Senelux Bug Zapper, Electric Mosquito Zapper for Indoor and Outdoor 18W, 4200V Insect Fly Pest Trap

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Don't let mosquitos, wasps or flies keep you awake during the restless summer nights. With the 4200v bug zapper, you don't need to lose sleep thanks to noisy pests. Keep yourself and your home protected from insects, infestation and pests with a 4200v bug zapper.

Pest Control Made Easy

Sleepless and restless summer nights are officially a thing of the past, thanks to the 4200v bug zapper. Drawing insects into the trap itself, this bug zapper is an extremely efficient, ultra quiet solution to home pest control. Equipped with a straightforward, swivel base that allows for quick, easy and hygienic emptying- the 4200v bug zapper is the pinnacle of insect repellent technology. Ultra quiet technology also allows the 4200v bug zapper to work during those hot summer nights, effectively exterminating flies and mosquitoes whilst you sleep, ensuring that no matter how hot the summer night is, you're able to get some much needed and welcome rest during the hot summer nights. The 4200v bug zapper is more than just a way of exterminating flies, wasps and mosquitoes in you home. Thanks to built in weather proofing, as well as a sturdy design, this bug zapper is capable of being stored outdoors for prolonged periods of time. Even if the warm summer weather is marred by some rain, you're more than able to leave your 4200v bug zapper in your garden or balcony area as, with an IPX4 rating, the 4200v bug zapper is guaranteed to be an efficient guardian against bugs and enable you to get some much needed pest control.

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes at Night

Efficient is the design idea behind the 4200v bug zapper. Thanks to the advanced UV lamp technology built in to the bug zapper, the 4200v bug zapper is the most efficient pest control device on the market, easily capable of defending your home throughout the summer season with a cooling lamp that attracts even the most stubborn pests. With this in mind, it's no wonder why the 4200v bug zapper is considered the most efficient pest control device in the world. A truly modern design that ensures that you can get some much needed summer sleep whilst your efficient bug zapper keeps you protected throughout the night.

Whilst most bug zappers may struggle to effectively kill larger pests such as mosquitos, the 4200v bug zapper is powerful enough to tackle almost any size of flying insects that may be interrupting you in your home. This is thanks to the exceptional and precise power of this highly effective bug zapper. Instead of consistently passing electricity throughout the bug zapping power bar, this bug zapper uses highly sensitive, touch-detecting technology that only allows electricity to kill insects when a touch is detected. This allows for all kinds of flying, pesky insects to be zapped and killed effectively by this remarkable and effective bug zapper. If it flies and is frustrating to deal with; then this great bug zapper can surely deal with it. Equipped with a robust safety cage, not only is the 4200v bug zapper extremely well protected from external elements such as dust- but this amazing bug zapper is also completely safe, especially around curious children and potential accidents that could occur.

An Energy Efficient Bug Zapper

When it comes to bug zappers, one of the biggest concerns that people understandably have is the cost to run associated with a device that is almost "constantly switched on." Whilst this may seem like a problem, particularly when it comes to saving money on your energy bill- you can rest assured that the Senelux 4200v bug zapper is keeping your energy bills low and the amount of flies even lower. By using this pressure-sensitive and highly attuned technology, this bug zapper is among one of the most energy efficient bug zappers in the UK. This, combined with an exceptionally energy efficient, shielded plug seriously reduces the amount of energy consumed by this bug zapper so that you can keep your bug zapper switched on all throughout the Spring and Summer- warding off flies and mosquitos without draining your wallet. 

Whilst keeping the amount of insects in your home low as well as your energy bills is amazing on its own, there are plenty of reasons to choose the Senelux 4200v bug zapper. By using low energy UV technology, you can attract the insects in a home towards the bug zapper. This, in conjunction with the touch-sensitive electricity rod, allows for highly efficient insect repellent that can be kept active over prolonged periods of time so that (before long) your home can be an insect-free bastion of Summer fun and comfort. The options really are endless when it comes to your 4200v bug zapper. Regardless of whether you're aiming for a decent night's sleep, a more hygienic kitchen area or just a more welcoming garden area, not only does the 4200v bug zapper fit right in no matter where it is displayed; but this bug zapper is also able to operate completely energy efficiently.

Getting Rid of Bugs in Any Home

With UV bug-attracting lighting, the effectiveness of the Senelux 4200v bug zapper is second to none when it comes to removing insects and flying pests from homes. Set to a broad frequency spectrum; flies, blue bottles, gnats, wasps, mosquitoes and more- a wide range of insects can be attracted and killed thanks to the effective attract and zap system that the 4200v bug zapper employs. This may already be a great system however there's more when it comes to the 4200v bug zapper that makes this one of the best bug zappers in the UK. Primarily, the silent operation of this model of bug zapper really cements the homely design and easy living atmosphere that this bug zapper creates.

Outfitted with an easy to use hanging hook and flexible, black cable, the Senelux 4200v bug zapper is easily adaptable to almost anywhere within any home. Also equipped with exceptional safety features, even whilst dealing with a large amount of bugs in the home- the Senelux 4200v bug zapper can handle any amount of flies, wasps or mosquitoes. Even whilst hanging loosely, the effects of the bug zapping are contained and won't result in any displacement or swinging even as the quick electric shocks humanely deal with the flying insects. There's no doubt that, when it comes to protecting your home from infestation, the Senelux 4200v is one of the best options around and (when compared to fly sprays) actually ends up being more cost effective and efficient for dealing with insects that find their way into your home.

Removing Unwanted Insects from the Garden

Preventing infestations within the home is one thing. Insects inside a home are often in a controlled environment where it is easier to attract flies and mosquitoes into an awaiting trap. Outside is another story entirely thanks to more randomized aspects of the weather and potential damages that can be inflicted on most bug zappers. The Senelux 4200v bug zapper is vastly different however. Thanks to the sturdy cage that acts as both protection for the bug zapper itself and also acts as a safety feature- the Senelux 4200v bug zapper is amazingly sturdy and long lasting even when added into a garden during a particularly a hot Summer’s day. Against wind, light debris and small amount of rain, the Senelux 4200v bug zapper can stand its ground where ever you decide to put it. This allows for space-conscious garden design that also makes your outside areas your own, free from whizzing insects like flies, mosquitoes and wasps.

Insects within the garden can be somewhat tricky to effectively deal with flies and other bugs. Traditional fly sprays seldom last long enough to do their intended job as insect repellent. Adhesive traps often don't hold up well to the changing weather and conditions within the air. That's where a great bug zapper really shows its worth. When a bug zapper is introduced to a home, there are many great benefits and- whilst the same benefits apply in outdoor areas- there are even greater benefits when it comes to hanging a bug zapper in an outside area of your home such as a balcony or garden area. Not only is this bug zapper able to attract flies just as effectively outdoors, but when hanging a bug zapper in a garden or other outside area; you'll be able to more easily prevent insects and pests from nesting in your garden. This is great when you need to ensure that your gardening or outside reading needs a little bit more protection during the Summer.

The Danger of Uncontrolled Flies in the Home

Having a lot of flies in the home is certainly very annoying and frustrating. There's no denying that the constant hum and buzz of houseflies whizzing around whilst you're trying to sleep, watch T.V or read is disruptive to your home comfort. This can be even worse when flies start to land on your arms, legs, face and neck. And worse still when they land in a much needed Summer drink! But despite the vast amount of ways in which flies can be frustrating in the home, there is certainly a section of home owners out there who claim that they can "put up" with such nuisances throughout the entirety of late Spring and early Summer. And whilst this may be the case, there's a lesser-talked about risk to allowing insects- especially flies- to rampage throughout your home and garden.

Flies and other insects use hairs to stick to surfaces. These hairs appear on their legs, bodies and wings. This allows flies to stick to almost any surface but also allows other things to stick to the flies that are within your home. This includes particles of almost anything flies land and it doesn't take much imagination to think about the awful things flies bring into your home. When all is said and done, it's no wonder why flies need to be dealt with- especially when they start to congregate within your home. Flies are annoying, relentless and, perhaps most importantly, unhygienic. As one of the highest causes of disease in the UK, there needs to a reliable, dependable way to properly remove flies from your home and luckily (in the great Senelux 4200v bug zapper,) such a solution exists.

Powerful Enough to Deal with Large Bugs

A bug zapper has one role to play in any modern home. To kill bugs and flying insects that can be frustrating to deal with and can also spread illnesses that can be detrimental to your Summer home comfort. This means that a bug zapper needs to be designed with enough power to ensure that it can easily dispatch flying insects that are attracted by the UV light. Not only is this important for making sure that all insects can be quickly zapped, but this is also crucial to make sure that the bugs are killed humanely. A humane bug zapper is rare to come by, however with the high voltage (for minimum power) that the 4200v bug zapper provides; bugs are killed instantly in a fraction of a second. This means that your bug zapper is humane and also fully capable and efficient enough to deal with large flies and other insects that can be a little bit trickier to effectively remove.

4200v is not only low enough to be energy efficient and as quiet as such an effective bug zapper can be- but is also high enough to deal with almost any insect, of any size, in the UK. Whilst this allows for versatility in terms of where you place your Senelux bug zapper. Even when larger insects or big swarms of insects are around your home or garden, the Senelux 4200v bug zapper can easily deal with any amount of any size of flying bugs. A 4200v precise, electrical surge can easily and swiftly deal with any flying bugs. From common houseflies, blue bottles, wasps and mosquitoes. The cooling blue light not only attracts insects towards the zapper, but by being energy efficient; the light given off by the zapping rod is also able to keep your bug zapper discreet. By giving off a precise frequency of light, that isn't overpowering in your home, you can make sure that your Senelux bug zapper is kept nice and out of the way but always operating at full efficiency.

Perfect for Bug Zapper for Restaurants

For the concerned restaurateur or kitchen enthusiast, a bug zapper is absolutely crucial to ensuring a great, hygienic cooking environment either at home or within your place of business. Flies can be drawn in by the scent of food and the heat of a kitchen and this can very quickly lead to a major health concern. To avoid this, the best way to deal with these flies is by making sure that the entrance to any kitchen area is covered by a highly efficient bug zapper. The Senelux 4200v bug zapper is one of the best available in the UK- particularly when dealing with flies in homes and restaurants. Making sure that your food preparation area is completely hygienic and free from the torment of flies and other insects that are responsible for spreading disease and illness is vital for any professional chef or even a food enthusiast.

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The Best Fly Zapper in the UK

Wasp stings, pesky flies and spider bites. All of these frustrating things are now a thing of the past, thanks to the 4200v bug zapper. With mosquito and spider bites as well as wasp stings- the summer season can be surprisingly painful and potentially hazardous thanks to bug bite swelling and, in some cases, a particularly painful bug bite rash. With a 4200v bug zapper, you can say a long overdue goodbye to the pests that are determined to ruin your summer season. The efficient 4200v bug zapper is more than capable of dealing with any type of pest, bug and insect- from common house flies to mosquitoes, wasps and flying ants. Thanks to the advanced UV technology within, this efficient bug zapper is more than capable of handling pest control reliably throughout the entire summer season. The greatest bug bite treatment is simple enough. Don't get bitten. Whilst this may seem like a common sense but very difficult feat, thanks to the attracting signal of the 4200v bug zapper, you never need to risk the possibility of being bitten by a mosquito ever again, thanks to the efficient design of this incredible bug zapper. If your home, garden or balcony is being affected by the adverse effects of flies, wasps or mosquitoes then this bug zapper is your one-stop, straightforward solution to your summer pest control needs. With an incredibly durable and robust design, the 4200v bug zapper is able to be left in any garden or balcony area over the course of any season thanks to the weather resistant design of the bug zapper. This means that your outdoor and garden pest control is as easy and straightforward as possible so you can get back to enjoying your garden space in peace and quiet all summer long.

This bug zapper is considered one of the best in the UK for a reason. Dependable and sturdy, this multifaceted, great bug zapper can be used where ever it is needed within your home or in your garden. Designed to withstand the worst that the Summer weather can throw at it, the Senelux 4200v Bug Zapper does not generate heat and can stand firm against light debris, dust and light rain showers. With minimal maintenance, this great bug zapper is capable of achieving incredible fly-free results time and time again and thanks to the UV lamp effect (which attracts the flying insects;) this bug zapper is always performing it's job and zapping flies, mosquitoes and wasps. High powered electrical jolts that only activate when the protected bar is touched- ensure that your 4200v bug zapper is humane whilst also being energy efficient. Activating only when needed and killing flying insects humanely is a great feature of this bug zapper and allows for reduced running costs when the bug zapper is left on throughout a particularly hot Summer's day or week.

Senelux Bug Zapper, Electric Mosquito Zapper for Indoor and Outdoor 18W, 4200V Insect Fly Pest Trap


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