Senelux Portable Oscillating Standing Fan with Remote Control, 8 inch Silent Pedestal Fan, 7200mAh Rechargeable Battery USB Powered Floor Fan

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Ideal for picnics, camping trips or any outdoor activities. This portable, rechargeable and fully folding fan is the perfect companion for any outdoor activity thanks to its wireless design and compact construction (particularly when folded!) The folding, rechargeable fan is an ideal cooling solution where ever you are and what ever you're doing.

Completely Portable Cooling Fan

Introducing the Portable Oscillating Standing Fan with Remote Control, the ultimate solution to staying cool and comfortable in any room of your home. This meticulously designed fan combines advanced features with user-friendly functionality to provide a refreshing breeze wherever needed. Whether you're relaxing in your bedroom, working in your home office, or unwinding in the living room, this fan is your go-to companion for maintaining the ideal indoor environment. With an 8-inch fan head and a 55° oscillation angle, this standing fan ensures even distribution of air throughout your space. No more hot spots or stuffy corners – the oscillating feature guarantees that every nook and cranny of the room benefits from the invigorating airflow. And thanks to the fan's ability to tilt up to 200°, you can direct the breeze exactly where you want it, ensuring a customized and satisfying cooling experience.

When it comes to cooling fans, there's always been somewhat of a trade off between size, energy usage and cooling ability. With the this particular Senelux fan however, things are much, much different. Instead of being hampered by power cords, heavy carry weights or limited cooling range; this portable cooling fan offers so much potential for transport, storage and cooling that you can use this fan for home, camping trips, garden spaces and more. If you don't want to bear the burden of warm weather whilst you're at home, then don't allow the overbearing heat of the sun to spoil your day out. Either in the garden or on a camping trip- the Senelux battery powered cooling fan is among one of the most customizable and straightforward cooling solutions to face the overbearing heat of the Summer sun.

Rechargeable, Battery Powered Cooling

Whilst it may seem strange to have a cooling fan that is wireless when charged up, the convenience of being able to take your Summer cooling anywhere is one that you won't neglect again when you've tried the portability of the Senelux battery powered cooling fan. This fantastic fan charges rapidly and has a long lasting battery life that makes sure that you can be kept cool and refreshed where ever you are; all of this without having to consistently recharge thanks to that long lasting battery. For such a long lasting and rapidly charging battery, you may expect a large and heavy battery kit that hampers the mobility of this otherwise extremely versatile fan. But this is an entirely false assumption.

This Senelux fan doesn't just stand out thanks to its rechargeable, energy efficient cooling. This fan is purpose built to be able to adapt to almost any situation including being transported. Completely collapsible and easy to store in something as small as a backpack, the Senelux rechargeable battery-powered fan is able to join you on picnics, camping trips, hikes and more. Not only is this fan able to be carried easily, but it's lightweight but durable construction also allows for easy transportation whilst remaining robust throughout almost any holiday or outdoor activity. All of this combined makes this one of the most versatile solutions to scorching Summer heat- no matter where you are or what you're doing. There's no excuse to suffer horribly hot condition regardless of whether you're relaxing in the comfort of your own home, or embarking on a holiday adventure.

How to Stay Cool in Summer

Staying cool throughout the sweltering Summer months may seem like an uphill struggle. The last thing that's needed during the hottest season is further strain. That's why every Senelux battery powered fan comes fully equipped with a remote control featuring all of the speed settings and modes that can also be configured manually on the fan itself. Of course, this is ideal no matter where you are (thanks to the portability of the fan and range of the remote,) however the best use of this remote control fan is undeniably when you're trying to relax at home. Enjoying time at home during the blazing Summer is no longer a chore. With the option to switch your fan on from the comfort of your sofa- providing exceptional home cooling without having to manually configure your wireless fan is an amazing aspect to add to your personal home comfort that makes your home the place to be this Summer.

Proudly boasting a wide range of comfortable features such as wide angle cooling and optional remote controlled settings, the Senelux battery powered fan is so much more than your typical home cooling fan. Able to accompany you anywhere you may go throughout the heat of the Summer thanks to its portability, this remarkable cooling fan is a faithful companion. Providing you with comfort and soothing, cooling air throughout even the hottest and most unforgiving weather conditions. Whether your home needs a refreshing new airflow or you just want to make the most out of a Summer picnic with friends and family- this great cooling fan is capable of delivery amazing results time and time again. Energy efficient thanks to its wireless construction, which also helps the portability of this already lightweight and collapsible fan- the Senelux battery powered, rechargeable fan is a must have for those who want to make the Summer months a lot more comfortable and the heat more bearable.

Energy Efficient Cooling Fan

In the UK, it's fairly common for homes to lack air conditioning. This is due to many concerns, however one reason for the lack of cooling in the UK that is consistently cited is due to the operation cost and energy consumption of traditional air conditioning within UK homes. Whilst this may very well be true, there are plenty of ways to keep cool in the UK. Chief among which is to make the switch from traditional air conditioning to electric cooling fans. Whilst this may seem like it does not confront the issue, it's important to realize that (for the most part) cooling fans are much more energy efficient and cost effective to run than consistent air conditioning. Not to mention that a fan often provides much better air flow. Particularly in modern UK homes.

And no where is this cost effective and energy efficient cooling fan design more prevalent than within the Senelux rechargeable battery fan. This great fan is the epitome of high quality at an affordable price. Considering the large quantity of features contained within, you would be forgiven for assuming that this particular fan is costly to run. However, the Senelux rechargeable battery fan is (by definition) energy efficient. Thanks to an advanced 7200mAh battery and a straightforward USB-C charging port for said battery- this fan is not just content to be cost effective. Instead this fan is able to be charged extremely quickly whilst consuming very little power, resulting in reliable results time and time again whilst also making this one of the most energy efficient cooling fans currently available. Not only is energy efficiency a great aspect of modern cooling technology; it is also much better for the environment and- not to mention- much better for your wallet too. Because energy efficient cooling fans consume far less energy than other forms of modern home cooling, you'll be saving some serious money when it comes to keeping yourself cool this Summer.

Cool and Refreshing Air Flow for all

When it comes to modern cooling, all of the bells and whistles are entirely secondary to a single thing. Does a cooling fan provide that smooth, refreshing breeze? And, when it comes to the Senelux rechargeable battery fan- that answer has to be a resounding "yes." Equipped with eight specially designed fan blades, automatic oscillation and a swift and smooth motor; there's no denying that this compact, folding fan is capable of highly effective cooling. Ideal for social gatherings either at home or outside, this fan's automatic oscillation allows for a larger surface area of refreshing, cool air. Backed up with eight sharp blades kept safely behind a sturdy safety cage and this compact fan can easily match the soothing and refreshing air flow of other cooling fans that are larger and less manageable.

But it's not all electrical features or alternate modes when it comes to this particular fan. Another secret to the success of this Senelux fan is it's manual versatility. Whilst this fan is portable enough to tackle particularly difficult areas of heat or stagnant air, there are also a variety of heights that you can set this particular fan to. By using the very latest in pedestal fan technology, even having the rechargeable battery fan at the highest setting means that your fan is steady and not likely to fall over- adding an extra level of safety to your cooling journey. Making the most of the adjustable height provided by the sturdy telescopic pole allows for fresh air and cooing to be provided in those hard to reach spaces within your home or outside. Whilst using all of the compact design features of this Senelux fan allows for greater cooling in even the most cosy of places. Not only is this great for when you need to conserve space within your home- on a desk in a home office for example- but it is also one of the many reasons why this fan is especially easy to store and maintain.

Incredible Cooling Features

  • Versatile Cooling Solution: The Portable Oscillating Standing Fan offers a versatile cooling solution for your living spaces. With its 8-inch fan head and 55° oscillation, it effectively circulates air throughout the room, providing a refreshing breeze that reaches every corner. Whether you're in the bedroom, living room, or home office, this fan ensures optimal air circulation for enhanced comfort.
  • Convenient Remote Control: Say goodbye to constantly getting up to adjust fan settings. This fan comes with a user-friendly infrared remote control, allowing you to conveniently change fan speeds, adjust oscillation angles (up to 55°), and tilt the fan head (up to 200°) from the comfort of your seat. Enjoy hassle-free customization of airflow without interrupting your activities.
  • Quiet and Energy-Efficient Operation: Experience uninterrupted tranquillity while staying cool. Equipped with 7pcs uniquely designed fan blades, this fan operates at four adjustable speeds while maintaining whisper-quiet performance. The innovative blade design ensures efficient airflow without generating excessive noise, making it perfect for use in bedrooms, nurseries, or quiet study spaces.
  • Advanced Battery and Power Options: This fan stands out with its 7200mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring extended operation without being tethered to an electrical outlet. It can also be conveniently powered via USB-C, giving you the flexibility to use it in various settings, both indoors and outdoors. The rechargeable battery and USB-C compatibility make it an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solution.
  • User-Friendly Design and Easy Maintenance: The fan's sleek and foldable design allows for easy storage and portability. The adjustable height and tilt angles provide customizable airflow to suit your preferences. Additionally, the 4-hour timer function lets you set the fan to turn off automatically, conserving energy while keeping you comfortable. The removable 7pcs fan blades design ensures straightforward cleaning and maintenance, keeping the fan performing optimally over time.

Multiple Cooling Modes in One Fan

Modern cooling can no longer afford to be simple. In the UK, the standards of home comfort have slowly risen as more and more technological innovation occurs within the home appliances industry. And here at Senelux we make no exception. When it comes to the rechargeable battery fan, not only have we made innovations with regards to the wireless capability of this remarkable cooling fan, but with an included remote control, adjustable set up and stacks of handy and convenient cooling features- we've aimed to provide the greatest overall cooling solution available today. And whilst some may say that we've gone far enough when it comes to the convenient, soothing breezes of the Senelux rechargeable fan; we've decided to go even further still.

Whilst alternate wind modes may be seen as an exclusive feature of larger, admittedly bulkier fans; this is not the case when it comes to this particular compact cooling fan. Instead, whilst three wind speed modes may be standard- in this small and completely customizable fan, you get four completely distinct wind modes ranging from a gentle, soothing breeze all the way to effective, high speed cooling courtesy of "Natural Wind" mode. These four modes can be changed and cycled between regardless of how you have configured your fan. And, thanks to the sturdy construction and advanced materials used throughout the entire design of this cooling fan, you never have to worry about the fan tipping over accidentally due to the settings you pick or the conditions of your home. This only helps to solidify the Senelux compact, cooling fan as one of the most versatile cooling fans in the UK. And, of course, you can use your remote control to also adjust the wind speed of your own compact cooling fan. This allows for even higher levels of personal comfort no matter where you are or what you're doing; adding a level of convenience that can really take the sting out of the scorching heat of the Summer weather.

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Gone are the days of constantly getting up to adjust fan settings. The infrared remote control lets you change fan speeds, alter the oscillation angle, and tilt the fan head without leaving your seat. Whether you're engrossed in a book, working on a project, or simply relaxing, you can effortlessly tailor the fan's settings to your preference, enhancing your comfort and convenience.

Silent operation meets powerful performance with this fan's innovative 7pcs fan blade design. Choose from four adjustable speeds to find the perfect balance between cooling effectiveness and tranquillity. No need to sacrifice peace and quiet for comfort – this fan's blade design ensures you can enjoy a peaceful environment while benefiting from the cooling relief you crave.
The future of cooling is here, and a 7200mAh rechargeable battery powers it. Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and limited placement options. This fan's impressive battery life allows for extended operation, making it ideal for outdoor gatherings, camping trips, and more.

Constructed with four incredibly versatile wind speeds, the Senelux eight inch rechargeable battery fan is among one of the most adaptable cooling fans available right now. Designed in the UK to combat the scorching sun of the UK Summer, these wind modes can be used throughout the seasons to provide ample cooling and a refreshing, airy breeze throughout a home, caravan, tent or even outdoor areas such as gardens or patios. These wind speeds, combined with the automatic oscillation of this fan; ensures that whatever size of space you need cooled, can be thanks to the large amount of customizable settings and adjustability of this remarkable cooling fan.

Depending on your needs, different wind speeds can easily keep your home cooled no matter the season and regardless of the extreme temperatures. The first mode (Soft Air mode) is a great and light way to introduce some much needed air flow throughout a small, enclosed area such as a home office or one-man camping tent. Secondly is the slightly more powerful Cool Air option which is essential for a gentle, slightly cooling breeze during Spring for example. Cool Air focuses on a refreshing, soothing breeze that aims to provide smooth cooling that isn't overpowering, but still keeps your home comfy. The third option is strong wind, ideal for indoor areas where you need serious amounts of cooling power such as a large living room or bedroom during a particularly hot Summer day. And finally, for outdoor areas or much wider, burning hot rooms- there's the Natural Wind option, which ensures that this rechargeable, foldable fan is able to keep up with even the hottest weather. Every mode is carefully considered and can keep up with almost all of your cooling needs thanks to the adjustability and versatility of this great fan.

Senelux Portable Oscillating Standing Fan with Remote Control, 8 inch Silent Pedestal Fan, 7200mAh Rechargeable Battery USB Powered Floor Fan


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On/Off & Remote Control


Fan Blade Cage


3 Wind Speeds


19.8 x 10.4 x 19.8 cm


5 Volt Battery