2000W Oil Filled Heater with WiFi Controls

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Heating with a modern twist for your home. The oil filled heater is so much more than a regular radiator heater, offering WiFi app controls, an included remote control and an LED touch display which allows you to see the room temperature of any space in your home; this oil filled heater is essential for any modern home.

Heating in Style

Subtle and stylish with unparalleled heating potential, the oil filled heater is exceptional for heating any home thanks to its nine powerful ribs and adjustable temperature controls. With three modes to choose from and multiple options for controlling the oil filled heater there are significantly more ways for you to customize your heating journey than with any other traditional radiator. Whilst most U.K radiators can be costly and immobile. With the oil filled heater- not only are you able to generate exceptional warmth at a low cost thanks to the included ECO mode, but you're also able to move your oil filled heater due to the included wheels. This makes your heating portable and extremely versatile.

By using diathermic oil technology inside the heater, this radiator is capable of matching and even surpassing the heating performance of more traditional and bulkier wall-mounted radiators. In comfort mode, the oil filled heater will operate at its fullest potential, continually heating your home to ensure that you and your family are kept warm and cosy even in the chilliest months of the year. With your family and home in mind, the oil filled heater is designed to be entirely safe whilst also being easy to use. With the essential tip over safety switch and overheat protections in place, the oil filled heater is also family friendly, featuring a child lock to ensure that your home is worry-free and cosy all year round.

An Energy Efficient Heater

If energy efficient heating is more suitable for your home, anti-frost mode is the right mode for you. Activating the heating elements only when the ambient room temperature reaches 5 degrees or less, anti-freeze is the perfect way to ensure a steady and even home temperature without excessive heating- automatically shutting off when the ambient room temperature reaches 7 degrees or more. With a heating range of up to 30m squared, the oil filled heater is a cosy guardian for you and your family, enhancing your home warmth in any environment.

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With colder weather being reported, windier nights and rising energy costs- the oil filled heater is a warm and gentle companion to help you get through the worst of the colder weather. With a warm hearth and a cosy home, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your oil filled heater is combatting the sharp winds and cutting chill of the winter months. Make your home cosy again, thanks to the incredible, warm embrace of the oil filled heater.

Getting warm no longer requires fiddling and tweaking, thanks to the built in LED display and thorough instruction manual that is included with each heater- you'll be in complete control of your cosy home. From the comfort of your bed or sofa thanks to the oil filled heater's WiFi control capability, you'll be able to adjust your oil filled heater anywhere at any time with just a tap of your phone. Coming home from a shift? Make sure your home is warm and cosy when you arrive, with the oil filled heater's in built WiFi controls.

2000W Oil Filled Heater with WiFi Controls


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A picture of a Senelux Oil Filled Heater with an all-black metal design and an LED display screen along the larger side.
2000W Oil Filled Heater with WiFi Controls Sale price$103.00 Regular price$129.00

LED Touch Display, Remote Control or WiFi App


Overheat Protection & Tip Over Safety Switch


Comfort, Economy & Anti-Frost


66.5 x 44.5 x 14 cm


100 - 240V