11 Benefits of an Air Purifier

A photo of the Demi Air Purifier's extraction fan with the LED light strip lighting up the inside

If you've read some of my previous articles, then you'll be well aware of my love for air purifiers. I've covered air purifiers in almost every way that you can imagine. From when to change your air purifier's filters, all the way to nitty gritty details of how air purifiers work. The reason I'm so invested in these incredible home appliances is because they have become so popular in such a short amount of time- which seemed a bit strange to me. That was until I tried some air purifiers for myself. Ever since, I have been a massive advocate for home air purifiers and have recommended their use to friends and family. But I've realized that, so far, I haven't fully written down all of the reasons that make air purifiers a must have for any home. In this week's article, I'm going to be rectifying that mistake with the 11 top reasons why you should have an air purifier. 

1: Breathing Healthier Air at Home

Obviously, the first and most dramatic thing you can expect from an air purifier is purer air. This is hardly surprising but the main function of an air purifier is to provide that healthy, fresh air feeling in the comfort of your own home. A modern air purifier can achieve this fairly easily thanks to advancements in clean air technology, and you may be surprised at the affordability and energy efficiency of a home air purifier. This makes an air purifier an essential and easy appliance to add to your home even without mentioning smart app compatibility or portability. Air purifiers really are a must have and, thanks to their increasing possibility, are much easier to get a hold of than ever before.

2: Removing Bad Odours from the Home

As you can imagine, by reducing the amount of pollution in the air (literally cleaning the air within your home) you'll be dealing with a lot of minor problems that arise within the day to day goings on of a home. Cooking for example- simply having hot food in the home- can start to affect your home in small, strange ways. Most notably, these activities can cause smells to start taking root in your home. But thankfully, a dependable air purifier can deal with it. Keeping your home filled with fresh air will also keep bad smells and odours out- and it really is that simple.

3: Improving Home Air Circulation

You may be wondering what air circulation means, what it does and how we can use it to get a nice, cosy advantage when we're relaxing in the comfort of our own home. Well, it's quite simple. Air circulation is exactly the same as air flow. Ever wondered why your home is too hot? Well, unless you want your home warm, the reason can often be poor air flow. Typically this can be "solved" by opening a window, but if it's hot outside; you'll just be letting in more hot air. An air purifier- by filtering and extracting clean air- will go a long way to enhancing your air flow on top of keeping said air clean and light. When it comes to tackling extreme heat in doors, the secret is to keep air moving and, whilst this may be a side-benefit of air purifiers- it's certainly a welcome one with summer right around the corner!

4: Removing Stagnant Air

That nasty, almost-taste that you can smell and feel on your tongue when you breathe? That's stagnant air. Usually a result of a lot of concentrated particles located in a small space of once fresh air; stagnant air can be felt most apparently in rooms where central heating is affecting air quality or there are a lot of airborne particles within a small space. This can sometimes be bearable, but really... It's 2024. We shouldn't have to put up with disgusting and unhealthy home air when air purifiers are more affordable than ever, more cost effective to run and also deal with the problem straight away. By removing particles from the air whilst providing much needed air flow/ air movement, an air purifier can deal with all of the problems we've covered so far, whilst also providing light, breezy, fresh air within your home.

5: Fighting Hay Fever & High Pollen Counts

I've covered this one extensively before, most notably in my very last article on using an air purifier for dust and pollen. People always ask "why I keep bringing this up" and the reason why is because I have personally benefitted from reducing hay fever attacks because of my very own air purifier. For those who are unaware of my previous articles, this works because pollen is quite literally just small particles carried on the air. If you're allergic to pollen, you suffer from hay fever. Air purifiers take particles out of the air (such as pollen) and trap those particles in a filter whilst pumping the, now, clean air back into your home with an extraction fan. It sounds straightforward... but it honestly IS straightforward. This really is my favourite use of my air purifier and I'm sure that this will certainly convince a fair few people about the value of a home air purifier.

6: Protection for Furniture

Really, anything in your home can be protected thanks to an air purifier. But furniture is easier to talk about and see as opposed to smaller home comforts. As you have probably already figured out; by reducing dust in your home, you'll be adding an extra layer of security to any of your larger furniture pieces that you may have within your home. If you're tired of cleaning up layers of dust and strange pollen particles that can accumulate and discolour your furniture over time- then an air purifier might be the solution that you're looking for. There's more to say on this, but we'll save that for our next reason to own an air purifier...

7: Protection for Home

Carrying on from my previous point- an air purifier is a fantastic way to make sure that your entire home is guarded from the negative effects of poor or contaminated air flow. I've purposely left this a little vague (because everything we've covered so far technically counts) but a prime example here would be electronics. Imagine the lack of water inside the heat vents of laptops, phones and PCs. Perfect for trapping dust and causing overheating problems for those devices in the future. With an air purifier in your home (working quietly to reduce the amount of dust within the home) you can rest assured that your furniture, your devices and your entire home- wallpaper and all- are protected from the effects of dust that reduce your comfort and can cause irreparable damage long-term.

8: Getting Rid of Pollution in City Homes

From the light-hearted to something much more serious now. There are lots of advantages to city living. From easier public transport connections (for the most part!) and plenty to do- more and more people are flocking to the UK's cities and have plenty of reason to do so. But with more people- comes more pollution. Cars on the road, more jobs and more warmth; cities are a big cause of pollution that can not just interfere with home comfort in the form of dust and untidiness, but can also be damaging to your own health. If you're worried about the damage that's being caused to your furniture and home because of dust- imagine what that can be doing when you breathe those dust mites in. The best way to deal with the issue, is an air purifier. Remove dust and pollution whilst enhancing home comfort- the very definition of a win-win situation.

9: No More Pet Excuses- Helping Allergies

This may be a disadvantage if a certain someone in your home wants a pet and you've used the classic "allergies" excuse as a polite let-down. Never the less, this is true. Pet dander such as fur can cause some people to experience an allergic reaction and, if an air purifier can help with removing pollen from the air, you can be certain that an air purifier can also be used to remove fluff, fur and fuzz that our pets may leave behind and cause these types of allergic reaction. There are no more excuses to having a furry companion in the home! A solid air purifier can deal with almost any amount of pet dander so there's no reason to fear our fuzzy companions.

10: A Great Investment for Future Air Flow

If you've made it this far and you're still on the fence about air purifiers then congratulations! You're very difficult to impress! But that's really a good thing. People who are hard to impress just have more opportunities to impress- if that makes sense? Regardless, it would be silly of me to neglect to mention that air purifiers use filters to clean the air in your home effectively. This may sound like a downside however Senelux is here to help. Not only do Senelux Air Purifiers use advanced and highly efficient HEPA Air Purifier Filters, but these filters are designed to last. Depending on usage, your HEPA air purifier filter can last anywhere from 8 months to 12 months. But, if you need a bit of extra information regarding when to change your air purifier's filter; be sure to check out my previous article on the topic.

11: Incredible Looking Air Purifiers for Home

The final and perhaps most indulgent reason to own an air purifier in your home. Just because it may be a bit vain, doesn't mean it isn't worth mentioning- especially considering the lengths we go to for a fantastic looking home. Outfitted with amazing and stylish designs, our air purifiers are among some of the most aesthetically pleasing home appliances in recent times. With the amazing Jupiter air purifier- make use of subtle LED lighting that not only looks great, but also tells you what the air quality is like within your home. And (of course) my personal favourite. Boasting an amazing, colour changing LED light strip; the Demi air purifier is unlike any other air purifier out there- able to blend in with any home décor and add a modern/futuristic look to any room. Regardless of how you spin it- there's no denying that our air purifiers look fantastic and really brighten up any room that they are added into.

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