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Originating in Liverpool, Merseyside; we are guided by a single mission- working tirelessly to ensure that we provide our customers with happier, healthier homes thanks to our extensive range of high quality heaters, fans and- of course- our famous dehumidifiers. Protecting and enhancing your home has never been easier thanks to our incredible range of high quality home electronics which are designed from the ground up to be straightforward, easy to use and exceptionally efficient. We're devoted to this mission, however that is not all that we are capable of.

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When you buy direct from us, we ensure that each one of our products arrives at your door safely and is packaged by hand at one of our our distribution centres.

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Our Story

With our official website established in 2021, we have forged ourselves in the fires of turmoil; through uncertainty to achieve our goal. Throughout a pandemic, we were able to stay strong- providing the United Kingdom with the best in home appliances. Efficient dehumidifiers, cosy heaters, cooling fans and exceptional air purifiers. Over the years, we have refined and defined the meaning of the word "persistent."

Adapting to the current times, we've taken the time to develop and refine various aspects of our company to ensure that your needs are met in a timely and prompt manner. Through vigorous training, we've overhauled our friendly customer service to meet your needs and provide friendly, helpful guidance that gets to the straight to the point and provides intricate knowledge of our products and services. Not content to simply help, we've endeavoured to make our entire service range work for you; with free UK delivery, quick delivery and international shipping. We're always striving to be better and do better by you.

Our Commitment

Considerate, intelligent and adaptable; we're dedicated to providing the highest quality home appliances at affordable prices. By constantly improving and adapting to modern trends and futuristic designs, we've been able to provide the United Kingdom with an incredible alternative to ordinary home electronics by implementing luxury features into each and every one of our designs. Improving quality through innovation; every step of the way. We take you and your home into consideration with each and every design we commit to. Whether your home needs a smart dehumidifier, LED lighting or purer, fresh air- we're committed to providing you with quality- through and through.

Smart App controls, remote controls, automatic features and much, much more. We take luxury design seriously, providing you with appliances that don't just sit in your home, but actively work to improve your cosy home environment. We cast an unscrupulous eye over every one of our products from design, production and shipping to ensure that we're providing you with the highest quality possible when it comes to modern home living. Make no mistake, whilst our commitment is to quality- there's an undeniable benefit to your home comfort as a result; and we wouldn't have it any other way.