UK Bug Zappers - What Do I Need To Know?

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Sleep is vital. That's not exactly a bold or revolutionary statement especially with a wealth of sources out there, across the internet, confirming that sentiment. There are many things that contribute to a good night's sleep such as clean air, a comfortable bed and a good sleeping pattern. But, where there are many positive contributors to a good sleep; there are also many negative influences that can ruin a peaceful sleep pattern. Heavy, stagnant air, an unregulated room temperature and- as the temperature rises and longer days roll in- we can also expect a few bites from mosquitoes and the annoying hum of flies.


Mosquito Bites When Sleeping

There's no question that mosquitoes wreak havoc during the warm, summer nights. So many of us can attest that we've been drifting off to sleep, without a care in the world and heard an annoying buzzing sound. Eyes heavy, we write it off as "just another fly" before jolting awake with a sharp, stinging pain. That, was a house mosquito. Whilst the rest of the world is ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting their homes from these invasive pests, sadly the United Kingdom has fallen behind somewhat due to the sparsity of suitable weather.

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Why do Mosquitos Bite at Night?

As msmosquito points out in her article about mosquitoes at night time, these invasive pests are notorious for feeding at night and seem intent on causing you to lose sleep. But that's not all. As it turns out, not only do mosquitoes prefer to feed at night, but they also seek out sleeping victims. So the threat of being bitten in your sleep is doubled at night thanks to the mosquito's preferred victim and their natural hunting times. 


What can we do About Mosquitoes?

Whilst there are a litany of traps, methods and ample advice for ridding your home of mosquitoes; the reality is that this type of sleep-depriving insect is remarkably elusive and despite all best efforts, a mosquito is adapted to avert traps with ease and still find its prey.

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That's where bug zappers come in. Also known as bug lamps, swatters or insect repellent- a bug zapper is an exceptionally well-attuned solution to mosquito infestation. Thanks to a variety of great technological advancements, a trusty bug zapper is a great addition to any home- allowing you to get a great night's sleep even in the warm weather of Summer. This is due to a special something that really makes reigning in invasive bugs incredibly straightforward and hassle free.


Traditional Bug Traps

Perhaps the biggest innovation to electric bug zappers comes to us directly from traditional bait traps for insects. These bait traps rely on a component that draws insects towards it, otherwise known as the bait, before trapping the insect. In traditional traps, this has mixed results; as during the springing of the trap, the insect could very easily escape. However, thanks to modern engineering- electric bug zappers implement a fantastic range of baits to draw in a large variety of unwanted pests and remove them. Chief amongst these baits, is an electronic solution; UV attraction lights for insects.

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How do UV Lights Work with Insects?

Did you know that insects are drawn to most forms of light? Whilst, in the case of mosquitoes, various insects operate during the darkness of the night- it's also true that light will draw their attention. Not only that, but UV light can also emit a frequency that signals out to insects and draws them into your electric bug zapper. Not only is this frequency completely silent to humans, but also assures a full insect-trapping efficiency, allowing you to get a full and decent night's sleep with no detriment to your well deserved rest at all.


An Energy Efficient Electric Bug Zapper

Of course, with the summer lasting as long as 3 months, it's an inevitable question as to how much energy a bug zapper will use and how much your electric bug zapper will cost to run. And, whilst there isn't much doubt that a bug zapper is essential as the weather warms, it's also good to remember that energy is equally important. But rest assured, that our electric bug zappers aren't just affordable upfront; but also work to reduce your energy bills and operate with a true sense of energy efficiency.

Take our very own 4200v Electric Bug Zapper for instance. Whilst you can see that this particular electric bug zapper has all the bells and whistles we've just covered, there's also an unnoticed, hidden benefit to this and all of our electric bug zappers. That being energy efficiency. Whilst usual home appliances must be approached by running costs, there is no need to fret when it comes to electric bug zappers as- with this example- this electric bug zapper, in the United Kingdom, will only cost £0.00522 per hour. A far cry from other, more costly home appliances!


Sleep Well in Summer

With quality of sleep plummeting in the United Kingdom during the summer months, it's important to remember to tackle all of the issues one by one. Whilst it is true that insects can cause a significant headache when you're simply trying to get some much needed sleep, there are lots of other things that are potentially preventing you from making the most of your sleep. Whilst we've gone through some exceptional ways to combat insects and bugs, there are other factors in your home that need to be addressed. If you're suffering from stagnant, windless air; then it may be a good idea to check out an air circulator fan or a trusty, robust air purifier for example.

All of these factors play a crucial role in, not only allowing you to get a good night's sleep, but also improving the quality of your home through the rising temperatures of the late spring and early summer. All of these factors play into each other and are not as individual as you may first think.

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