Senelux Electric Fly Swatter, Bug Zapper 2in-1 Racket Fly Killer USB Rechargeable Fly Zapper

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Fly swatter, bug zapper and bug zapper lamp all rolled into one affordable, compact past control design. Defend yourself thoroughly from infesting insects with an electric fly swatter. If you're sick of being bitten, stung or generally harassed by mosquitoes, wasps or houseflies, then an electric fly swatter is ideal for you and your home.

Say Goodbye to Bugs with an Electric Fly Swatter

Although a fly swatter, this amazing pest control, bug zapper is capable of so much more. Built in a lightweight, sleek and elegant white, the electric fly swatter is capable of easily handling any form of flying insect. Mosquitoes, flies, wasps and so much more are a thing of the past in your home, thanks to the efficient electric fly swatter. No pest stands a chance against the electric fly swatter and with a trusty electric fly swatter by your side, you can start to reclaim your home from the sticky grasp of pesky, annoying insects and start to enjoy your summers as a fun, warm and pest free season.

An electric fly swatter may sound a bit like a manual, one trick pony- however this electric fly swatter is anything but. The built-in mosquito lamp releases a 395nm wavelength, effectively attracting mosquitoes and all other forms of flying insect based on their natural habits. Combined with the 3000v high-voltage grid, it swiftly eliminates any troublesome mosquitoes or flying insects. Simply place it on the base and switch it on and the electric fly swatter becomes a more traditional, lamp-style bug zapper capable of easily dealing with flying insects silently and humanely. The best part of the traditional, lamp-style bug zapper mode? This can be done whilst the electric fly swatter is charging, allowing you to leave this bug zapper on overnight to ensure that you are able to sleep with the best anti pest protection.

Perfect for Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps and more...

Nowadays, pest control services are expensive and often can only indirectly deal with infestation problems. Not only is the electric fly swatter cheaper and much more direct in dealing with insects, this incredible electric fly swatter is an exceptional and extremely efficient pest exterminator around. Embrace a comfortable and insect-free living environment with the smart bug zapper racket, your reliable partner in efficient and safe insect control.

An electric fly swatter is a great way to reduce the number of bugs that are present in your home. Thanks to the portable, wireless design of this amazing fly swatter you can take the fight to the whizzing insects. Pesky flies, stinging wasps and mosquitoes are no match for the Senelux fly swatter thanks to the powerful electrical pulse that can not only take care of standard house flies, but can also deal with larger insects easily. Furthermore- due to the lightweight design of the internal battery and fly swatter itself- this fantastic electrical swatter can be taken throughout the home or even used in the garden to prevent infestations from those frustrating flies and wasps. This Summer, take back control of your home. With a Senelux electric fly swatter, you can do exactly that. Easily take care of single flying insects or larger swarms of insects with the press of a button and a flick of the wrist, courtesy of the Senelux electric fly swatter. 

An Electric Fly Swatter and a Bug Zapper- All in One

A great electric fly swatter is one thing. Able to kill flies, wasps and mosquitoes manually and with ease is an exceptional way to reduce the total number of flying insects within the home. But there's a lot more to this electric fly swatter than first meets the eye. For starters, the Senelux electric fly swatter racket is not just a fly swatter. Instead, this fantastic fly swatter can also be set up as a bug zapper. This can be done whilst the fly swatter is charging. Simply insert the fly swatter into the charger and make sure that the fly swatter is on. And just like that; you have a fully functioning, static bug zapper that is just as effective as your Senelux electric fly swatter- the only difference being that you've exchanged a portable, electric fly swatter racket for a static bug zapper that can handle a large quantity of insects in a single room.

One of the big questions regarding electric fly swatters is: "how do I catch the flies in the swatter itself?" This can be somewhat of an impossible question to answer. In most electric fly swatters, there is no sure fire way of guaranteeing that every swing of the swatter will catch a single fly- which can lead to a lot of flailing, discomfort and effort for little to no result. Thankfully, the Senelux electric fly swatter is here to restore some faith in traditional electric fly swatter rackets. Thanks to the UV glow of the racket mesh, a large range of flying insects can be attracted to and zapped by the Senelux electric fly swatter. This allows for much easier manual fly swatting when you are using this electric swatter in manual mode. On the other hand, this also makes the static bug zapping mode much more effective as- whilst the device is charging- your Senelux electric fly swatter racket can attract flies and other insects to be zapped. All of this whilst the racket mode is charging. This great fly swatter is a versatile and efficient way to deal with insects.

An Ideal Bug Zapper for the UK Summer

In the UK, bug zappers and fly swatters are finally starting to be recognized an essential addition to the home. Although this may be written off as something that is unique in the UK country side, there's no denying that with hotter Summers; it is becoming much more necessary to have a great way of dealing with insects for those who live in the UK's cities. And the best way to deal with such insects is undoubtedly by using the Senelux electric fly swatter. Wrapped in a durable, all-white plastic and with an easy-to-clean mesh, this electric fly swatter is a brilliant tool for anyone looking to reduce the number flying insects whizzing around inside their homes this Summer.

With a large capacity battery that can stand up to hours of fly swatting, the Senelux electric fly swatter charges rapidly whilst also having a long lasting battery. This means that, even in the hottest temperatures of the Summer months your electric fly swatter will be able to handle whatever insects can possibly find their way into your home. Because of the durability of the fly swatter's handle and mesh- the discreet battery will never overheat or become too hot to handle when used in normal Summer home conditions. Thanks to this, you'll be able to reliably and comfortably depend on the Senelux electric fly swatter time and time again, all throughout the Summer months.

Get a Decent Night's Sleep- Even in Summer

Flies can cause a lot of annoying issues in the home. From the constant buzzing and crawling feeling on your skin when a house fly either lands on you or flies near you- all the way to actively spreading disease by spreading particles of everything that they land on. Flies may seem like a mere annoyance, but in reality, having a large amount of flies in the home is not only dangerous to your home comfort, but also your health and home in general. And, whilst this can happen at any time of the year, the Summer is certainly the time to start taking steps to reduce the number of house flies within your home. By doing so, you'll understand that a large amount of the discomforts and annoyances of the Summer season can be easily dealt with thanks to a small amount of time and a dependable electric fly swatter.

Perhaps the biggest enhancement to your home comfort is with sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep can seem like an overwhelming challenge in the Summer months. It's already a difficult task to combat the heat, let alone being kept awake by the buzzing and humming of pesky flies. And it's even worse when you consider wasp stings and mosquito bites that can abruptly wake you up in the middle of the night- greatly reducing the amount of sleep that you can enjoy in the Summer. But, thanks to the Senelux electric fly swatter, you can start to get back to enjoying your night time routine and getting back to having a great night's sleep despite the adversity of the Summer.

Thanks to the Senelux electric fly swatter's bug zapper mode, you can quietly and effortlessly keep yourself fly-free and undisturbed throughout the Summer nights. Because the fly swatter is charging when it is in bug zapper mode, you can leave your fly swatter active all throughout the night with out having to worry about your electric fly swatter running out of charge. Furthermore, thanks to the UV light, flies, mosquitoes and wasps are all attracted to the electric mesh of the fly swatter. This means that, even though you may be resting or asleep, your bug zapper is easily getting those pesky insects away from you and killing flies and other insects easily and humanely. Whilst this UV light is powerful enough to attract any insects that may be lingering in a room- ready to strike at the most inopportune time; the same UV light actually appears dim. This is thanks to the frequency and shade of the colour. The UV light can attract a wide range of insects thanks to the frequency and shade of the UV light, but because the light appears dim, the Senelux electric fly swatter does not infringe on your sleep or interfere with your bedroom décor. This allows you to get a decent night's sleep whilst reducing the number of insects within your home- allowing you to get even more sleep and also enhancing your comfort throughout every aspect of your home.

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