The Best Dehumidifier for the Rainy Weather

A picture of the Senelux 25l/day dehumidifier in a home environment, removing excess moisture from a home

With the cold weather or winter bringing out the usual suspects, moisture is a greater threat than ever to our home comfort and cosy warmth. The winter brings rainy weather like clockwork which increases the relative humidity of our homes- greatly increasing the chance of your home developing damp spots or- in some extreme cases- your cosy home could begin to develop black mould. To find out more about the effects of black mould be sure to check out our article on banishing black mould with Senelux dehumidifiers. Needless to say- no one wants damp or mould in their home.


A picture showing the black stains of mould in a UK home


The Best Dehumidifier by Your Side

As a result, you need the best dehumidifier to help deal with the adverse effects of the winter. Not just any dehumidifier will do. You need a dehumidifier that has efficient moisture control and continuous drainage to out-pace the rain. By reigning in the levels of moisture in your home, you can ensure that your home comfort is undisturbed throughout even the worst rain and efficient moisture control allows you to do just that. With the best dehumidifiers, you can control relative humidity (often abbreviated to RH) to ensure that your home remains cosy and comfortable. For more information on relative humidity, be sure to check out our article on frequently asked questions about dehumidifiers.


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Continuous Drainage Dehumidifier

The best and most efficient dehumidifiers also typically feature continuous drainage. During the current, rainy, winter weather; continuous drainage is essential to make sure that your home is completely protected from the effects of damp and mould. Continuous drainage can be a difficult one to understand, but luckily there is a straightforward answer that tells you what you need to know: continuous drainage is a feature that allows a dehumidifier to constantly collect water without achieving a set relative humidity level. Even more straightforward- continuous drainage is when a dehumidifier continuously collects water- no hassle, no ifs, ands or buts.

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Rainy Weather

With the rainy UK weather and winter cold- finding the best dehumidifier for your home can seem overwhelming. However, it's important that you shop around and find the best fit for you and your home. Make sure that you like the design, have the features that you want and get back to the important work of keeping your home cosy and comfortable throughout the rainy seasons. Spring is right around the corner- threatening to bring intense rain which, in turn, could lead to your home developing mould and damp spots. Keeping your property protected is as simple as picking up the best dehumidifier for your home.

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