Compact Ice Maker Spare Bucket and Scoop

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Turn your party into a fully fledged event, with an additional bucket and free scoop for your ice cubes created by your very own Compact Ice Maker. No matter the number of guests, or the number of drinks, you'll have the ability to create the best get together possible thanks to your Compact Ice Maker and your spare Ice Buckets.

Turn any Party into a Fully Fledged Event

If you already have your own, incredible Compact Ice Maker, then you'll know that, with it; you're able to make amazing memories from any get together thanks to a constant supply of clean, finely cut ice cubes ready for any refreshing drink you can think of. Capable of creating ice at such a rapid pace can mean that, during a party, you may require something a little bit more to help you really bring your special evening to life. To help you tackle any number of guests and any number of drinks, we are proud to present our new, extra ice cube bucket- capable of fitting right in to your Compact Ice Maker and serving an amazing number of drinks at rapid speed.

To make sure your party goes off without a hitch, our ice cube buckets are designed in a clean, sturdy white plastic that is easy to clean, carry and even leave out for your guests to serve their own drinks. This means that you'll be able to enjoy your amazing get together with your friends and loved ones with a communal ice cube supply that is presented in a manner that works in any home or party atmosphere. 


Make Every Glass Half Full

No drink deserves to be alone and with a Compact Ice Maker and a trusty ice cube bucket and scoop at your side, you can make sure that each sip of your drinks is as refreshing as cool water on a scorching summer's day. Perfect for cocktail wizards, budding bartenders and anyone with a keen passion for refreshing drinks, the extra ice cube bucket and scoop are a phenomenal addition to your ice making capabilities and the a great way to take your hand crafted drinks to the next level.

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A Free Inclusion Just for You

Not only do you get an exceptional ice cube bucket, but to ensure that every event you host has a fantastic flow of fresh ice cubes; we're also including a free, scoop. Specifically designed to ensure that you can easily transfer ice cubes from the clean, white ice cube bucket to the awaiting glass. With our compliments, of course! Everything that you need to throw your ideal party, available in your favourite one-stop, home electronics shop.

Compact Ice Maker Spare Bucket and Scoop


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