Senelux 6" Clip On Desk Fan- Home Cooling from a Portable, Cool Clip Fan

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A quirky and convenient way to provide your home with essential cooling and airflow. The clip on fan is a must have for space-conscious homes. Featuring a long list of additional customization options, the clip on fan is compact but powerful- offering a complete range of customization and adjustability options for your cooling. Boasting two adjustable speeds and all of the portability you would ever need, the 6 inch desk fan is a perfect example of flexible design.

A Clip On Fan For Portable Cooling

The 6" Clip-On-Fan model CP-21 is a versatile, compact cooling solution perfect for home or office use. Designed with ultra-quiet technology, it minimizes disturbance, making it ideal for use while sleeping or working. This fan features an easy clip-on mechanism that securely attaches to any flat surface ranging from 3mm to 19mm in width. It's adjustable, allowing for optimal positioning, and the scratch-proof design ensures surfaces are protected. This fan offers two-speed control for a quiet and comfortable environment. Its strong clamp guarantees firm grip and stable placement, while the adjustable tilt allows for customization of airflow direction, providing both direct and indirect cooling options. The robust design of the clamp on this desk fan ensures that the fan stays in place, directing airflow exactly where you need it.

Switching between tabletop and clip-on modes is straightforward, enhancing its ease of use. The fan's small size makes it an effective tool for combating summer heat, and its strong clip can securely attach to desks, beds, or any other surfaces up to 40mm wide. With these features, the 6" Clip-On-Fan stands out as a quick, easy-to-mount, and reliable cooling device for various settings. Experience the multifunctional convenience of the 6" Clip-On-Fan, ideal for use in various settings as a clip fan or a table-top fan. Its compact design and tilt adjustability provide personalized airflow and cooling, making it an essential tool for managing heat and humidity. With speed controls at your finger tips, this portable desk fan is more than just a summer fan, but is a fan suitable all year round when you need to be kept cool and refreshed- or whenever you need to get the air flow going in the comfort of your own home.

Stay Cool and Refreshed Anywhere With an Exceptional Mini Fan

The 6" Clip-On Fan is not just a fan – it's a versatile, portable solution for staying cool and comfortable, whether on a hot summer day or after a workout. Its rigorous testing ensures reliability in all conditions, offering you a dependable cooling solution all year around for home gym set ups or even a home office. Welcome to a world where overbearing warmth is no longer a requirement. Where your home can fight back against the oppressive, stuffy heat of the summer sun. Able to firmly clip on to any surface and with a surprisingly wide cooling angle for such a small and manoeuvrable fan, the Senelux 6 inch clip on fan is a prime example of unusual but effective design. Energy efficient cooling has never been so customizable. Thanks to the lightweight nature of this incredible electric cooling fan, you can take your breath of fresh air anywhere you want throughout your home whilst maintaining a breathable level of cool air where ever you go. This remarkable, cool clip fan combines all the elements of portability, quiet and cool, refreshing air that you need all year round. Generating a soothing breeze that's not overbearing or underwhelming, this amazing cool clip fan is a fantastic solution for fantastic home cooling in those hard to reach, stuffy places.

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Fancy something different when it comes to home essentials? The 6" clip on fan is one the most unusual, versatile and efficient solutions to compact home cooling thanks to it's robust but versatile design that allows you to provide that essential cooling breeze anywhere at any time. Sporting a strong and sturdy reusable clip that allows you to simply slip the 6" clip on fan anywhere you want- you can enhance your comfort and protect yourself from the overwhelming heat of the summer season, thanks to this versatile cooling solution.Elegant and compact, the 6" clip on fan is ready to go at a moment's notice and the act of transporting and relocating this compact cooling fan. Featuring a strong clip that is also rubberized, the clip on fan makes the most of straightforward and easy to use technology to ensure the ultimate cooling experience. With its rubberized clip on components, the 6" clip on fan not only provides exceptional gripping strength to your desired surface- but also provides ample protection for your home, enabling the clip on fan to be entirely reusable without causing damage to surfaces that it has been attached to. Not only does the 6" clip on fan provide highly efficient cooling, but also protection for your home.

Senelux 6" Clip On Desk Fan- Home Cooling from a Portable, Cool Clip Fan


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