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A pair of hands being warmed up by a Senelux desk top space heater in a home office setting

Heating in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has the lowest heat pump installation rate in Europe, with over a quarter of the U.K 's population claiming that they "won't be putting the heating on this winter." With reputabl...

Banishing Mould with Senelux Dehumidifiers - Senelux

Banishing Mould with Senelux Dehumidifiers

Combat persistent mould issues with our guide on black mould removal! Learn about the dangers of black mould on walls and discover practical tips on how to get rid of black mould. Explore the effec...

Senelux 12L Dehumidfier

Reduce Your Laundry Expenses by Using a Dehumidifier

Drying your clothes doesn't have to be a costly or environmentally unfriendly process. Discover the power of Senelux dehumidifiers, an effective alternative to traditional tumble dryers. Our dehumi...

Senelux 12L/Day Dehumidifier Portable 3.2L Water Tank Humidity Control - Senelux

Powerful and Convenient Dehumidifier

What is a dehumidifier and why do you need one? A dehumidifier is a powerful appliance that helps reduce the humidity levels in your home or office. It works by extracting excess moisture from the ...

An image of a white and blue futuristic style air purifier

The Future of Air Purifiers: Innovative Technologies and Features to Look Out For

In today's rapidly changing world, with the increase in pollution levels, maintaining excellent indoor air quality has become a paramount concern for many. As a result, the demand for air purifiers...

Are Dehumidifiers Expensive to Run? - Senelux

Are Dehumidifiers Expensive to Run?

Assessing the Cost: Is Running a Dehumidifier a Pricey Affair? Maintaining the ideal humidity levels in our homes is crucial for our health and preserving our belongings. Dehumidifiers, like those ...