How Much Is My Heater Costing Me?

Cold hands being warmed in front of a Senelux Desktop Space Heater which is blowing warm air in an energy efficient way.

Heating Bills in the UK

You've probably heard of the saying; "choosing between heating and eating." It gets the old point across that heating is (apparently) very costly. But this doesn't have to be the case for you or your family this winter. In this short article, we'll run you through a variety of different heaters to help get you through the winter months- saving money and energy along the way. With the UK's cost of living crisis threatening to impact everyone this winter, we take a look at ways that you can save your valuable, hard-earned money in the lead-up to Christmas.
The first thing you need to ask yourself is "what type of heater do I want?" This might be the most important question to ask, as; although you may be cost conscious, you also need to consider the size of your space and the size of heater that you need. Have a smaller space or a home office with wallpaper and curtains? You may only need a small space heater or desktop heater. For a working garage or a basement with cold, concrete walls? You'll probably want to have a look at some tower heaters (preferably with oscillation.) In the UK, there are many different types of heaters available however they can be broken down like this:


 Type of Heater

Cost per hour

Fan Heater 42p - £1.00
Convector Heater 35p - 79p
Bar Fire 35p - 79p
Oil Filled Radiator 26p - 61p
Halogen Radiator 21p - 47p

Heater Efficiency 

As we can see, the Halogen Radiator looks like the best, right? It'll heat your living room, office space, garage or basement just fine, right? Well, we've also got to talk about another, hidden factor. Efficiency. This is where so many heater customers go wrong with their purchase. Depending on how large your space is, you may need a heavier piece of kit. Like an oscillating tower heater or an efficient ceramic heater. A Senelux Tower Heater, due to its size and oscillating features can kick out enough heat to fill a basement, garage or any other large room and is made with ceramic technology to keep costs low. The in-built ceramic elements work with state of the art heating co-efficient to reduce the overall operations costs whilst remaining portable and highly efficient.
Whilst keeping costs low may seem like the priority, you also need efficiency. What's the point of having a heater that cuts your costs in half if you also need to leave it on for double the time? That's where heater efficiency comes in. If you would like to see more about tower heaters, check out our available electric tower heater to see a great example of a truly modern tower heater design.

Ceramic Heaters

Let's take a look at a Senelux Mini Heater. As we can see, amongst the range of incredible features (of which- this heater also uses ceramic technology,) we also see that heating can be achieved in 2 seconds- meaning that this is an incredibly efficient heater that can not only save you money, but keep you warm in the winter months as soon as you turn it on. Combined with the afore mentioned convenience of ceramic heating technology, this heater is a great way to begin your money and energy saving. For more information why not check out the Senelux Mini Ceramic Heater to see a great example of a small, ceramic electric heater.

Compact Space Heater

Finally, we can also have a look at something a little bit smaller. Compact and highly efficient, this little space heater is also a prime example of how you can carry on with your money and energy saving. Designed as a desktop heater, these compact, sleek heaters are flying off the shelves almost everywhere and for a good reason. These heaters consume such small amounts of energy for their output, that they are a guaranteed great investment; particularly for any home office, table top or office space. If you're interested in a compact, portable solution to your heating needs, you can check out our portable, desktop heater for more information.
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Here at Senelux, we specialise in all manner of electronics for your home- for any season, for any condition and for any one. With Christmas creeping up faster and faster- with a cost of living crisis adding an extra chill to the cold of the autumn and winter months- we have your heating needs covered with our Autumn sale. With free shipping on any order within the UK, we're already devoted to saving you money so you can focus on the things in life that really matter.

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