A picture of the Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier on a cosy home kitchen counter with a plant

Home protection from mould, damp and water damage...

The Q4 Dehumidifier

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Colour Changing HEPA Air Purifier

Colour changing LED lights, unparalleled filtration and Whisper Quiet technology all contained within a compact air purifier. Capable of filtering dust, pollen and so much more with incredible efficiency

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A demi air purifier with a vibrant, pink LED light shining on a marble table with a plant

Suited to Any Size of Room

The Demi Air Purifier's advanced HEPA filtration system allows for quick and highly efficient air purification.

Quality of Air, Quality of Life

With global pollution at an all time high, clean air flow is more important than ever. Thanks to the Demi Air Purifier, you can have clean, fresh air throughout your entire home.

Quiet And Seamless

Your dream, comfy home can be an incredible reality. With 7 colour changing LED lights and Whisper Quiet technology, the Demi Air Purifier puts your comfort front and centre.

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A close up picture of the filter being changed inside a Senelux air purifier with the shiny new filter showing

When Should I Change My Air Purifier's Filter?

Ever wondered: "when should I change my air purifier's filter?" Well, in this article we cover everything that you need to know about your air purifier's filter.

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Senelux Staff Stories & Our Top Picks

You've no doubt noticed our brand new website. Just like our products, our new website is designed to enhance your comfort with a range of exciting features. Today we're taking a deeper look into o...

A photo of the Senelux clip on fan, attached to a desk in a brightly lit, cosy office

Saving Money During A Recession

Today, the UK government announced that the United Kingdom is experiencing a recession. To help you, we're taking a look at our most affordable and energy efficient designs.