When Should I Change My Air Purifier's Filter?

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Filters for Air Purifiers

Efficiency is no joke when it comes to air purifiers. When it comes to the air purity of your home, an air purifier is an essential tool. But, like any tool, it needs to maintained and looked after. Modern air purifier technology may be better now than it ever has been; allowing for longer periods of air purification achieved at higher levels of efficiency. However it's no secret that in order to achieve this, air purifiers need to use filters. Replaceable and consumable filters have been a mainstay when it comes to the modern air purifier and, whilst this may seem like a rather annoying, persistent problem to stay on top of; the filter for your air purifier doesn't need to be a complicated or frustrating affair.


What is an Air Purifier Filter?

We've covered how an air purifier works before in our article where we discuss air purifiers for your home, but suffice it to say bringing an air purifier into your home is the best way to get that fresh air feeling in your home with comfortable efficiency. By extracting pollutants from the air in your home, the filter in your air purifier collects all of those pollutants and traps them within the fabric of the filter whilst the outflow fan circulates that signature fresh air around your home. As you can imagine, this is great; improving the quality of the air you breathe and generally making your home feel lighter with nice fresh air.

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Time to Change the Filter

As you can imagine, with a filter in your air purifier that continuously traps irritants and pollutants- you need to make sure that your filter is ready to be replaced. Spare filters are nothing new. In fact, many of the best home appliances have filters that can either be removed or replaced. When it comes to your trusty air purifier though, it can be quite a struggle to even find yourself a spare filter. But rest assured- we take the time to make your home simple and straightforward; not by taking away, but by adding to your home.


When do I Need to Change my Filter?

As a general rule, you should be replacing the filter in your air purifier every six to eight months but, depending on your personal usage, there's no real way of telling how long a filter should last. Some may like to have their air purifier on at all times in which case- it is definitely advised that you replace your filter once every 6 months. Others may like to have their air purifier active during the Spring and Summer to alleviate the effects of hay fever, using their air purifier to tackle the rising pollen count during the hot weather. For those using their air purifier in this way, you can extend the use of your filter all the way up to 12 months. But is that really making the most of your air purifier?

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How Should I Use my Air Purifier?

Realistically, your air purifier is designed to make your home living cosier and more comfortable. Tackling issues around allergens, dust particles and stagnant air, all of which contributes to that lighter, fresh air feeling in your home. However an air purifier is so much more, providing indirect health benefits as a result of combatting airborne pollutants that could find their way into your home. For this reason, we really recommend having your air purifier on as much as possible to really make the most of the remarkable benefits that having an air purifier in your home brings. Not only does this ensure that you're always feeling the benefit of freshly circulated air, but thanks to the energy efficient designs and features of your air purifier- you won't be racking up a huge bill in exchange for an enormous, positive change in your home living.


How to Know When to Change Filters

A difficult question you'll need to ask is: "how do I know when to change my filter?" Sadly, there isn't a particularly straightforward answer here. Firstly, you'll need to compare the air quality from when you first started using your air purifier and note the difference. If the level of purity feels like it's starting to drop, then that's a tell tale sign that you need a new filter. But, I understand that this isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. When it comes to air quality, the effects are significant but also subtle and it may be a struggle to determine if you need a new filter or not. Despite this, I've put together a short list of tips on how to examine the condition of your filter.


1. The Removal Test

Pretty straightforward here: when you pull your filter out after a month of use in your air purifier, make sure you pull the filter out gently but in a single smooth and relatively fast motion. Instead of following the filter with your eyes, examine the base of your air purifier. If you notice a large amount of dust coming out of the air purifier when you remove the filter- then it is definitely time for a replacement! The good news with this method is, you can easily do this check once a month and make it a part of your clean air routine.


2. The Touch Test

Perfect for us hands-on types. The touch test is one of my own creation and is a fairly good indicator that I need to change the filter on my air purifier. You'll notice on your air purifier's filter that there are areas that are soft. These are the contact points- where all of those nasty pollutants are captured and trapped. What I do is gently run my finger over this area of the air purifier filter. If there is any discolouration on my finger, I know that the air purifier is doing it's job and that my filter needs to be replaced. Just make sure to wash you hands thoroughly after this!


3. Air Flow Test

This is a technique that I've seen a few people recommend but one that I can never tell if it works correctly. According to customers who use our air purifiers, a good way to tell if your air purifier needs a new filter is by by holding your hand over the extraction fan and checking to see if there are any notable changes. As I say; I've never had this work for me, but from most sources- this is a nice way of telling that you need to change the filter on your air purifier. For now, I'll stick to my own homemade method, thank you very much!


Where To Get Replacement Air Purifier Filters

Getting replacement filters can be a bit of a struggle. However, this is where I'm able to let you know about a bit of great news. Recently (as you may have already seen) not only do we have a new website; but we have also added some new, essential products to our ranges. One of which is our replacement air purifier filters. Currently, we stock two distinct models of air purifier that require two completely different filters to function. To help you with your air purifier, we have now added replacement filters to our new website which you can find by visiting our HEPA Air Purifier Filter page.

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