What Does a Dehumidifier Do For Your Health?

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It seems, that with the latest and greatest technology, dehumidifiers have persisted as a main-stay in many UK homes. Perhaps it is due to rainy weather or even because dehumidifiers can prevent excessive damp from wreaking havoc in our homes- but this time-tested home appliance has stood tall for many years now. However there are still a lot of things to cover regarding amazing dehumidifiers in the UK. Whilst we have covered subjects like home protection against the elements and mould in our previous articles, there are a lot of ways that a dehumidifier benefits you directly.


Health Benefits of A Dehumidifier

Now, in the United Kingdom- it isn't often that we talk about respiratory health and breathing. Unlike other countries, the UK isn't exactly known for dusty, arid climates or particularly polluted air. But, if you're a regular reader of my helpful articles; then you will know that breathing well and having a nice flow of clean, unpolluted air is vital for you personal health- as you can see in our previous article on how air purifiers work.

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A Dehumidifier's Main Job

Despite this, it would be massively irresponsible to say that dehumidifiers are designed to help with your health. In reality, they are built with the goal of decreasing the ambient humidity within indoor environments. Basically; they make your home cosier, more comfy and less damp. As you can imagine, increasing the quality of your home comfort so drastically would be a huge benefit to your mental health- but that's not all we're going to discuss today. In fact, there are quite a lot of fantastic health benefits to be gained by running a quality dehumidifier at home- but it's important to note that a dehumidifier's primary role is protecting your home.


Your Health at Home

Nowadays, it's not uncommon for people to want to be a bit healthier and more hygienic when it comes to home living. Throughout 2020, in the United Kingdom (and the rest of the world too!) we saw a huge rise in home gyms- with compact weights machines acting as the go between for UK homes and their owners' health. But there are more ways to get that health benefit at home than setting the space and money aside for a home gym.

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Enhance Your Breathing

Perhaps the biggest and most immediate health benefit of a dehumidifier, is respiratory; enhancing the cleanliness and freshness of the air in your home which, not only protects the structure of your home- but also ensures that your air ways are kept clear from the same issues that damp causes in your home.


When mould sets into a home thanks to damp in walls, water logging in ceilings or floors- there's more to worry about than simply the immediate danger of your home. Mould developing in walls may seem like a problem only for your home; but in reality mould can inflict a huge strain on your health.


What Damp Does to Your Health

It may surprise you, but damp can cause serious health problems; even worse when it evolves into mould and begins actively harming you. But you may be wondering something along the lines of: "what can a bit of damp do?" Well, let's run through what damp actually does. When damp really starts to take root in your home, you could be subject to serious respiratory problems that may not seem like such a big deal at the time- but for anyone susceptible to airborne illness- could be a disaster waiting to happen.

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Damp can cause: Nasal congestion- causing you to lose sleep or even find it difficult to breathe. You may also experience a high amount of sneezing, coughing and wheeziness. You will also begin to see a worsening of allergic symptoms as well as asthmatic conditions that could end up being far more dangerous than any effect that damp can have on your home. If you suffer from asthma or severe allergies, then a dehumidifier is almost a "must have" during rainy seasons such a Winter and Spring. This simply provides you with the healthiest environment when you're at home and prevents mould from taking root in your walls, ceilings and, eventually, your lungs.


Do Dehumidifiers Improve Air Quality?

The short answer here is "yes." But the longer answer is perhaps a bit more difficult to get to. Whilst it's true that- by pulling excess moisture out of the air- a dehumidifier can drastically improve air quality, it's not entirely the goal of a dehumidifier to do so. To gain a better understanding of how to seriously improve the quality of the air in your home, be sure to check our article on Air Purifiers for your Home. But suffice it to say, a dehumidifier isn't designed to do what an air purifier does, but can go a long way in providing healthy benefits for your home living environment.

Mould can live in your lungs for a very, very long time and- if your caught up on our articles on the topic- you'll know that the best mould buster around is a quality dehumidifier. When it comes to dehumidifiers and health, this is the core advantage. By reducing the mould that you may be breathing in your home, you can prevent future breathing complications such as wheeziness and shortness of breath. A dehumidifier can make a significant difference to your personal health standards at home.

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