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Spring may be a great season with its varied weather, flowers coming into bloom and overall growth. But, despite all of the great things about the Spring season, we also have to acknowledge that the Spring time can be a devastating period for our homes and our comfort. Rising levels of pollen causing allergic reactions, increased dust mites collecting in nooks and crannies and, of course, persistent rain showers ready to cause damp throughout your home. Armed with this knowledge, it's important that we go through a spring checklist to ensure that we have adequate protection for our homes whilst also making sure that we're not missing out on the incredible colours of the Spring season.


Dealing with a High Pollen Count

A photo of pollen falling off a plant with a clear, blue Spring morning sky

In the UK, as the weather is warming up we really like to make the most of it. Whether out in the garden, down by the waterfront or if you're uniquely British- going for a countryside walk on one the UK's treasured walking trails. Where ever your passions lie, there's one thing that can't be avoided in a UK Spring.


The silent, Spring time agitator; pollen is a fundamental cause of allergic reaction during the warmer months of Spring and a severe hazard to our comfort, even at home. Whilst it may be tempting to open your home's windows during Spring, the thought of allergic reaction due to rising pollen count and stagnant indoor air can actually cause hay fever symptoms to worsen in your own home. There is, however a fairly straightforward solution to the problem of a higher pollen count. By introducing an air purifier in to your home, you can seriously decrease the likelihood of suffering hay fever in your home.


An Air Purifier Solution

Now, we've covered air purifiers before in the past (see our article on air purifiers for your home for more) but suffice it to say, the easiest solution to high pollen counts in the UK is an air purifier. Not only does an air purifier circulate the air in your home, greatly improving your cosy home feel in the process- but with the ability to remove up to 99% of airborne pollutants (including allergens and pollen) an air purifier is an ideal solution to allergic reactions. Passive, energy efficient and a great benefit to your home comfort, a solid air purifier is easily capable of seeing you through the worst effects of the UK's high pollen count.

A picture of a Senelux Jupiter Air Purifier with an advanced HEPA air filter standing next to it.

With a wide range of air purifiers on the market, you've really got your pick of the crop. However, an easy recommendation would be the classic Jupiter Air Purifier. Quiet and with a sleek design, the Jupiter Air Purifier is the perfect addition to any bedroom thanks to it's inbuilt whisper quiet technology which means that, whilst it's removing 99.97% of pollen from the air; the Jupiter is also quiet enough to leave on overnight- significantly improving your night time routine and letting you get back to sleeping in pure comfort. If you're interested in this fantastic air purifier, be sure to check out our very own Jupiter Air Purifier and find out if it's the perfect match for your home.


What Type of Weather is Spring?

A perfectly normal question as, despite the consistency of the season, experts are still debating what kind of weather actually characterizes Spring. Whilst some would say that Spring is synonymous with warm, soothing weather (especially after Winter) just as many people are quick to point out that you can't point out Spring without mentioning rain showers and even stormy downpours. Knowing this, we can draw the conclusion that- in the UK- Spring time weather can be a bit hard to predict. But one thing remains the same: 

Rainy Weather

A photo of a street in the UK that has been drenched by Spring time rain showers


Damp, Humidity and Mould

Now we may have beaten this drum a lot, but what seems like bracing rain can lead to serious damage to your home; drastically reducing your levels of comfort and causing costly damage to your home. Chief among this is damp in your home. When rain falls, your home inevitably absorbs some of the moisture from the rain- which falls into cracks and crevices in walls and ceilings. For more information, be sure to have a look at our article on the best dehumidifier for rainy weather where we go into the negative effects of consistent rain fall in much more detail. But damp conditions in your home can greatly reduce the ambient temperature of your home and lead to waterlogging damage over a longer period of time. However, all of this pales in comparison to one significant, devastating thing that damp can bring to your home...

A picture of mould growing on the skirting board and inside the wall of a UK home


Mould in Homes

Whilst it's true that mould can grow at any time of the year, Spring brings about the perfect conditions for this homegrown parasite to live and grow. Mould in walls, ceilings and floors can cause horrific damage to the structural integrity of your home, damage your respiratory system and cost you a significant amount of money to remove once it has taken root. Mould in walls is no joke- as we've covered in a previous article about banishing black mould with Senelux dehumidifiers.


A diagram of mould and other fungi that can grow within walls, ceilings and floors


As we can see, mould is a living thing and, unfortunately; the rainy showers of Spring and the warmer, sunnier days provide the perfect breeding ground for mould spores. This means that (although mould can easily grow in Winter, Summer and Autumn) the conditions of Spring are not only perfect for emerging mould in walls- but also allow mould to actively thrive in that environment. For all of the reasons listed above, we need a solution to this menacing problem.


How to Fix Mould in Walls

Technically speaking, there's no sure fire way of removing mould from walls or ceilings. But that doesn't mean that we should just put up with the problem existing in our homes. The best way to confront mould, is to ensure that the devastating fungi doesn't get the chance to start developing. This means, tackling the much easier problem of excess damp. For those who keep up to date with our articles, you probably have a pretty good idea where this is heading, but for new readers- the best way to combat damp and excess water in your home is with a solid and dependable:

Dehumidifier For Home

A picture of a Senelux Q4 efficient dehumidifier in a nice, spring time home with a plant

Now our famous dehumidifiers are so well known that we've covered them top to tail in plenty of previous articles like our article covering 11 benefits of a dehumidifier. But, suffice it to say- whilst a dehumidifier has many associated benefits- none are more crucial in Spring than the ability to combat mould. A dehumidifier's main job is to take excess water out of the air, walls, ceiling and floor meaning that a dehumidifier is a perfect first line of defence against the Spring time weather that encourages mould spores to begin growing in our homes.


Home Protection Dehumidifier

Protecting your home has literally never been easier than with a trusty dehumidifier in your home. By fighting off lingering damp and preventing mould spores from growing in walls, ceilings, floors and even furniture; your trusty dehumidifier has the ability to improve your home's structural integrity, improve the air quality of your home and help to reduce heating costs by removing cold, damp spots in your home that infringe upon your comfort.

The Best Way to Deal with Mould

A picture of the Senelux 12 Litre per Day dehumidifier against an orange background

The best dehumidifier for the job is one that has been a part of the Senelux journey for a long time. The 12 litre per day dehumidifier- formerly the Senelux Virgo Dehumidifier; is an incredible and stalwart guardian against the effects of damp and is the overall best dehumidifier for preventing the common issue of mould in walls during the Spring season. With the ability to remove up to 12 litres of water per day and continuous drainage features, the Senelux Virgo Dehumidifier is an ideal companion no matter the season- but is more than capable of shrugging off the worst that Spring can throw at your home; making this the best dehumidifier for the season. If you're looking for the best dehumidifier for the spring, look no further. Instead, you can check out our 12l/day dehumidifier for yourself to see if you agree that this is the best dehumidifier for the job.


Enjoying the Spring

Articles like this may make it seem like we're all doom and gloom. On the contrary, the Spring season is a time to be enjoyed and deeply cherished. In the UK, the Spring is treated as the momentous, proper start of a brand new year- full of colour and joy as flowers burst into life, the sun gleams down on the country and we get back to making the most of the fresh air outside. But we need to keep everything in perspective. With such pleasures to be had in the great, warm outdoors- it's equally as important to remember that our homes need to be just as comfortable and cosy as ever and, armed with the knowledge above, we're sure that you're home can be a haven of comfort all throughout the Spring season.

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