Ice Maker Machine Portable Counter Top Ice Cube Maker for Home 12kg in 24 Hrs

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Needing some ice cubes for cocktails? Then the compact ice maker is the perfect addition to your home. No dinner party meal or social gathering is complete without drinks- and no drink is complete without ice. No matter the occasion, the compact ice maker and it's efficient ice creation ensures that you have plenty of ice for all of your refreshments.

Refreshing Drinks Made Easy

Whether you need something special for your next party, or simply want to improve the quality of your refreshments, the compact ice maker is the ideal company to ensure that your glass is never half-full. Capable of creating nine, bullet-shaped ice cubes in an astonishing six to eight minutes, the compact ice maker guarantees that your refreshments are just that: refreshing. Suitable for cocktails, soft drinks or even preserving cold foods, this ice maker is versatile, compact and elegant with straightforward controls and enough ice creation capacity to ensure that your party is never lacking cooled and smooth refreshments.

Controlled and fully customizable through a vibrant LED touch display, using your compact ice maker couldn't be more straightforward and smooth. Choosing between small and large ice cubes means that no matter the size of your glass, you'll be able to top up your refreshments with that cool and elegant restaurant feel in the comfort of your own home. Whilst the option to have the machine self-clean means that continual use of your compact ice maker is made straightforward and hassle-free, allowing you to easily use your compact ice maker over and over again.

Enhance Your Party's Menu

The compact ice maker is about so much more than just ensuring that your refreshments are chilled and reach restaurant quality. This remarkable ice maker is a testament to modern design, energy efficiency and advanced technology. Powered by a highly efficient and powerful compressor, the compact ice maker takes its place amongst the best ice makers in the UK- with incredibly efficient ice creation and straightforward user controls, the compact ice maker is a truly modern marvel. So, whether you're enhancing party refreshments, making smoothies or preserving cold or frozen foods for your dinner party meal, the compact ice maker is the ideal accompaniment for your home.

A counter top ice maker can really bring any party to life, however there are many more uses for having your very own kitchen counter ice maker. Always useful when cleaning your freezer or simply for preparing various foods or exotic dishes- a fresh supply of rapidly made ice cubes can come in handy for all manner of occasions or events. So whether you're a budding cocktail wizard- looking to learn and practice their craft and create exciting new drinks- or a have a go party host looking to create a memorable evening for their guests, a kitchen counter top ice maker is an ideal way to (quite literally) break the ice.

Super Fast Ice Production

One of the main advantages of the Senelux compact ice maker is having a machine dedicated to creating a fantastic amount of ice at an incredible speed. Compared to the hours that it can take for freezer to create only a handful of ice cubes, the Senelux compact ice maker can ensure that you can be swiftly and neatly served with a plentiful supply of ice in record time. Whether you're just planning a quiet night in with some refreshing drinks or organizing your next get together; even at short notice, the Senelux compact ice maker is prepared and ready to start producing ice cubes for drinks with a simple top-up of water and the press of a single button.

The Senelux compact ice maker is a remarkable achievement in ice creation technology thanks to its straightforward controls and easy-clean nature. Outside of after-use drainage, the compact ice maker can easily clean and maintain itself thanks to a single button on the control panel that will allow your Senelux compact ice maker to clean and maintain itself. This not only means that your ice maker is less of a hassle to clean and look after; but thanks to the cleaning procedure only needing water, the Senelux compact ice maker can keep producing tasty ice at a landmark speed due to the lack of cleaning chemicals needed to thoroughly clean the ice maker's internals. In short; everything about the Senelux compact ice maker is designed for speed, ease of use and luxury. Other ice makers may make ice. But the Senelux ice maker creates memories.

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Create Stunning Cocktails for Your Guests

Harness the power of ice and bring your refreshments to life with rapidly produced, clean ice cubes- prepared and ready to use within 6-8 minutes. Traditionally, ice cubes have been a difficult and long process to perfect. But with a compact ice maker- ice cube trays, freezer space and hours of planning are a thing of the past. Make your parties fun for everyone, not just your guests- and save yourself valuable time and energy when it comes to producing your exceptionally clean and pure ice cubes with a compact ice maker.

Ice cubes are, without a doubt, the perfect and most classic addition to any refreshments available at a party and, the compact ice maker, is capable of creating high quantities of ice cubes with an exceptional level of purity and taste. Liven up your dinner party menu with knock-out refreshments topped with a garnish of fantastic and quickly produced ice cubes. With customizable sizes, the ice cubes produced by the compact ice maker are suitable for any size of drink in any size of glass- thanks to the customizable sizes of small and medium you can create ice cubes that are custom sized for your signature refreshments.

Ice Maker Machine Portable Counter Top Ice Cube Maker for Home 12kg in 24 Hrs


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LED Touch Display


Self Cleaning


2 Ice Sizes (Small & Regular)


35.6 x 32.3 x 25 cm