600W Desktop Space Heater with Automatic Oscillation

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An ideal gift for someone suffering from the effects of the winter chill. This desktop space heater begins to heat up any room in just under three seconds. Featuring automatic oscillation, your desktop space heater can warm rooms up at exceptional speeds, removing the chill from every corner.

Compact Space Heating

Who says you can't have power with a compact design? With the 600w desktop space heater, you get the best of both worlds. Amazing heating power combined with a robust, long-lasting construction that ensures that you are kept warm throughout the coldest winter. This desktop space heater is the complete package, offering a choice of heating modes as well as an essential tip-over safety switch feature which will automatically turn off the heater if it should ever fall over.

By making the most of ceramic heating technology, not only does the 600w desktop space heater provide unparalleled warmth, but is also remarkably energy efficient, saving you serious money on your home heating. With a sturdy, compact design, not only does the desktop space heater work on any desk, but it is also a brilliant solution to home warmth- particularly in those hard to reach, chilly places. With a traditional heater, reaching frosty corners can be somewhat challenging. But not for the desktop space heater.

A Cosy Home Heater

A silent and steadfast heating companion, the 600w desktop space heater is an incredibly seamless addition to any tabletop surface. With an operation sound less than 45 decibels, your desktop space heater doesn't intrude upon your day-to-day living in your home. Instead, the desktop space heater blends in both in terms of design and operation, ensuring that your home heating is peaceful and relaxed so you can focus on more important things. With a mode for static heating and a mode for automatic oscillation, this incredible heater doesn't just rely on raw heat output to get your home nice and warm. With so much packed in to an already very portable and compact design, this heater also allows for warmth to be emitted throughout your entire home, thanks to steady and smooth oscillation.

Keep your home warm and cosy with this incredibly powerful yet compact space heater. Automatic oscillation makes sure that every inch of your home is covered with a gentle, warming breeze whilst state of the art ceramic heating technology allows for rapid and energy efficient warmth that lasts for hours whilst not stifling your breathable air- as can happen with other heaters. The perfect addition to any desk or working area, this 600w portable space heater is a must have for anyone looking to keep any small to medium sized area warm and toasty during cold weather.

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    The Ideal Gift

    Ceramic technology allows the desktop space heater to easily outperform its rivals in terms of raw warmth output. Creating the perfect, cosy home has never been more straightforward than with a desktop space heater. With rapid warmth creation thanks to advanced ceramic heating technology, the desktop space heater begins to emit cosy warmth in less than 3 seconds- a lightning fast speed especially considering the energy efficient nature of the desktop space heater as well as the compact and sleek design.

    Ceramic heating provides the edge over most other forms of heating because ceramic heating elements generate warmth a lot quicker- allowing you to create that cosy home environment efficiently. Because of how efficient ceramic heating elements are, they waste no time or electricity in producing that signature cosy warmth. With no energy going to waste, the desktop space heater is truly a marvel of technological innovation despite the straightforward nature of it's design.

    600W Desktop Space Heater with Automatic Oscillation


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    600W Desktop Space Heater with Automatic Oscillation Sale price£24.99 Regular price£29.99

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