Tower Heater 2000W Ceramic Portable Heater with Remote Control

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Heating has never been made easier, safer or more affordable than the 2000w tower heater. With a slim, black and white design and included remote control, the tower heater is easy to use and ready to go straight from the box with no assembly required.

A True Cold Weather Heater

Warming your space, adding a touch of British wit. If your home is a castle, then you need a tower heater. With a striking black and white design, complete with a sleek and elegant tower construction- the tower heater is a fantastic addition to any modern home. With powerful heating output designed to begin heating large, open rooms in as little as two seconds; this tower heater is the epitome of stylish and modern home heating. Versatile, portable and unbelievably efficient, the tower heater is capable of heating entire homes thanks to its automatic oscillation feature designed to warm every corner and edge of any room in which it is displayed.

With a tower heater, heat output is capable of reaching those hard to reach spaces in your home, accented by the automatic oscillation feature built in to the heater itself. Providing a wide blanket of warmth, your tower heater is able to warm up almost any size of space without taking up a large footprint of space within your carefully decorated home. Accompanied by silent operation, this exceptional heater is purpose-built to ensure that your home is kept warm and cosy whilst blending in with which ever room you decide to put it in.

A Safety-First Electric Heater

Making sure that you and your family are safe at all times, your space heater also comes equipped with a full range of safety features such as anti-tip and overheat protection. This ensures that you're able to focus on what matters most, safe in the knowledge that your home is protected by your warm guardian. This tower heater is more than capable of efficiently warming every kind of room in your home and is adept at providing that warm, cosy sensation in your home, no matter the layout. Be it in a bedroom, kitchen or living room, your tower heater is always there to keep you warm and safe at all times.

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Space Tower Heater

Saving space, time and energy the 2000w tower heater is more than just a way to create a warm, cosy home. Convenience is at the forefront of our design process and nowhere is this philosophy more apparent than with the 2000w tower heater. The included remote control allows you to remotely and comfortably adjust your heating experience for the exact needs of your home all of which is specifically included for your convenience. Straightforward heating is becoming increasingly rare, however the trend of convenient and comfortable heating will never truly be lost.

The 2000w tower heater brings more than just convenient warmth and a cosy home atmosphere though. Featuring advanced ceramic technology, the 2000w tower heater wastes no time or energy in providing efficient warmth throughout your entire home. Ceramic heating elements, unlike traditional heaters, are completely efficient when using energy- warming up at lightning speeds without the need to leave your heater running before feeling the warmth. This allows the tower heater to start creating that cosy home environment in any room without any waiting times for the heater to warm up. This not only saves time, but also energy- as you can achieve your desired home warmth quickly and affordably thanks to your 2000w tower heater.

Tower Heater 2000W Ceramic Portable Heater with Remote Control


We think that the Tower Heater 2000W Ceramic Portable Heater with Remote Control has some useful features you might want to know about that make it stand out from the rest.


Remote Control & LED Touch Display


Tip Over Safety Switch & Overheat Protection


On, Off, Timer & On with Oscillation


16.8 x 16.8 x 60.5 cm


100 - 240v