Refurbished 12 Litre Per Day Efficient, Compressor Dehumidifier for Home

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A mighty and robust solution to damp and mould, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is the ultimate tool to definitively defend your home from the devastating effects of mould. The ultimate, portable dehumidifier, with up to 140 square meters of damp control- the 12l/per day dehumidifier is the stalwart shield against mould.

Mould Busting Dehumidifier

Prepared to protect your home from damp, mould and odour. The 12l/per day dehumidifier is ready to join you in your journey to defend your home, controlling moisture effectively and fighting damp no matter the size of your home. This dehumidifier is the pinnacle of home dehumidifiers. With an ergonomic carry handle, robust but lightweight design and four attachable wheels, exceptional moisture control and damp protection no longer needs to be confined to a single area of your home. This portable dehumidifier brings home comfort and exceptional damp protection to a whole new level. With a variety of fantastic quality-of-life features including fully customizable moisture control settings, child-lock safety feature and timer mode, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is designed to work co-operatively with you and your family whilst benefitting your home. An easy-to-use and operate dehumidifier, boasting a complete collection of fully customizable features, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is a new family member in your home. A dehumidifier designed for ease of use with LED touch controls and efficient moisture control that is also a stunningly designed home feature- the 12l/per day dehumidifier is a must have for the damp-conscious home that requires extraordinary protection from the damp.

The Best Compressor Dehumidifier

Making the most out of compressor technology, your 12l/per day dehumidifier is not only an efficient guardian for your home, but also your wallet. Using 50% less electricity than a desiccant dehumidifier, your 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is thoroughly energy efficient. Coupled with a humidity control mode which maintains your desired humidity level and a built in timer mode which automatically shuts the dehumidifier off after a set amount of time, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is energy efficient through and through- all whilst maintaining its status the ultimate protection against damp and excess moisture.

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It can be quite a struggle to start your dehumidifier journey. Talks of relative humidity, damp corners and mould in walls can result in an overwhelming experience for an exciting new addition to your home. The 12l/day dehumidifier is here to make things easy and straightforward so that you can focus on your home, safe in the knowledge that your faithful dehumidifier is keeping your hard work protected. Able to extract up to 12 litres of moisture from your home per day, this dehumidifier ensures that you are in complete control of your ambient relative humidity and that you can write off issues like damp corners and mould in walls.

If mould had an enemy, then it would be the 12l/day dehumidifier. The built in LED display enables you to see the relative humidity levels within your home and RH (relative humidity) mode allows you to set precisely the ambient relevant humidity that you want in your home. It's important to remember that an ambient relevant humidity level of 40-60% is recommended for the average home in the United Kingdom. By seeing and controlling the relative humidity level in your home, you can be one step ahead of damp and mould- whilst ensuring that your home is protected from the damaging effects of each.

Refurbished 12 Litre Per Day Efficient, Compressor Dehumidifier for Home


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LED Touch Display


Auto Shut Off (When Full)


On/Off, Timer & Humidity Control


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