What is a Counter Top Ice Maker?

A close up of ice cubes being scooped up out of a Senelux Counter Top Ice Maker

As the weather gets warmer and more and more people flock to the great outdoors to soak up the fleeting British summer sun, home comfort feels like it may be taking a back seat. I may feel that way, but that's not the case at all. The warmer UK seasons bring ample opportunities for gatherings, parties and get togethers. And when it comes to all of these, it's almost a guarantee that there's going to be a a drink or two passed around. Drinks are a great way to turn any gathering into a lively celebration or even a relaxed meet-up. Could there be anything better than catching up with an old friend or a family member over a few good drinks? Well, if the metrics are to be believed, there's only one thing that could make such an occasion even more special...

Why Are Counter Top Ice Makers so Popular?

Let's address the elephant in the room- if you've got a home, you've probably got a freezer. If you've got a freezer, surely you've got an ice tray? If you've got a freezer and an ice tray, you can make your own ice! And that's true- for the most part. You certainly can make ice cubes in an ice tray in the freezer however we're neglecting a few minor hiccups with that plan. Firstly, for anyone with a family of their own; you'll understand the perpetual battle for freezer space. Cooking for more than just yourself leads to an interesting little game I've come to call Freezer Tetris. If you also find yourself playing this game, then you'll also know that making ice the old fashioned way might not be the best when it comes to that amazing party you've got planned. Secondly is time. Making ice cubes in the freezer is a painstaking process and, unless you've planned for your get together, you're going to be waiting at least three hours for your ice cubes- not exactly the "live in the moment" attitude that goes down well during a summer party.

 A Modern Party Centrepiece

It goes without saying that the perfect place for a counter top ice maker is the kitchen. Of course that's the case. An ice maker is quite literally a kitchen appliance. However there's also plenty of opportunity to "break out" the ice maker. And that is a great way to provide your party or social gathering with a fantastic- not to mention refreshing- centrepiece. When serving a buffet or another form of "help yourself" food, having a collection of fantastic drinks is essential. However, if you really want your evening to shine; be sure to have your ice maker alongside your drinks- letting your guests pour out their own ice from your brand new party centrepiece.

But if you're still only focused on home comfort and not necessarily a party person, then the option to keep your counter top ice maker on the... Well, on the counter top. Ice makers have an uncanny ability to pass as both a party piece whilst remaining a subtle and compact part of any kitchen counter top. If you're interested in personal experimentation with cocktails or just relaxing with a cold one on a Friday or Saturday night, then a counter top ice maker can be kept nice and out of the way within almost any kitchen.

How fast is a Counter Top Ice Maker?

The first thing you'll probably be asking is how fast can your counter top ice maker start producing ice? This is the crux of the issue when it comes to ice makers vs freezers. Whilst a traditional freezer can take up to 3 hours to create sub par ice cubes an ice maker can cut that down to anywhere between 20 to even less than 10 minutes. Really it comes down to the make and model. Some ice makers take longer and produce a larger quantity of ice. Whereas some other ice makers may produce ice more consistently but in lower quantities. There are plenty of ways to plan your new ice maker, but how quickly ice is produced vs how much ice is produced should be at the forefront of your mind. 

Why are Ice Makers faster than Freezers?

A great question and one that is remarkably simple to answer. This goes all the way back traditional ice making and (to an extent) becomes rather philosophical. The best way to think about a counter top ice maker is to consider that; having the right tool for the right job is more beneficial than co-opting a tool that has many purposes. When it comes to using an ice maker, there are plenty of functions to choose from, but really an ice maker only has one job. And it excels at that one job. An ice maker exists solely to create ice and thanks to the technological innovations of home electronics, this task has become easier, faster and smoother to achieve, giving great results time and time again.

Where to Start with Home Ice Making

The best place to start with home ice making is (of course) with a home ice maker of your own. The epitome of luxury and classy drinks especially with Summer now right around the corner- a counter top ice maker is a fantastic way to start experimenting with your drinks. Not only is this a great way to push your cocktail making skills to the absolute limit- but it's a great party trick to keep your home social gatherings going all night long. Refreshing throughout the summer and relaxing in the winter, there's no longer a good excuse to keep your glass half-empty.

A Great Place to Start Your Ice Making

Now that I've covered exactly what a counter top ice maker is, you may be shopping around for one of your own to make start on all of those luxury drinks that you've been promised. Luckily, there's one that I can recommend without question and one that I've been using since it first debuted last year. The Senelux Compact Counter Top Ice Maker has become a staple part of my kitchen since it first launched and has really made the weekends more relaxed and, for want of a better word- chilled.

Outfitted with a sleek and stylish fully chrome design that also helps to keep your ice cold and kitchen clean. Able to create a large amount ice in less than 10 minutes, no matter the ambient temperature. Not only is this one of the fastest ice makers available right now, but this remarkable counter top ice maker is also able to produce two different sizes of ice. For those who prefer their drinks neat, like myself, then you'll be satisfied by the larger option. 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes being produced in as little as eight minutes.

However, if you really want to push your cocktail making to the limits, the smaller ice option is the one for you. Able to emulate cocktail ice that's suitable for your great display glasses, this option is swift to produce and will really let you customize your cocktails. Add on to this that there's no need for manual cleaning thanks to this ice maker's ability to self-clean, then there's no denying- as far as modern ice makers are concerned; the Senelux Compact Counter Top Ice Maker stands strong as a premium ice maker at an affordable price. 


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