Senelux 20" Floor Fan (Refurbished)

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Classic fans never go out of fashion. Our selection of vintage, classic chrome floor fans are no exception. Providing your home with gentle, cooling air; these fans are a perfect blend of modern adjustability and a timeless, chrome design. Suitable for any size of space in your home, our floor fans never disappoint.

Classic, Chrome Cooling

Robust and elegantly designed. The understated chrome floor fan brings buckets of style to any home whilst providing plenty of gentle and soothing air- enhancing the airflow in your home whilst providing a cooling blanket. Whether it's for a home workout or simply to fight off the sticky sweat of that warm summer sun, your chrome floor fan is standing by your side providing refreshing, cooling air throughout your entire space. Available in a variety of sizes that are designed to adapt to any space, your classic chrome floor fan is cool in more ways than one- blending in seamlessly with the environment of your home.

Each size of your classic chrome floor fan comes with three speed settings. For intense short bursts of cooling, the fastest speed will easily provide cooling even in the largest spaces of your home. Whilst medium speed provides a steady and helpful airflow, low speed accents your entire home with a fantastic and refreshing breeze of cooling air. The customization of cooling in your home is endless with this modern spin on a vintage classic, backed up with a fully adjustable metal frame which provides your chrome floor fan with a strong and sturdy frame that easily shakes off hard knocks in a home gym setting.

Keep Cool During Your Home Workout

Outside of the gym, your fan can also be employed and relied upon in your garden or a similar outdoor area. Robust enough to stand strong in the action of a home gym, our chrome floor fan also offers a lengthy power chord that allows for outdoor and garden cooling. With a built in carry handle and remarkably lightweight design, these shining sentinels are completely portable- adding to the lengthy list of convenient features that allows your chrome floor fan to work for you and your home.

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The classic chrome floor fan is a cutting-edge cooling fan specifically designed for gym enthusiasts who value physical fitness and the comfort of exercising in a fresh, well-ventilated environment. This floor fan is an essential addition to any modern gym setting, home workout area, or personal exercise space, combining high efficiency cooling power with a sleek, classic design that complements contemporary interior stylings. Its slim profile allows for easy placement in tight spaces, ensuring that the classic chrome floor fan doesn't occupy valuable floor area needed for exercise equipment and workout routines.

Like your workouts, the chrome floor fan is engineered for performance. The classic chrome floor fan offers high-speed airflow that rapidly circulates fresh air throughout the exercise space. This feature is particularly beneficial in gym environments, where maintaining air quality and temperature is crucial for comfort and safety during intense physical activities. The powerful motor ensures a consistent stream of fresh air, aiding in temperature regulation and providing a refreshing breeze that enhances the overall home exercise experience.

Despite its high-speed capabilities, the classic chrome floor fan operates quietly, ensuring minimal noise disruption during workouts. This quiet operation is especially appreciated in gym settings, where concentration and focus are key to effective physical fitness routines. The fan's whisper-quiet performance allows users to enjoy their favourite music, instructional videos, or simply the peaceful ambiance of their exercise space without the distraction of loud operational noise.

Senelux 20" Floor Fan (Refurbished)


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