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A picture of a Senelux Mini Dehumidifier sitting on an office desk alongside a book and a work laptop

Which Dehumidifier do I Need?

Relative humidity, continuous drainage, large capacity... All of these things can put anyone off starting their dehumidifier journey. In this article, we strip dehumidifiers down to the basics to h...

A picture of the Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier in a customer's home draining moisture from the air efficiently.

11 Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Starting your journey into the world of dehumidifiers? Discover all of the exciting, new ways your dehumidifier will create a clean, healthy environment for you whilst protecting your home from mou...

A picture of the Senelux 25l/day dehumidifier in a home environment, removing excess moisture from a home

The Best Dehumidifier for the Rainy Weather

Finding the best dehumidifier for rainy, wet weather can be a daunting process. But don't worry. Our team of experts have collected everything you need to know in one straightforward, easy article....

A picture of a Senelux Mini Heater resting on a table heating a room with high efficiency the black and silver design is on display

What to Look For in Your New Heater

New heaters aren't as simple as they first appear. Of course, any heater is going warm up the space in which they operate. But that's just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to modern heating st...

A Senelux Q4 filled with water in a winter home indicating efficient operation even in cold weather conditions.

Dehumidifying in Winter - What to Look Out For

According to the University of Cardiff, U.K winters are expected to be significantly wetter than winters past. With this, the usual suspects of wet weather begin to rear their ugly heads.

Cold hands being warmed in front of a Senelux Desktop Space Heater which is blowing warm air in an energy efficient way.

How Much Is My Heater Costing Me?

As the colder months roll in, you may be asking yourself some serious questions about which heater to buy, how much a heater will cost you and will your heater even work as you want?