UK Heatwave 2024

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For those who keep up to date on the Senelux articles, you'll surely know that last week I wrote an article about the predictions for the Summer weather here in the UK. In the article, I echoed the predictions of weather forecasts that predicted the UK's wettest summer in 2024. As you can imagine; I'm starting to feel a bit silly about that article. At the time of writing, the UK is currently experiencing a full blown heatwave with temperatures consistently reaching 25 degrees and higher. A far cry from the rainy days and grey skies that were predicted. None the less, a UK heatwave may be nice for some. Brighter days and warmer weather tends to bring the best out of people. However, with an ongoing heatwave cracking the flagstones it's important to take a look at some of the unique challenges that such overbearing heat can bring and (of course) the best way to keep cool in all the Summer chaos.

The Problems with a UK Heatwave

At first, a heatwave can be a breath of fresh air (especially for the UK!) Warmer weather, more time to spend outdoors and brighter, sunnier days. The Summer really is a time of year for living life and loving life. With the flowers in bloom and the bees buzzing around, Summer is ablaze with activities to be enjoyed in the great outdoors with friends and family. It's true; time spent outdoors skyrockets with the surge in hot weather. But, regardless of the nice Summer weather, there's one constant that needs to be considered. Your home.

Neglecting your home during the Summer months can be disastrous for your health, comfort and general wellbeing. Especially if you live in the UK and especially when the UK is in the midst of a heatwave. Struggling to sleep due to overbearing heat? Feeling too tired to do anything when you're looking for some "me-time?" The hot weather can be a relief to some and burden to others thanks to these things. If your home can be "too cold" in the Winter, then you'd better believe that it can be "too hot" in the Summer. And, if your home is "too" anything- an argument can be made for making some kind of change. In the past, we've looked at some brilliant heaters and great dehumidifiers. But today, we're taking a look at the other end of the spectrum. We're going to take a look at some truly remarkable cooling fans.

Staying Cool During a Heatwave

Step one for getting your home back to the levels of comfort that you want is to analyse problem areas. During the Winter, larger, more open areas are usually (but not always) the coldest areas of someone's home. This is because there are simply more "things" for heat to bounce off of in tighter, more compact rooms. That's right, every piece of furniture in your room allows for heat to bounce off your furniture (building up even more thermal energy) and getting even hotter. There's also the case for electrical heat generated by lights and computers and chargers contributing to the overall temperature of your home. So there's definitely plenty to think about when it comes to why your home is getting unbearably hot during the Summer. Despite this, the case remains that the Summer is always going to be hot thanks to the scorching, unbearable heat of the Summer sun.

So you've identified your problem areas. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, garage and more. You've found out where you need your cooling and have decided enough is enough with the overwhelming heat. The next step is to find yourself a trusty cooling fan.

Perhaps one of the most obvious steps. An electric fan is your first line of defence against sweaty, sticky Summers when you're stuck at home. Dependable and time-tested, a cooling fan provides you and your home with everything you need to keep cool all Summer long. With rapidly spinning blades that are capable of keeping the cool air coming- we're fairly confident you know what a fan is. Fans have been a mainstay in cool air generation for several decades and the type that you're probably most familiar with is the old school (but classic) chrome cooling fan. Cold in every way- even to the touch- a chrome fan is an incredible addition to your home cooling appliances. Dependable thanks to their all metal design, where a chrome fan really shines (pun intended) is with it's smooth air generation courtesy of it's silky smooth fan blades. Cutting through that roasting hot air that builds up in your home with ease.

New Ways to Cool Your Home

In my last article, I made sure to cover one of the best devices for keeping your home cool. A great tower fan has the ability to provide consistent and long reaching cooling thanks to a long line of fan blades that stack on top of each other to combat excessive heat in those hard to reach places. However, a good tower fan isn't exactly to everyone's taste (even if they are great for home cooling,) so today we're going to look at few alternatives. Starting with a type of cooling fan that often slips under the radar. Spreading cooling air throughout any room within almost any time of home, you really can't go wrong with a great air circulator fan by your side.

How are Air Circulators Different to Regular Cooling Fans?

At first glance, an air circulator fan can appear like a regular cooling fan that just "looks" more modern. Sleekly designed and often with a lot more functions, a strong air circulator is different enough to an ordinary cooling fan to warrant an extra look. As mentioned in the previous article, one of the main causes of overwhelming heat within the home is stagnant, immobile air within the home. Whether due to windless weather or poor home air flow; this is how problem areas of heat develop within the home. As a result, the best way to combat excessive heat within the home is by getting that stagnant air moving. And there's no better way to start the entire home cooling process than with an air circulator.

Does an air circulator keep you cool? Well, sadly this is another difference between air circulators and traditional cooling fans. Air circulators don't cool you down- at least, not directly. Instead, by keeping your home's air flow consistent and mobile, a great air circulator keeps your entire home cool. So, how is this different to regular cooling fan exactly? Well; whilst a regular cooling fan can start providing a jet of cold, soothing air into the home and provide some air mobility, an air circulator takes a less direct but more thorough approach to keeping you cool. Circulating the air around you to keep it fresh and cool, an air circulator provides more thorough and ambient cooling that lasts longer and completely deals with those hot pockets of air in your home.

In the midst of a UK Summer heatwave, with blistering heat and airless homes an air circulator really earns its mark at the best cooling device for any home. With less than 5% of all UK homes having dedicated air conditioning, solving a heatwave crisis can feel like an uphill battle where every action you take simply leads to more sweat and tiredness. But where an air circulator really shines is it's air conditioning style efficiency and its affordability. No installation, no prep work- just plug in and start your cooling. Due to the air circulator's nature as well, you'll start to notice other quality of life changes in the home. Ever wondered why you might have moments of breathlessness during the hottest Summer days? Thanks to that same stagnant air that you're breathing, your throat and nasal passages may become irritable and blocked. But by keeping your home's air flow fresh, you can see out the heat in unparalleled comfort all Summer long.

See off the Heatwave with a Portable Fan

With hot weather bearing down in the height of the current UK heatwave, there's no better time to get out there and enjoy the Summer sun. Soaking up the rays with friends and family. Outdoor sports (especially with the 2024 Euros starting to kick off) are in full swing thanks to the consistent warmth of the UK heatwave. And, although I've gone over a lot of the reasons why you need cooling when trying to relax at home this Summer- it's equally important to make sure that you have a reliable and dependable cooling solution for when you're out and about as well.

That's where you need a wireless, rechargeable, battery-powered cooling fan. A fantastic addition both to the home and on the go, a wireless fan allows you to take a fresh, relaxing breeze with you where ever you go. When it comes to beating the Summer heat, there's no more versatile tool for the job than a wireless fan. Whether it's a Summer picnic or a day in a beer garden to watch the football match; make the Summer heat more bearable courtesy of an on-the-move cooling solution.

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