XROW-600B 250ML Mini Dehumidifier

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Versatile moisture control and damp protection, the XROW Mini Dehumidifier is more than prepared to combat the effects of mould without intruding on your home. A compact, mini dehumidifier capable of extracting 250ml of moisture per day; your home has never been more protected than with an XROW mini dehumidifier by your side.

Enjoy the Power of a Mini, Portable Dehumidifier

Say goodbye to moisture, mould and dust with the XROW mini dehumidifier. With a compact design, efficient moisture control and ultra quiet operation, this electric dehumidifier is ideal for almost any size of space in any home. Equipped with a large air inlet and a 500ml capacity water tank, mould stands no chance against your mini dehumidifier. With easy controls indicated by a built in LED light display, this compact, mini dehumidifier streamlines the dehumidifying process allowing you to safe guard your home from the effects of damp and mould effortlessly without the need to constantly keep an eye on your dehumidifier.

With a single button control system, the XROW mini dehumidifier makes your mould protection easy and straight forward, removing the hassle of various settings and functions so that you can focus on the best aspects of your home. Your mini dehumidifier is fully equipped to protect your home from the effects of damp without the need to constantly maintain your appliances. With automatic switch-off functions built in when the tank is full, the XROW mini dehumidifier is prepared to save energy where possible whilst also protecting your home from unnecessary leaks or spillages. Once the 500ml water tank has been emptied and put back in, the mini dehumidifier will get right back to collecting moisture quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your fight against the damp is quick and easy.

A Subtle Home Dehumidifier

A perfect addition to any home, the XROW mini dehumidifier offers so much more than its compact design and efficient moisture control. With a stylish black, white and purple design, your mini dehumidifier is a modern and stylish addition to your home and, with Whisper-Quiet technology built in, every aspect of the XROW mini dehumidifier is carefully crafted to provide the best in moisture and damp protection, whilst blending in seamlessly with your home.

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Compact and highly efficient, the XROW mini dehumidifier is small but mighty. Capable of dealing with mould in walls, ceilings and carpets, the mini dehumidifier is a perfect piece of utilitarian design. Straightforward and easy to use straight out of the box, the mini dehumidifier paves the way in the fight against damp and mould with an extremely efficient compressor that, not only drains moisture to create the ideal living environment in your home, but also saves you money on your energy bills by providing the best, most efficient dehumidification for a dehumidifier of its size.

Outfitted in a brilliant, pure white colour with a clear purple water tank, the efficient moisture drainage system is located at the front of the mini dehumidifier. This means that no matter where you place the mini dehumidifier in your home, with it's compact size and lightweight design, you can specifically target areas of your home where damp and mould may be starting to take root and deal with the problem in a time efficient manner. The clear but robust water tank also has plenty of water capacity despite how compact the mini dehumidifier is overall. This means that the process of emptying the high capacity water tank is straightforward and easy so that you can go about your day without the need to constantly empty your mini dehumidifier's collected moisture.

XROW-600B 250ML Mini Dehumidifier


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XROW-600B 250ML Mini Dehumidifier Sale price£32.49 Regular price£42.99

Single Button


Automatic Shut-Off (When Full)


On & Off


‎29.2 x 16.2 x 13.1 cm