Yes: Air Purifiers DO work

A photo of a Senelux Demi Air Purifier that has an orange LED light shining against a dark background

What is an Air Purifier?

In the simplest terms, an air purifier keeps your air clean, healthy and comfortable. This is the entire explanation in a nutshell but unfortunately- it's not the best out there. Looking into air purifiers, one this is very apparent. Confusing, overly-long descriptions of very basic functions and home comforts. In today's article, we're stripping all of that down to the bare basics so that you know- in a snapshot- what an air purifier is, how it works and what it does. So whether you're new to air purifiers or just looking for a change in air quality, we're going to make sure you know the ins and outs, back-to-front.


What Does an Air Purifier Do?

In short, an air purifier purifies the air. But that's not really good enough is it? If we're going to talk properly about air purifiers, then we need to take a look at what exactly an air purifier does for your home. So, firstly, an air purifier has two main components. It's important to know each of these before deciding that an air purifier is right for you as both require a bit of understanding to get the most out of your air purifier. These components are: a highly efficient extraction fan and a filter that is used to trap the polluting particles that are present in your home's air. Let's take a second to go over each.

A Senelux quiet Air Purifier in a bedroom with an ambient, futuristic glow.

An Air Purifier's Fan

The extraction fan is perhaps the first thing you'll notice with your air purifier and really is what makes an air purifier work. An extraction fan is simply what pulls air into an air purifier. What this does is bring polluted or heavy air into the air purifier so that the filter can catch any of the negative pollutants such as pollen or dust particles. Honestly, the whole thing is quite simple but if you're new to air purifiers, it can catch you off guard. Whilst this may sound like the air purifier is removing air from your home, rest assured that the opposite is actually occurring. Instead of removing air, the extraction fan pulls the polluted air in and then extracts the clean air back out. Hence the name "extraction" fan.

 A picture of the high efficiency extraction fan inside a Senelux Demi Air Purifier.

An Air Purifier's Filter

Recently, I covered some ground in knowing when to change your air purifier's filter. In that article, I dedicated a lot of time talking about filters for air purifiers so I'll try to keep this brief. Suffice it to say, an air purifier's filter catches any pollutants that are caught in your home's air flow. Whether that's allergens, pollen, smoke or even just bad odours. An air purifier's filter is fully equipped to make your home lighter and more breathable so you can be house-proud once again.

 A picture of the HEPA Filter that is inside a Senelux Air Purifier.

How do we know Air Purifiers Work?

Usually, I'm not really one for relying on personal experience as scientific evidence. However, recently my neighbour introduced a new kitten into our block of flats. Whilst a new kitten may sound exciting to some (even myself,) the allergic reactions I experienced as a result were less so. Cats and kittens- like any other pets- can pick up pollen on their fur and bring them into the home very easily which, as you can imagine, cause a few problems. In my case; sneezing and watery eyes, coupled with an itchy throat, started to severely impact my comfort in my own home.


Luckily, surrounded by air purifiers at work- I was able to pick one up for testing. Taking my own advice and leaving the device on in the landing between my neighbour's flat and my own, I was able to notice incredible changes after just a day of testing. The air purifier I took home was the Senelux Demi Air Purifier which has the ability to remove up 99% of allergens from the air. After a single day, I was able to come home and enjoy my prior level of comfort which (after all of the time I have spent in home improvements) was very much appreciated!


The Science Behind Air Purifiers

Needless to say, my word is not enough. We need some genuine, scientific proof that air purifiers do, in fact, work. Taking into account the words of Healthline in their article Do Air Purifiers Work; yes, air purifiers do work- but, you need to find the right air purifier for your needs. For example, I bought the Senelux Demi Air Purifier specifically to combat my allergic reactions caused by pollen. Having looked into the variety of air purifiers available, I was able to deduce that- for my needs- I needed an air purifier that could easily tackle those pesky pollen particles that my neighbour's adorable new kitten was bringing in to my home.


A Solution to Hay Fever

As I could tell from the Demi Air Purifier, the ability of that particular model to remove 99.99% of air pollutants was perfect for my hay fever symptoms. Not only was this particular air purifier great at getting to the root cause of my hay fever (excess pollen in the air) but, operating at such a small wattage- the Demi Air Purifier is an excellent choice for an energy efficient (and thus long-term) solution to this long lasting problem. If you're like me and suffer from hay fever, not only is an air purifier a stylish addition to your home, but it can also mean the world of difference when it comes to actually enjoying the summer and the spring seasons.

A photo of the Senelux Jupiter air purifier shining a blue LED light from it's unique rotary switch

Preparing for Spring

Spring is an amazing time of the year. Truly a season that signifies the new year properly with blooming flowers, varied weather and growth. As you can imagine, spring time is a fantastic time of year felt the world over. Despite this, for those of you like me who suffer from hay fever throughout the spring and summer seasons, spring time can feel like waiting around- ready to start suffering extreme allergic reactions thanks to continuously rising pollen counts that last at least until the first weeks of autumn. As this article is covering air purifiers, you may already see where this is going...


Say Goodbye to Hay Fever

Undoubtedly, the best thing about owning an air purifier is the confidence it assures in yourself and your home comfort without breaking the bank. By removing excess pollen in the air, if you suffer from hay fever, you'll be seeing an enormous difference in a matter of days thanks to the high efficiency of a modern air purifier. When it comes right down to it an air purifier is for your benefit- and the great part of that is; if you suffer from hay fever, allergies or respiratory problems- an air purifier can protect you for external influences such as pollen, pet dander and dust particles.

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