Demi Air Purifier Replacement HEPA Filter

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A perfect addition to your Demi Air Purifier; the Demi Air Purifier replacement filter is so much more than your standard air purifier filter. With inbuilt, highly efficient HEPA filtration technology- this filter will take your home air flow to the next level, removing allergies and banishing dust from your home.

The Best Way to Beat Hay Fever

Air purifiers are a fantastic addition to any home. Improving air flow in a home, removing allergens and banishing dust that accumulates in those hard to reach places; when it comes to home comfort, you'll struggle to find anything more significantly beneficial to your cosy home atmosphere than a reliable air purifier. But, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Whilst your air purifier is essential to ensuring a relaxing environment, there is something that allows it to do that. An advanced air purifier filter. Your air purifier is a vessel that draws in air before extracting it back out. So naturally the question arises: "where do the pollutants end up?" The truth is that, behind every great air purifier, is a great filter. The excess pollen, allergens and pollutants that are in your home are trapped within the air purifier's filter and, as time goes on, this begins to deteriorate your air purifier's filter. So what's the solution? A spare, advanced HEPA filtration filter!

Allergy Relief Made Easy

Replacing your air purifier's filter has never been easier thanks to a simple and straightforward twist-lock system that allows you to change your Demi Air Purifier's filter in seconds. This, combined with the long lasting and sturdy HEPA design of this air purifier's filter, means that you'll be getting the best, most reliable results from your Demi Air Purifier; combatting the ill effects of stagnant, polluted air at home. It is true that every aspect of the Demi Air Purifier is designed from the ground up to work for you and your home and replacing the filter on your air purifier has never been made easier. When it comes to replacing your air purifier's filter, you need the highest quality possible. That is why, with the Demi Air Purifier we've ensured that our design is effective, long lasting and straightforward. Depending on your usage, your Demi Air Purifier's filter is able to last up to 12 months with average use and 8 months minimum with intensive usage. A great investment in not just your home comfort, but also your health- relieving inflammatory pollution that may exist in your home and threaten your air flow.

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Helping You Relax Easily

Air purifiers are designed to help you relax with a gentle, serene and clean air flow billowing throughout your home. With an advanced HEPA filter operating within your air purifier, you'll enjoy blissful silence and whisper quiet technology that greatly enhances your levels of comfort setting the mood perfectly for an evening in with a good book or even helping you drift off to sleep. With such quiet and precise engineering, you're assured a good night's sleep enhanced by a clean air flow that helps clear congestion and assists with late night breathing so you can focus on your peaceful sleep and a good rest.

Demi Air Purifier Replacement HEPA Filter


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