Senelux 12 inch Chrome Desk Fan; Great for Home Cooling and Comfort in Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Offices

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Feeling the heat in those hard to reach places? Computers, electronics, lights and more can generate a form of electrical heat that settles in hard to reach places. Whilst large fans may be great for cooling down those larger, more open spaces, when it comes to compact, lightweight cooling, it doesn't get any better than a free standing desk fan. The Senelux 12" chrome desk fan is ideal for those tighter, warmer environments where stagnant air can cause rapidly rising temperatures. With oscillation and a broad cooling range, the 12" chrome cooling provided by this remarkable desk fan is truly extraordinary.

Classic Chrome Cooling Fan Meets Modern Design

Chrome cooling fans are classic, time tested and durable. It's no secret that when it comes to raw cooling power, chrome is the way to go. This is the case for many reasons but most notably: chrome simply cuts through the air much easier than other materials thanks to the smooth, gliding rotation of metal fan blades compared to more textured fan blades like plastic which can be affected by drag at higher wind speeds. However, there's no denying that a classic chrome floor fan isn't to everyone's tastes. Whether it's because of the size or the overall shape of the fan in question, many people are caught sleeping on this great home cooling option.

But with the brand new Senelux 12" chrome desk fan, everyone can experience the superior cooling power of a classic chrome fan with the aesthetic of a truly modern and compact design. Constructed from a lightweight stainless steel, there's nothing stopping this fan from becoming your primary home cooling device this Summer. Durable enough to withstand travel and transit whilst also being lightweight enough move between locations within your home. With a Senelux 12" chrome desk fan by your side, you'll be able to take your cooling anywhere that's needed. Looking for some family time at the dinner table? Thanks to it's compact design, you'll be able to enjoy a great family meal with the gentle breeze of your 12" desk fan. Do you have a home gaming or office set up that generates a lot of excess heat during an already scorching Summer? Put the Senelux 12" desk fan to it's intended use, with 80 degrees of rapid cooling at your finger tips thanks to automatic oscillation.

A Desk Top Cooling Fan that Works for you

Where this cooling fan truly shines isn't just on it's chrome engineering. Instead the Senelux chrome desk fan has bundles to offer its owner. Firstly, this great fan comes with three completely distinct wind speeds that allow for this fan to be used in a variety of home or even office settings. At the lowest wind speed, the fan operates at it's quietest and most gentle; allowing for a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere that beats the Summer heat whilst also producing very little noise. On the other hand, for more well-rounded cooling, medium wind speed is able to fight off the effects boiling effects of simmering Summer sun with ease. This is due to the ease with which a chrome fan's blades can slice through the air- encouraging smoother (and therefore, faster) air circulation which is a longer term investment into keeping your home cool for the Summer.

Finally the third and most powerful wind speed is designed for those who really want to push this compact, portable fan to its limits. It may not appear so at first (due to this cooling fan's small size,) however the Senelux chrome desk fan is more than capable of providing exceptional cooling power in larger rooms. This is possible due to the advanced motor that is used to rotate the chrome desk fan's blades. The 35W, energy efficient motor is more than capable of helping this fan achieve up to 1,800 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of airflow- a level of cooling that far exceeds what you might expect from this small fan. A fan of many surprises, the Senelux 12" chrome desk fan provides a level of cooling comfort that is simply unmatched by any other fan of its size. And it all comes down to the amount of options at your finger tips when you choose Senelux.

Get that Fresh Air Feeling at Work and Home

Having a fan that is so easily portable may be great within the home, however there are plenty of applications for such a portable and lightweight fan. The first and most obvious is being able to take the fan outside of the home. Whilst the Senelux 12" chrome desk fan does require a power outlet, if you're going somewhere that has accessible power outlets this Summer, then you can easily transport this fan and set it up where required with no installation or assembly required. Whilst this could work at a friend's house or in a bar; there's no denying that the sleek, slimline design and classic, shiny chrome finish are ideally suited to professional environments.

Whether you work in an office or elsewhere, the cooling power provided by the Senelux chrome desk fan is incredibly versatile and suited to any needs. This is in part thanks to the customizable wind speeds within the fan, however it is mostly due to the neutral design and colouration that means that this classic chrome fan will not look out of place where ever it is displayed. This, coupled with the vast array of options available with this fan, means that this is one of the best fans available for those who work an office-based 9 to 5. A quiet fan, the Senelux chrome desk fan is great for maintaining office peace and comfort without compromising your focus at work. And for those with a home office set up are in for an even easier time as this desk fan is specifically designed to not only save a significant amount of space, but also works with any kind of home office set up. A fan that's easy to transport to a work place- and even easier to move into a home office- the Senelux chrome desk fan is a refreshing and great cooling fan that is vastly more versatile than a classic chrome fan would originally indicate.

A Great Cooling Fan with Automatic Oscillation

When it comes to air flow, there are plenty of tools at your disposal. From larger fans to dedicated air circulators that are designed to manipulate air flow and keep your home fresh and cool. However when it comes to a straightforward cooling fan such as the Senelux 12" chrome desk fan; keeping that stagnant, warm air moving is achieved in two separate ways. Firstly is a powerful motor that can achieve incredible speeds that simply overpowers heavy and hot air. This allows for a complete and thorough cooling experience that is capable of cooling homes of almost any size. Great for the living room, kitchen or bedroom, this cooling fan is able to remove stagnant air from larger, open spaces in addition to fully furnished rooms that conceal plenty of hot air pockets. And all of this is able to be achieved courtesy of the power of an inbuilt 35W motor that is both energy efficient (reducing your energy bills significantly) and far-reaching.

To keep you cool though, the best tool a cooling fan can bring to the table is automatic oscillation. Automatic oscillation allows the fan to provide a larger area of cooling by using the power of the motor to also power a rotation dial. This means that your fan is consistently rotating to provide a smoother and more complete cooling experience. With that in mind, the Senelux 12" chrome desk fan comes equipped with an incredible amount of oscillation that keeps your fan rotating and swivelling to provide a great level of cooling. Do you need to keep a large open space cool within your home? Then automatic oscillation can help your fan reach every corner and nook and cranny with ease. Do you have plenty of people who all need a refreshing breeze this Summer? Then automatic oscillation ensures that your Senelux chrome desk fan is providing the best cooling possible for everyone within your home or office space. Taking advantage of a fan's oscillation is crucial to getting the best cooling for your home this Summer. And with 80 degrees of rotation available with this fan, you can provide the best cooling experience for your entire home quickly and easily.

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A Worthy Rival to Air Conditioning

The Senelux 12 inch desk fan is a great option for anyone looking to provide any size of space with a cool gentle breeze. Getting the best of the Summer heat doesn't need to be an uphill struggle. With portable and powerful cooling so readily (and affordably) available- welcome to a world where overwhelming heat is a choice, not an inevitability. Outfitted with four smooth, chrome fan blades that can effectively slice through warm and stagnant air. Ever noticed how, during the warmest Summer months, the air in your home has a heavy, overwhelming feeling? That's due to the lack of mobility in the air which causes an airless sensation that can make it difficult to breathe. And when it is difficult to breathe, you spend more energy when breathing; which also increases your temperature. Seemingly, there's no end to the ways in which your home can become unbearably hot during the Summer months.

With a reliable fan by your side, you can smash the Summer heat from two angles. And when you need a reliable fan, there's only one that you need. The Senelux chrome desk fan confronts hot and stagnant air on two fronts. Firstly, the fresh, smooth breeze created by the chrome desk fan is cool and refreshing for you. If you need to cool down in a pinch, then a short blast from the chrome desk fan can be the best way to beat the heat in a hurry. But when it comes to long term home cooling solutions- the Senelux chrome desk fan has you covered. By providing any size of room with great air flow, this chrome desk fan is great for getting rid of those stubborn pockets of stagnant air that lurk within your home. In so doing, the chrome desk fan will cool you down as well as your home. By reducing the ambient temperature, you'll be able to keep your home nice and cool all Summer long with exceptional air flow.

Senelux 12 inch Chrome Desk Fan; Great for Home Cooling and Comfort in Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Offices


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