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Colour Changing HEPA Air Purifier

Colour changing LED lights, unparalleled filtration and Whisper Quiet technology all contained within a compact air purifier. Capable of filtering dust, pollen and so much more with incredible efficiency- this remarkable air purifier provides exceptional home air quality thanks to high quality HEPA filters that can take air pollutants out of your home in the blink of an eye.

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A demi air purifier with a vibrant, pink LED light shining on a marble table with a plant

Suited to Any Size of Room

The Demi Air Purifier's advanced HEPA filtration system allows for quick and highly efficient air purification.

Quality of Air, Quality of Life

With global pollution at an all time high, clean air flow is more important than ever. Thanks to the Demi Air Purifier, you can have clean, fresh air throughout your entire home.

Quiet And Seamless

Your dream, comfy home can be an incredible reality. With 7 colour changing LED lights and Whisper Quiet technology, the Demi Air Purifier puts your comfort front and centre.

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We focus on only the best clean air products, so why not have a good look around before you decide on the perfect dehumidifier, heater, fan or air purifier. Our ever expanding range of fantastic home appliances are specifically designed to create happier, healthier homes where comfort comes first. And with a great selection of smart home ready appliances, we're always looking for new ways to help you create the comfortable home of your dreams.

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Keep up-to-date with the latest in luxury electronics for your home. With our helpful articles, you'll discover useful tips and tricks to keep your home pure and comfortable. Not to mention, when you stay informed; you'll also be among the first to know when there's an exclusive offer to be had and what to look out for in the future of home appliances. So don't let yourself be kept in the dark when it comes to creating the home of your dreams. Appliances and home electronics can be just as vital as the walls and foundations of your home- and our articles are here to demonstrate that week in and week out.

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Is 2024 Going to be the Wettest UK Summer?

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A close up of ice cubes being scooped up out of a Senelux Counter Top Ice Maker

What is a Counter Top Ice Maker?

As the weather gets warmer and more and more people flock to the great outdoors to soak up the fleeting British summer sun, home comfort feels like it may be taking a back seat. I may feel that way...

A photo of the Demi Air Purifier's extraction fan with the LED light strip lighting up the inside

11 Benefits of an Air Purifier

If you've read some of my previous articles, then you'll be well aware of my love for air purifiers. I've covered air purifiers in almost every way that you can imagine. From when to change your ai...

Exceptional Home Electronics

Appliances for Any Home

Take your home comfort to the next level with a wide range of cooling fans, refreshing air purifiers and (of course) our world famous dehumidifiers. Our luxury home electronics are guaranteed to impress and enhance your home comfort to extraordinary levels. No matter what your home needs, whether it's a new dehumidifier to combat mould or a new counter top ice maker to bring your parties to life, we're dedicated to providing the very best in home electronics- designed with you in mind.

Brilliant Dehumidifiers

It's no secret that we pride ourselves on our world famous range of dehumidifiers. Boasting exceptional moisture extraction rates, customizable modes and even smart app controls- we're always elevating the level when it comes to dehumidifiers. From mini dehumidifiers capable of protecting your home from mould all the way to large dehumidifiers with industrial moisture extraction capabilities. If you're looking for a brand new home dehumidifier, then look no further. Take the fight to mould and damp and start a new chapter in your home's story thanks to a dependable dehumidifier. Not only does a dehumidifier make your home more comfortable, but thanks to our ingenious designs, you're home will be adequately protected from the effects of damp weather, leaks and water damage so you can rest easy and get back to what matters most.

Seasonal Appliances

Beat the Summer heat with some of the most robust and efficient cooling fans available. Or keep the Winter chill at bay thanks to our range of dependable heaters. Whatever you need to make your home perfect, no matter the weather, we're always ready to provide the best selection of seasonal home appliances to keep your home comfy and relaxed. Don't let the whims of the weather impact your home life. Stay comfortable all year round with an incredible range of diverse home appliances all of which are tried and tested to excel even in the harshest conditions. From great fans that utilize extremely versatile designs and engineering, to carefully crafted fly zappers and even counter top ice makers- we want to provide you with great options for your home and stop at nothing to provide exactly what your home needs.

Energy Efficiency

With rising energy costs and more extreme weather on the horizon, it's no wonder why more and more people are turning to energy efficient electronics. A great way to reduce your energy bills and preserve the environment, energy efficiency comes in many forms. From alternate modes, timers and locks; almost all of our appliances offer a way to start saving some serious money when it comes to your energy bill. So don't fall victim to nasty surprises when it comes to your energy bills. Certainly not when home comfort can be affordable in both the short and long term. Not only is energy efficiency great for the environment, but thanks to dedicated design and truly modern home appliances, more and more homes can easily (and affordably) make the switch to greener and healthier living that's beneficial for the environment and for your wallet.

High Quality Electronics

From a Trusted UK Brand

Don't leave the quality of your home life to chance. When it comes to our high quality home electronics, you don't have to. If you're in the market for convenient and high quality home appliances from a trusted UK brand, then we've got you covered. From home essentials such as dehumidifiers, cooling fans and toasty heaters, to luxury electronics such as counter top ice makers and air purifiers. Here at Senelux, we have all that you could ever need to create your ideal home- available at fantastic prices and designed with your home in mind.

Improving Quality Through Innovation

Never content with the bare minimum, when it comes to our range of home appliances; we're always on the look out for innovative features and additional extras that we can provide for your home. Whether it's portable home dehumidifiers, smart app controlled heaters or air purifiers with fantastic LED lighting- we're always interested in improving and adapting to make sure that you're home is perfect for you and your family. The improvements we make to our products make each and every Senelux appliance ideal for any size of home and any style as well. There's no reason why your home can't benefit from the advantage of smart home technology or exceptional damp protection courtesy of one of our world famous dehumidifiers. We're dedicated to making home care and home maintenance as straightforward as possible.

Quality Home Appliances in the UK

When it comes to home electronics, nothing is more important than quality and consideration. When it comes to our products, we spare no expense in making sure that each product is exceptional and robust. We don't just create appliances that solve a problem immediately; we specialize in long lasting home appliances that keep solving problems from the first time they are plugged in. Whether it's a heater, fan or even a counter top ice maker you're not just improving your home comfort for a year or so- instead, you're making an investment in your home for years to come by greatly improving your comfort levels with home appliances designed to last. With free UK shipping when you buy direct from our website, you can create the your perfect home with an exceptional and diverse range of high quality home comfort products.

Improving Home Air Quality

With more industrialization in the workplace and more cars on the road, high quality air can be difficult to come by. Whilst this may not be an issue when you're out and about, ensuring that you have the highest quality air in your home is crucial to making sure that your comfort is undisturbed. Our dehumidifiers are purpose-built to combat the effects of mould that can cause respiratory problems within the home. Our air purifiers can remove allergens, pet dander, pollen and dust from almost any size of room. And our fans are designed to enhance air flow throughout the home. All of our products are designed for exceptional home ventilation and cleanliness that's beneficial to the health and happiness of your home. Be sure to stay up to date through our articles and newsletter on how you can make your home perfect with Senelux by your side.