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A photo showing the turquoise colour of the LED light inside a Senelux Demi Air Purifier with a bed in the background

What is an Air Purifier?

Only a few years ago, the idea of an air purifier might have seemed a bit far fetched or unusual. After all, why would anyone need an air purifier in their home when they could just as easily open a window to allow a seemingly natural gust of fresh air into their home? Fresh air is good for you. The saying is old but has stuck around because, with the backing of leading scientists and doctors- it is true. However, with city living on the rise in the UK and increasing traffic on the roads, there's very little chance of actually getting clean, fresh air by simply opening a window. That's where a trusty air purifier comes into play.


Creating Pure, Fresh, Breathable Air


An air purifier is an exceptional addition to any home- greatly enhancing air flow, combatting disruptive allergens and much, much more. In this article, we're taking an in depth look into your burning questions. We may have already answered what an air purifier is, but we're also going to look at a few other aspects when it comes to getting a beginner friendly air purifier.


A photo of the Senelux Demi Air Purifier with a light blue LED displaying on the LED light strip in a nice home setting


Why You Need an Air Purifier

 So, we've covered what an air purifier is and, if your interest is already piqued, you ought to know why you may want an air purifier in your home. Nowadays, air flow can be easily contaminated with pollutants from cars, central heating and even nature itself. Think of all of the allergens contained in very natural things such as animals and plants. Hay fever on is a prime example of an allergic reaction to airborne pollutants. This, is where an air purifier really shines.

 By reducing the amount of airborne pollutants in the air, not only can you have an easy solution to air flow problems and allergy relief, but you can seriously make an impact against stagnant, stale air that harms your home comfort. Ever had that feeling of "heaviness" or "staleness" in the air? Well, that may be due to stagnant air accumulating in your home. A massive and entirely unnecessary impact on your home comfort. With an air purifier in your home, you can avoid the sacrifice to your home comfort brought about by stagnant and stale air. Enhancing your air flow is made easy and luxurious thanks to an air purifier. If you want to know more about air purifiers, be sure to check out our previous article on pollen essentials.


A photo of the Senelux Demi Air Purifier switched off against a warm and vibrant orange background


How Air Purifiers Work

For relatively new and emerging devices, you may be wondering how air purifiers work exactly. Surely they must be jam-packed with incredible, modern science and sophisticated AIs, especially considering the huge benefit of using an air purifier in your home. However, I can tell you that the internal parts of an air purifier are a simple, straightforward and effective as any dehumidifier or heater. Consisting of a fan and a relatively advanced filter, air purifiers are designed to be portable and lightweight with minimal internal components to be damaged so that you can purify the air anywhere in your home with confidence and in style.

The highly efficient extraction fan (the previously mentioned fan) extracts pollutants from the air whilst also providing excellent air circulation around even large areas of your home. By keeping the pollutants moving in the air, the air itself begins to move- thus creating a comfortable air flow that avoids stagnation or staleness thanks to the dual purpose nature of the efficient extraction fan. When the pollutants are trapped in the air purifier, the filter (which comes included in each air purifier) is able to trap the larger air pollutants whilst avoiding trapping the air that the extraction fan has also caught in the purifier. This means that all of the pollutants, allergens and pet dander that are infringing on your home comfort are trapped inside the air purifier whilst your cosy, breathable air is not only fresh, but comfortable once more.


A picture of the Senelux Jupiter Air Purifier with it's filter standing next to it with a warm, orange background


Examples of Air Purifiers

You may have already noticed, but there are a wide variety of air purifiers on the market right now. The following air purifiers we're about to go over have a wide range of luxury comfort and efficient air purifying functions. When it comes to air purifiers, first and foremost, we have to consider that their primary use is to provide any home with clean, breathable air. With that in mind, let's take a look at two of the best air purifiers in the UK right now.


A picture of a Senelux Jupiter Air Purifier with a light blue light emanating from the ball switch


Jupiter Air Purifier

Equipped with an advanced HEPA filter and capable of removing 99.97% of all airborne pollutants, the Jupiter air purifier is a robust and highly efficient solution to stagnant air, pollen and allergens with a variety of exceptional, luxury additions designed to enhance your home comfort in style. Outfitted with adaptive air purifying capabilities, the Jupiter air purifier is able to adapt its operation standards based on the levels of pollution in your home. This ensures that, not only is your air purifier and more breathable, but the Jupiter is officially an energy efficient air purifier- enhancing your air pollution based on your needs rather than a single, set mode. If your interest is piqued by our Jupiter air purifier, be sure to check out the Jupiter air purifier for yourself.


A photo of the Senelux Demi Air Purifier with a nice blue light in a dark but cosy environment

The Demi Air Purifier

 The demi air purifier may look like something from a space ship, but that only adds the futuristic charm and simplicity of one of the most efficient and straightforward air purifiers in the UK. Immediately, the LED lighting strip and colour changing lights proudly display how stunning this air purifier is in your home. Add to that the ability to remove 99.99% of all airborne pollutants and you have an exceptionally comfortable and efficient air purifier at your disposal. As if all of this wasn't enough, the demi air purifier also comes equipped with a fragrance sponge, so that you can really optimize your home comfort whilst making sure your home is filled with fresh, breathable air. Truly one of the best air purifiers in the UK; if you want to learn more about this remarkable home air purifier, be sure to check out our demi air purifier for more information.


In conclusion

The best air purifiers in the UK are those that not only act efficiently, but enhance your home comfort in a way that is non-disruptive. If you suffer from hay fever, allergens, dust or have odours in your home- an air purifier is a brilliant solution that doesn't break the bank and can also improve your comfort at home. Continuing developments in home appliance technology have ensured that you and your comfort are always put first and, when it comes to air purifiers, this is no exception. Nowadays, air purifiers are more than just a luxury addition to your home- with rising global pollution, increased traffic on the roads and higher pollen counts; home air quality is becoming an increasing concern and one that can be remedied thanks to the development of air purifiers.

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