Senelux Q4 1100ml Electric Dehumidifier for Home

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Featuring seven, beautiful LED lights, exceptional moisture drainage and unparalleled protection from damp. The Q4 1100ml dehumidifier is a compact and remarkable dehumidifier that literally brightens any home that it is placed in. Its compact design and colour changing LED display keep your home pristine and protected from moisture.

The Pinnacle of Stylish, Home Dehumidifiers

Designed to excel in any size of room in your home, the Q4 1100ml dehumidifier is a remarkable home addition that brings comfort, purity and serenity to any home. Featuring seven, automatically changing LED lights and a clear 1100ml water tank, this powerful dehumidifier is a real show piece for any modern home design- powerful enough to handle any damp or mould and beautiful enough to blend in seamlessly to your home environment. With its clear, large capacity water tank, you can literally see the hard work that your Q4 dehumidifier is doing to protect your home.

Easy to use and very energy efficient, your Q4 dehumidifier is purpose built to ensure that you're saving money and space in your home every step of the way on your moisture control journey. Consuming as little as 0.023Kw of energy per hour, your Q4 dehumidifier is energy efficient and extremely sustainable, helping to make your home energy efficient and cost effective. Attached at the bottom of the dehumidifier, the clear water tank allows for both real-time viewing of collected moisture and- with a 1100ml capacity- removes the need for constant emptying, saving you time to spend on your home and family completely worry-free.

A Cost Effective Dehumidifier for Homes

Robustly constructed with LED touch controls, the Q4 dehumidifier removes all of the hassle associated with a traditional dehumidifier. A simple On/Off switch with three adjustable modes for the LED lighting features means that you can easily adjust your Q4 dehumidifier to suit your home and any room therein with a simple touch. Defeating the threat of damp and excess moisture has never been easier thanks to this dehumidifier and its in-built automatic shut off feature that means, when the 1100ml water tank is full, the dehumidifier will automatically turn off. This ensures that accidental leaks or spillage won't occur, leaving you more time to enjoy the best aspects of your home without the worry of damp or mould.

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Enhance Your Home Decor

7 colour changing LED lights provide an exceptionally unique dehumidifying experience that's as cosy as your home. Reflecting from the water collected in the high efficiency tank- the 1100ml dehumidifier's LED lights provide a cosy and comfortable glow that makes this a truly modern dehumidifier for truly modern homes. The clear, sturdy water tank allows for real time viewing of the moisture that has been efficiently extracted from your home's ceilings, walls, carpets and furniture- so that you can see how efficiently your new dehumidifier tackles the excess moisture that lingers in your home.

At the top of 1100ml dehumidifier, you'll find the straightforward controls neatly displayed on a state of the art LED touch control panel. All of this combines to make the 1100ml Q4 dehumidifier one of the most straightforward, easy to use and efficient dehumidifiers in the U.K. Whether your home is suffering from damp, mould in the walls or ceiling or simple excess moisture, the 1100ml Q4 dehumidifier is a stylish and elegant shield that silently operates to protect your home and possessions. Securing your home with a 1100ml Q4 dehumidifier is a life-changing event and, once you've experienced the effective dehumidification the Q4 brings; you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Senelux Q4 1100ml Electric Dehumidifier for Home


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1100ml dehumidifier fully switched on with colour changing LED lights currently showing the blue colour vibrantly.
Senelux Q4 1100ml Electric Dehumidifier for Home Sale price£41.99 Regular price£49.99

LED Touch Control


Automatic Shut-Off (When Full)


On/Off & LED Controls


15.3 x 15.3 x 24 cm