Senelux 36" Oscillating Tower Fan (Refurbished)

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A permanent, cooling solution to overbearing heat and stuffy air in your home. The oscillating tower fan has the ability to provide unmatched cooling power is complimented by it's sleek, high reaching design that ensures that no matter where you are in your home, you are always lightened by the cooling breeze of this remarkable tower fan.

A Tower Fan For Modern Homes

Air circulation is more important now than ever. With warmer temperatures and cosy homes, summer months can be a struggle with stuffy air and overbearing heat creating an unhappy atmosphere in your home. The oscillating tower fan is the best way to to provide your home with soothing, cooling air and enhance air circulation throughout your entire home. Equipped with a 36 inch spiral blower, the oscillating tower fan brings bladeless cooling that is perfectly safe for your family, allowing you to focus on the enjoyment of your home no matter the temperatures outside.

The oscillating tower fan is increasingly becoming a staple in every U.K home, thanks to the warmer summers and growing need for stylish and elegant cooling solutions that blend in with the rest of your home décor. Your tower fan is guaranteed to make a modern and stylish addition to your home whilst providing fully customizable cooling and essential air circulation. With a total of three advanced fan speeds and three distinct, built in modes, the oscillating tower fan is truly a customizable and effective cooling solution throughout the entire summer season. Don't suffer the heat unnecessarily. Investing in a robust and long-lasting cooling solution makes your home happier, cooler and protected from the stuffy atmosphere of hot summer days.

Home Cooling in Style

Outfitted with a widespread cooling output- helped with oscillation, your tower fan is ready to help you make it through summer in a stylish and well cooled fashion. A 12 Hour timer also allows your tower fan to be as energy efficient as possible- not only saving your home environment, but also saving you money with automatic timer technology. Further your home with a permanent cooling solution to combat the oppressive heat of the hot summer sun and enhance the air circulation of your home with an oscillating tower fan.

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Highly efficient cooling modes and customizable and remarkably quiet wind speeds allow you to completely personalize your oscillating tower fan easily thanks to the included remote control. Remain as comfortable as possible, even during the hot summer season.

Normal mode allows for exceptional cooling with easy to control and quiet windspeeds that accentuate the fantastic range of functions in your tower fan. This mode is fantastic to make the most of the fully customizable wind speeds within the oscillating tower fan.

Natural mode seeks to provide steady, easy to maintain cooling in a highly efficient manner. Designed to ensure that your home décor is completely unbroken, Natural mode is perfect for homes that require a subtle and stylish cooling solution during summer.

Night Time mode takes the quiet operation of the oscillating tower fan and reduces the noise from the fan itself. Night Time mode is used for more than just sleeping however. Whether you're working from home or enjoying some time at home, Night Time mode ensures that your oscillating tower fan is giving you the best cooling available without disturbing your home.

The oscillating tower fan is designed from the ground up to be an exceptional, personal and highly customizable cooling option for your family. The main advantage of a bladeless fan is safety and easy to use controls. With an included remote control that allows for customizable cooling from anywhere in your home, the oscillating tower fan is exceptionally easy to use and ensures that you are able to make the most of your cooling in complete comfort.

Senelux 36" Oscillating Tower Fan (Refurbished)


We think that the Senelux 36" Oscillating Tower Fan (Refurbished) has some useful features you might want to know about that make it stand out from the rest.


Remote Control & LED Touch Display


18 Month Warranty


Three Wind Speeds


35 x 35 x 95 cm