Mini Dehumidifier VS Large Dehumidifier

A photo of the Senelux Q4 small dehumidifier in a modern home with a purple LED light shining

Ever wondered what the big differences between smaller, mini dehumidifiers are compared to their larger, big brothers? Well, outside of the obvious, there can be a lot of useful differences to know about and explore when you're deciding which dehumidifier is best for your home. We've covered dehumidifiers a lot before especially with regards to the benefits of owning a dehumidifier. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the main differences between the two and, more importantly, what type of dehumidifier would be best for your home. So if you're considering adding a dehumidifier to your home, be sure to have a look around and see what you want most out of your future dehumidifier.

 A photo of the Senelux 25 litre per day dehumidifier with laundry in the background

Dehumidifier Size

The first and- let's be honest- most obvious difference is the size. Sometimes called the "footprint" of a dehumidifier; size should be the first thing to consider when you're looking for a brand new dehumidifier. Now, if you're not too fussy about space you can simply spring for the largest dehumidifier you find, but there are other considerations at play that you should be taking into account.

 A picture of a small Senelux Dehumidifier sitting on a shelf with a bright, closed window behind it

As a general rule, large dehumidifiers have more machinery. Whilst this will speed up the water extraction rate in your home and start drawing out damp in walls straight away, this opens up bigger concerns. Firstly is that, with a large dehumidifier, you'll be sacrificing a lot more space in your home. Now this may not be a problem if your using your dehumidifier for basements, lofts or large, often uninhabited areas of your home. However, if you're looking for a dehumidifier for bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens; then a small or mini dehumidifier will do the job just fine and be significantly less obtrusive.


Good Dehumidifier Tips

I've shared my tips for dehumidifying before in the past. From specialized cases such as the specifics of dehumidifiers in the United Kingdom, to more general dehumidifier advice such as covering the best dehumidifier for rainy weather. But one that I haven't covered (that I am now about to share with you) is how to plan for a dehumidifier. The first thing to do is measure out the space where you want to put your dehumidifier with a tape measure. This can be as general as a room in your home- but a good rule of thumb here is to try and visualize where you want your dehumidifier to be.

An image showing the Senelux 1100ml Q4 Dehumidifier in a home setting ready for the UK spring 

Always remember that a dehumidifier needs a little bit of space to successfully draw in water; so it's a good idea to map out a few centimetres more than you actually need. From there, you're ready to start shopping around. A nice little tip for those out there who are looking to take their first steps into the dehumidifying world.


A Large Dehumidifier

Luckily for me, I have a large dehumidifier in the office that I can use to look at the specifications here. The Senelux 25l per day Dehumidifier is a great example of a perfect dehumidifier for basements and garages thanks to it's amazing dedication to being a straightforward, large dehumidifier.

 A Senelux 25 litre per day dehumidifier set against a Christmas home background

As the name implies, the 25 litre per day dehumidifier can extract a whopping 25 litres of water from almost any size of room. A staggering achievement of modern design and dehumidifier technology. It manages this thanks to an extremely large and complex compressor system which basically means that it has more power to draw moisture out of the air. More than that, the 25 litre per day dehumidifier is powerful enough to start drawing out water that has collected in ceilings, carpets and walls meaning that; if your home is suffering from damp walls, the 25 litre per day dehumidifier is a great way to start dealing with the problem.


The Upsides of a Large Dehumidifier

As touched upon, a large dehumidifier is brilliant for combating damp and mould and, thanks to the larger body of the 25 litre per day dehumidifier, often comes with more bells and whistles for your convenience- such as smart app controls and integrated timers. Large dehumidifiers are fantastic additions to any home that are a real investment for home owners thanks to their protective nature for your property. When I made my list of benefits for dehumidifiers, I used the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier as my example which, in itself is a large dehumidifier. Whilst it's true that size isn't everything when it comes to dehumidifiers, it's equally true that a large dehumidifier gets the job done quicker and more efficiently.


Dehumidifiers For Basements

Throughout my experience in dehumidifiers, people always ask the same question: can you recommend a good dehumidifier for basements? As someone who lives in a flat, I've always wondered why there's so much damp in basements and, upon investigating the issue, I can confirm that there are a lot of basements that would really benefit from a dehumidifier. Whilst any dehumidifier will do it's job in a basement, I have been able to experiment here and can confirm that; when it comes a vast area of space such as a basement- a large dehumidifier is the way to go.

 A close up of the control panel on a Senelux 25l per day dehumidifier

With a larger compressor, more open space in a modern basement and water naturally being present in the basement (thanks to washing machines and other appliances)- there's really nothing to be gained by going small when it comes to picking out an ideal dehumidifier for basements. Perhaps this is an article in the making, but basements and garages simply need more power when it comes to dehumidifier technology and a larger compressor (which is essentially what you get with a large dehumidifier) is ideal for exactly this purpose.


Owning a Small Dehumidifier

I could go on and on about large dehumidifiers (and I would love to) but there's a reason this article is titled the way it is. We need to cover small dehumidifiers. As the proud owner of two small dehumidifiers, I can confirm that small dehumidifiers are ideal for people living in flats and apartments. Compact, efficient and quiet- small dehumidifiers are a great addition to homes that are tight for space or small water-based problems in the home. As an avid tea-drinker, my kettle is always on the go and condensation was always collecting on my kitchen windows and seeping between the cracks of the windowsill below.

 A Senelux XROW Mini Dehumidifier set against a cosy, orangish background

How to Deal With Condensation

I say condensation "was" collecting on my windowsill because, since picking up my Senelux 1100ml Q4 Dehumidifier, the condensation issue was quickly and quietly resolved with no hassle whatsoever. For small but potentially home damaging problems such as this, then you don't need to go all-out on the biggest dehumidifier out there. A better, more appropriate solution is simply to pick yourself up a smaller, more compact dehumidifier that can be switched on when needed and easily stored when not- providing your home with moment-to-moment protection from the effects of steam, damp and excess water. To find out what type of dehumidifier you need, be sure to check out my previous article on the subject.


Mini Dehumidifiers

For those of you who were paying close attention, you'll remember that I said that I have two small dehumidifiers. Whilst it's true that I have one Senelux 1100ml Q4 Dehumidifier, I also own another type of dehumidifier. What could possibly be better for my condensation problem than a small dehumidifier? Well, how about a mini dehumidifier!

 A Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier set in a dim but cosy home environment with a warm, orange light in the background

Just like a small dehumidifier, a mini dehumidifier is compact, portable and efficient with my Senelux 500ml Mini Dehumidifier collecting 250ml of water per day- more than ample for my needs. Unlike large or even small dehumidifiers, mini dehumidifiers are almost completely silent and, thanks to their compact design- can be set up anywhere in a modern home or space-conscious flat. As someone with a keen eye for interior design and home styling, my mini dehumidifier has given me more options than any other dehumidifier, allowing me to clear up any stagnant water in my home easily and without infringing on my home set up.


Large Dehumidifiers Vs Small Dehumidifiers

The main issue at hand is that too many people see dehumidifiers in one of two camps; Large dehumidifiers able to clear up massive damp, mould and water problems- or small dehumidifiers designed to enhance home comfort and help you with cleaning your home. But the reality of both is, they're both needed in most modern homes. A large dehumidifier can be your first line of defence when it comes to ensuring that your home is protected from damp, whilst small dehumidifiers are great for enhancing your home comfort (often requiring a lot less maintenance too!)

 A photo of the Senelux XROW Mini Dehumidifier with a brown, solid background

But, truth be told, there really is no rivalry. Both types of dehumidifier are great for what they are designed to do. At the end of the day, the only person who knows what kind of dehumidifier you should have for your home is you. As I've mentioned, I've covered dehumidifiers before in the past and whilst I've tried to help with the decision- there's really no way I can make that kind of call for you. If you're looking for a serious solution to damp in walls or if you're a cook looking to reduce steam in their kitchen, at the end of the day; you'll know better than me what kind of dehumidifier you want. If you've got the space for it and want a large, highly efficient dehumidifier, then there's really no reason not to go for it. At the end of the day, dehumidifiers are only ever beneficial to your home.

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