Senelux Electric Bug Zapper Lamp 5W- An Energy Efficient, Electric Bug Zapper for Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats.

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The Senelux Wall-Mounted Electric Bug Zapper is the ultimate solution for maintaining a bug-free indoor environment. Designed to cover an area of up to 800 sq. ft., this efficient bug zapper uses dual-sided UV light lamps to attract and eliminate a wide range of flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, moths, gnats, fruit flies, bugs, and wasps. The high-voltage1000V grid ensures that insects are instantly neutralized upon contact, providing effective and reliable pest control. With a low power consumption of just 5W, the Senelux Bug Zapper is both energy-efficient and powerful, making it an essential addition to your home.

Get rid of Flies, Wasps and Mosquitoes in Your Home

Are you struggling to keep rampant flies at bay in your home? Are you struggling to get a decent night's sleep because of mosquito bites in the middle of the Summer nights? Are you concerned about wasps stinging you when you least expect it? Whilst you could choose to grin and bear it all throughout the Summer months, with a trusty bug zapper by your side; suffering in silence is now an option- not a requirement. The wall mounted bug zapper is more than capable of dealing with those pesky flying insects in no time thanks to the rapid response of the electrical current that powers this particular bug zapper. In less than a second, this bug zapper can instantly and humanely kill any flying insect that finds itself drawn into it's electrical mesh. Take back control of your home from flies, wasps and mosquitoes with a wall mounted bug zapper.

Due to the advanced, high frequency UV light built in to the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper, almost any kind of flying insect can be drawn into this highly efficient bug zapper. Additionally, with this bug zapper's all white design, the range of this bug zapper's lure is enhanced. Covering areas up to 800ft, this energy efficient, wall mounted bug zapper offers exceptional protection for your entire home or garden area. This is thanks to the durable white design that reflects this bug zapper's UV light even further- attracting the attention of all insects in the vicinity before humanely removing them from your space. Coupled with a highly sensitive zapping mesh, this means that the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper is more than capable of handling individual mosquitoes or wasps or even entire swarms of flies with deadly precision and humane speed.

The Best Bug Zapper for Saving Space

Tradition bug zappers usually require hanging or readjustments within the home in order to be at their most effective. However, with the Senelux wall mounted not only are you ready to start protecting your home from insects straight out of the box, but you are also able to take advantage of the wall mounted bug zapper's space-saving design to work with your home décor- not work against it. With a slimline and lightweight design, the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper is so much more than an addition to your home. A subtle guardian against flies, wasps and mosquitoes and other bugs, the wall mounted bug zapper is seamless in any modern home whilst performing it's fundamental job to perfection.

With an incredible indoor range and the ability to hang your wall mounted bug zapper where ever you wish, the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper is great for keeping your entire home free from infestation. Powerful enough to tackle large open areas like patios, basements and attics, this great bug zapper can help you get your home back under control in a matter of days and keep you protected from that pesky buzzing and painful stings that accompany a large contingent of insects during the Summer months. By tackling these home annoyances at their root cause (flying insects) you'll be guaranteed a better night's sleep, a higher quality of living and greater home comfort- even during the blazing heat of the Summer.

A Safe Bug Zapper for a Family Home

Constructed from ABS flame-retardant material and operating without generating heat, chemicals or odour, the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper is the epitome of safety. Durable and easy to secure to the walls of your home, every aspect of this incredible bug zapper is designed to be straightforward to use and incredibly safe. Using non-toxic and non-radioactive UV lighting technology, the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper is actually one of the safest bug zappers currently available in the UK. Typically, safety features often come with the trade off of performance. However, this is not the case with the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper. Instead, using the very latest in UV bug zapper technology, the safety features of the wall mounted bug zapper actually work to the device's advantage whilst also keeping you and your family safe and protected from a wide range of flying insects.

By not generating heat- even as it zaps insects- the Senelux wall mounted bug zapper is completely safe against any heat related dangers. However the lack of heat isn't the only thing that your Senelux wall mounted bug zapper has to offer. With a durable front cover, there is little to no need for concern for members of your house hold being shocked by mistake. The only part of the bug zapper that can actually administer an electric shock is well out of the reach of people and pets- so you can rest assured that your home is not only safe from the effects of excessive flying insects, but also safe from erroneous electric shocks courtesy of your wall mounted bug zapper. All of this makes the Senleux wall mounted bug zapper the safest bug zapper currently available. A seamless addition to any home that performs an essential duty whilst also being entirely safe to use for extended periods of time, even whilst dealing with large swarms of flying bugs.

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Senelux Electric Bug Zapper Lamp 5W- An Energy Efficient, Electric Bug Zapper for Flies, Mosquitoes and Gnats.


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