Glass Panel Heater with Wifi Controls | Wall Mounted or Free Standing with Wheels for your Home

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LED touch control, included remote control and WiFi app control. With the glass panel heater, your home heating has never been made easier. With a wide range of options, this free standing OR wall mounted heater easily trumps any other heater in terms of home design thanks to all of the included options for your glass panel heater.

Wi-Fi Panel Heater

With an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 24, this glass panel heater is fully equipped to begin providing any room in your home with cosy and efficient heat. The glass panel heater comes with all you need to make your home a bastion of warmth. Bathroom safe and able to begin emitting an exceptional amount of cosy heat, the glass panel heater is capable of withstanding any environmental or weather-based condition, making it robust and sturdy enough to operate efficiently in any room of your home.

Create a cosy home atmosphere that works for you, with a glass panel heater. Featuring a variety of modes that are designed for your fine-tuning so that, no matter what, your glass panel heater is always working how you want it to. In ECO mode, the glass panel heater will operate in an energy efficient manner, ensuring that you're saving money whilst still achieving the ideal cosy environment for your home. Whilst Comfort mode ensures that your home is heated swiftly thanks to highly efficient heating elements operating a full heating potential whilst Anti-Frost mode acts as a valiant shield for your home, fighting the effects of frost in an energy efficient manner.

Need a Wall Mounted Heater?

With a highly effective and efficient heating range of up to 22 square meters, your glass panel heater is incredibly capable and prepared to start creating a warm, cosy atmosphere in your home. The options are endless for your home and your glass panel heater. Whether you choose to wall mount your glass panel heater, saving space whilst maintaining a cosy home or if you choose to have your glass panel heater free standing with portable, included wheels- the glass panel heater is an essential addition to any home that needs a cosy embrace against the effects of cold temperatures.

Heating your home has never been easier thanks to smart app controls and a variety of options for assembly. With a fully detailed instruction manual, everything that you need is at your disposal when it comes to wall mounting or free standing your incredible Wi-Fi glass panel heater. The crystal clear glass of this Wi-Fi panel heater is more than just aesthetic. Being made from durable, heat tempered glass this heater's display is not only durable against heat, shocks and drops; but is also easily cleanable so you can keep your home looking its absolute best whilst also being freshly heated and cosy. Make the most out of modern heating, with this remarkable Wi-Fi controlled glass panel heater.

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Wall mounted heating is becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. Space and efficient home designs are more common now than ever and, with the glass panel heater, you can be a part of this revolutionary interior styling movement. Included with the glass panel heater are four long wall screws and sturdy wall plugs that are completely compatible to start wall mounting your glass panel heater straight out of the box. It's important to do this safely and securely, following all of the necessary advice included in the instruction manual- however the results are certainly worth it when you see how much space you're able to save thanks to your wall mounted glass panel heater.

Heating has always been a challenge for any home. Getting that warm, cosy feeling throughout your entire home can be a complicated process as areas such as bathrooms and kitchens can provide unusual and complex obstacles to that cosy home feeling. That isn't the case any longer. With a glass panel heater, your heating is portable, robust and- above all- entirely safe. Thanks to an IP rating of 24, your glass panel heater is splash proof; allowing you to provide cosy, safe heating in your bathroom or kitchen safely.

Glass Panel Heater with Wifi Controls | Wall Mounted or Free Standing with Wheels for your Home


We think that the Glass Panel Heater with Wifi Controls | Wall Mounted or Free Standing with Wheels for your Home has some useful features you might want to know about that make it stand out from the rest.


LED Touch Control, Remote Control & WiFi App


Overheat Protection & Water Resistant


Comfort, Economy & Anti-Freeze


53 x 81.5 x 12 cm


100 - 240V