Senelux Demi HEPA Air Purifier for Bedroom with 7 Colours Light, Mini Air Purifier with Fragrance Sponge for Home Office Living Room

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Breathe clean, live pure. With a demi air purifier, the air in your home is always guaranteed to be crisp, clean and pure thanks to the use of HEPA filtration technology. Boasting Whisper Quiet technology and ambient colour changing LED lights, the demi air purifier is more than just a commitment to pure air- it's a commitment to a pure home.

Get That Fresh Air Feeling in Your Home

Pure air is increasingly hard to come by in a modern home setting. More cars on the road and pollutants in the air means that maintaining a truly clean and pure home is becoming harder by the day. Introducing the Demi HEPA Air Purifier- a commitment to the purity of the air you breathe and the pure sanctity of your home. Ruthlessly efficient in combatting pollutants in the air, any modern home benefits from the addition of this remarkable air purifier. The demi air purifier is compact and stylishly designed whilst being more than capable of keeping any room in your home clean and pure.

Equipped with a state of the art HEPA filter and the ability to remove up to 99.99% of all airborne pollutants, the compact design of the Demi Air Purifier can be somewhat deceiving. This means your air purifier is incredibly effective against common airborne irritants like pet dander, dust, pollen, and smoke. The result? A noticeable reduction in sneezing, nasal congestion, and other allergy symptoms that cause you discomfort in your own home. With a clean air range of up to 23 metres, the Demi Air Purifier is an exceptional addition to any home and can easily move from room to room within your home thanks to the air purifier's compact and lightweight design.

RGB Ready for Your Home

Designed with your home in mind, the demi air purifier is a multi-talented appliance. Being portable and efficient ensures a clean home environment, however that's not all your demi air purifier can achieve. Outfitted with a stunning LED light strip that changes between several ambient colours, your Demi Air Purifier makes a modern statement in your home. Combined with an aromatic sponge which fills your home with your favourite scent, the Demi Air Purifier combines pure, clean air with aromatherapy creating the ideal home living environment of your dreams.

Air purifiers can be seen as many things within a home. Helping to remove dust- making cleaning easier and reducing allergic reactions. Circulating clean, breathable air- creating a lighter, less stagnant feeling within the home. But the one thing your air purifier doesn't have to be is dull. Thanks to the colour changing LED light strip, your Demi Air Purifier can really (and literally) brighten up your living space whilst providing all of the other essentials that modern air purifiers are known for. Seven vibrant, colour changing LED lights that seamlessly blend in to one another create a truly modern home atmosphere, enhanced by the sleek and compact design of this truly powerful air purifier. The all white design accented with a black top grill makes sure that your Demi Air Purifier fits in seamlessly with the rest of your home- but can just as easily be a centrepiece with optional LED lighting at your disposal.

An Air Purifier with Advanced HEPA Filtration

This Senelux air purifier may be one of the most visually distinct and futuristic looking home appliances in the UK air purifier space. However what truly sets this air purifier apart from the others is the addition of advanced, high efficiency HEPA filters that can be easily changed, replaced and reduce the amount of allergens within the ambient air of your home significantly. HEPA filters allow for your air purifier to remain lightweight and silent whilst also greatly increasing the amount of air pollutants that can be removed from your home- all in the service of making your home more breathable, comfortable and liveable. Thanks to the high efficiency of these HEPA air purifier filters, you can expect your air purifier to remove pet dander, dust, pollen, odours and much, much more. An air purifier that works entirely for you and your home whilst also supporting modern, advanced filtration can greatly increase the quality of the air flow within your home.

Improving the quality of the air that your breathe at home has never been easier than with a Senelux Demi Air Purifier. Working in tandem with the advanced air extraction fan located on the top of this air purifier's design, the HEPA air purifier filter included with the Senelux Demi Air Purifier is efficient enough to last for a significant period of time. Depending on the usage and air quality of your home, your Demi Air Purifier filter can last anywhere from 8 months to 12 months. This is thanks to the design of this great air purifier which promotes rapid and highly efficient air purification. The efficiency provided throughout this air purification is the secret to the long-lasting nature of these advanced HEPA air purifier filters. With no wasted motion, energy or movement; the Senelux Demi Air Purifier swiftly removes the aggravating particulates from the air within your home and (using the extraction fan) disperses clean, fresh air steadily throughout your home. A truly remarkable achievement for such a compact and portable air purifier.

Home Air Purification meets Home Aroma Therapy

The health and happiness of your home is paramount and is placed first and foremost when it comes to the Senelux Demi Air Purifier. Whether that's conveyed through the cool, colour changing mood lighting that is sure to pass off those relaxed, calming vibes that everyone wants in their home- or if it's directly due to the lighter, fresher air that an air purifier is designed to create. Whilst these are fantastic reasons to own an air purifier, there's an additional advantage that the Senelux Demi Air Purifier can bring to your home. The health benefits of a home air purifier are well known as are the benefits of aroma therapy for the comfort of your home. Featuring a fragrance sponge located on the top of the Senelux Demi Air Purifier (in the centre of the extraction fan protection gate) you'll be able to fill your home with your favourite scents and smells so that you can relax and really set the tone of your home. Combined with the ambient, fading colour- and you can use the Senelux Demi Air Purifier to, not just make your home healthier, but more akin to what you've always wanted thanks to the improvement to your home's entire vibe.

Creating that homely feeling has never been easier than with the Demi Air Purifier. Whilst this compact air purifier is capable of seriously improving your quality of living whilst relaxing at home, it's also more than suited towards helping you set the right mood for your home. Simply find your favourite fragrance in liquid for (dropper bottles, etc) and apply a small amount to the Demi Air Purifier's fragrance sponge. By being placed so close to the safe, whirring blades of the air purifier's extraction fan; your Senelux air purifier will be able to discreetly and steadily pass your favourite smells throughout your home. Considering that this Senelux air purifier is also adept at removing unwanted, polluting odours and the Demi Air Purifier quickly becomes one of the best aroma therapy devices available in the UK.

Getting Rid of Hay Fever in the Home

Tackling pollutants is the most important asset that an air purifier can provide for a home. Aggravation of the sinuses, watery eyes and a scratchy throat is (needless to say) not what anyone wants when it comes to creating the ideal home environment. When it comes to comfort there are many things that we can add to the home to achieve this. A heater provides a warm, cosy environment in during the Winter months. Cooling fans keep us cool and relaxed during the heat of the Summer. But when it comes to health, there are very few products out there that really keep you comfy. An air purifier changes this. Capable of removing pollutants that enter your home, an air purifier is great all year around thanks to an air purifier's multi-functional nature. Whilst it's true that an air purifier makes the air in a home lighter- it's important to note that this doesn't necessarily mean "colder." The lightness of purified air is more so for easier breathing within the home, not cooling down a room or home. This enhances air flow which, if heated, can be warm throughout the Winter. On the other hand, however; an air purifier is ideal for the Summer and Spring thanks to it's pollution control abilities being able to take allergens out of the air and away from you and your loved ones.

Of all the air pollutants that can be a danger to you and your home comfort this Summer, there is none more universally despised than hay fever. According to leading researchers, up to 10 million UK citizens suffer from the effects of hay fever. During times of high pollen counts, there are 10 million people in the UK who are suffering from scratchy, itch throats, watery eyes, excess sneezing and irritated skin. Whilst it's true that there are plenty of medications and treatments for those who suffer from hay fever, there are alternative ways to limit the effects of hay fever that don't require medications. An air purifier may be the ultimate solution to the entire issue of hay fever in the UK. Thanks to the rapid pollution-capture rate of the Senelux Demi Air Purifier (as well as the use of state of the art HEPA filters) you can rest easy knowing that your air purifier is capturing and eliminating all of the pollen within your home so that your hay fever is never a problem when you're just relaxing at home during the Summer. Don't let hay fever get to you or your family this Summer- when you've got a Senelux Demi Air Purifier by your side, hay fever will seem like a distant memory.

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Clean, Comfortable Air at Home

Don't take a chance with the air quality in your home. A demi HEPA air purifier is designed to maximise your home comfort, enhance your breathable air and reduce pollutants in your ambient air. The demi air purifier is the guardian of air purity, reducing the amount of heavy, stagnant air within your home to provide you with the ultimate, high air quality comfort that you'll come to love and live with when you use a demi HEPA air purifier. Ensuring that your air quality is as good and strong as possible should be straightforward, life changing and elegant as possible- and the demi air purifier does not disappoint. Air quality can't be understated in the modern world. With increased road traffic, pollen in the air and a huge rise in global pollution making sure that your home is supporting the highest possible air quality is paramount for your comfort and the quantity of your breathable air. Say goodbye to airborne pollution and irritants such as pollen, pet dander and dust- with a demi HEPA air purifier, you can drastically improve the air quality of your home to ensure the most comfortable and carefree home environment with fresh, breathable air and incredible air quality.

Senelux Demi HEPA Air Purifier for Bedroom with 7 Colours Light, Mini Air Purifier with Fragrance Sponge for Home Office Living Room


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