?

As the weather gets warmer and more and more people flock to the great outdoors to soak up the fleeting British summer sun, home comfort feels like it may be taking a back seat. I may feel that way...

A photo of the Demi Air Purifier's extraction fan with the LED light strip lighting up the inside

11 Benefits of an Air Purifier

If you've read some of my previous articles, then you'll be well aware of my love for air purifiers. I've covered air purifiers in almost every way that you can imagine. From when to change your ai...

The Senelux Demi Air Purifier glowing with a yellow colour in a bright Spring room

Air Purifiers for Dust & Pollen

Don't let hay fever and other allergies hold you back this Spring and Summer. Enjoy comfort at home, regardless of your allergies.

A close up of the Smart Home ready Jupiter Air Purifier

The Perfect Smart Home: Understanding Smart Home Devices

Even to this day people are wondering what actually constitutes a "smart home." The term has flip flopped between simple home automation all the way to remote control and (as we know now) app contr...

A photo of the Senelux Demi Air Purifier from the top down. A clean, black plastic extraction fan in the centre of the image.

Great Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

In this article, we're going to be looking over energy efficiency, what it means, how it works and what it does for you using great examples of electronic home appliances.

A photo of the control panel of a Senelux Wifi Glass Panel Heater with a hand using the smart app controls on a mobile device

What are the Advantages of Smart Heating?

With a smart heater, you can make sure that you're always ending the work day by coming home to a warm, cosy home. Adjustable temperatures, timers and a variety of modes designed to allow you to cu...