Senelux 12 Litre Per Day Dehumidifier Spare Dust Filter

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Dehumidifiers are more than just a way to create a great and comfortable home living environment. With a little something extra, they can also tackle greater problems such as untidiness and dust mites. With so many UK homes suffering from collected dust mites, a dehumidifier really goes a long way to making a home cosy and clean.

Say Goodbye to Dust

Whilst it is true that dehumidifiers are designed to draw in excess water from walls, ceilings, floors and even clothes; there's also an additional benefit of using a high quality, modern dehumidifier. A high quality dehumidifier, such as our very own 12 Litre Per Day Dehumidifier, can also assist you in maintaining your home and keeping your home clean and cosy. This is because the best dehumidifiers contain dust filters which can gather a large amount of dust and trap it within the net of the filter itself. This ingenious dehumidifier technology allows you to rest assured that your dehumidifier is doing everything in its power to keep your home safe from damp and mould, but also clean and cosy with a great refreshing atmosphere thanks to your dehumidifier's invisible cleaning functions.

Incredible Dust-Free Results

When it comes to your dehumidifier's dust filter, you can really get some long lasting results. Thanks to the sturdy design of the filter itself, not only does your dehumidifier achieve some incredible results against the built-up dust mites that exist in those hard to reach places of your home, but the dust filter inside your 12 Litre Per Day Dehumidifier is easily washable. To clean the dust filter itself, all that's needed is a quick rinse under a warm water tap for a few seconds and a quick dry with either a disposable wipe or a soft towel. And like that; your dehumidifier's dust filter is once again ready to assist your dehumidifier in drastically reducing the amount of dust in your home.

However for some, cleaning the filter can be a challenge. As the filter collects mites as your dehumidifier deals with dust, cleaning the dust filter itself can be tiggering for allergies. In addition, to save time and keep your dehumidifier operational, it is always worth maintaining at least a single spare dust filter for a dehumidifier whilst the other is cleaned. That's where we step up to the plate. Our brand new, spare dust filters for the 12 Litre Per Day Dehumidifier- formerly known as the Virgo Dehumidifier- are now available and ready to help you get the dust particles in your home back under control.

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A Free Extra

Always on the look out for new ways to thank our valued customers, we're doing something extra when it comes to helping you create your perfect, cosy home environment. With each purchase of a spare dust filter for the 12 Litre Per Day Dehumidifier, we're also giving you an additional bit of protection in the form of a cover for the dust filter. On the back of the 12 Litre Per Day Dehumidifier, you can see the panel that acts as the dust filter cover. As the dust collected by the efficient dehumidifier and it's filter passes through this area, it is also important to clean this area as well and, as a result, we also offer a spare dust filter cover with every spare dust filter.

Senelux 12 Litre Per Day Dehumidifier Spare Dust Filter


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