Senelux 12L Portable Smart Compressor Dehumidifier

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A mighty and robust solution to damp and mould, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is the ultimate tool to definitively defend your home from the devastating effects of mould. The ultimate, portable dehumidifier, with up to 140 square meters of damp control- the 12l/per day dehumidifier is the stalwart shield against mould.

Mould Busting Dehumidifier

Prepared to protect your home from damp, mould and odour. The 12l/per day dehumidifier is ready to join you in your journey to defend your home, controlling moisture effectively and fighting damp no matter the size of your home. This dehumidifier is the pinnacle of home dehumidifiers. With an ergonomic carry handle, robust but lightweight design and four attachable wheels, exceptional moisture control and damp protection no longer needs to be confined to a single area of your home. This portable dehumidifier brings home comfort and exceptional damp protection to a whole new level. With a variety of fantastic quality-of-life features including fully customizable moisture control settings, child-lock safety feature and timer mode, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is designed to work co-operatively with you and your family whilst benefitting your home. An easy-to-use and operate dehumidifier, boasting a complete collection of fully customizable features, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is a new family member in your home. A dehumidifier designed for ease of use with LED touch controls and efficient moisture control that is also a stunningly designed home feature- the 12l/per day dehumidifier is a must have for the damp-conscious home that requires extraordinary protection from the damp.

The Best Compressor Dehumidifier

Making the most out of compressor technology, your 12l/per day dehumidifier is not only an efficient guardian for your home, but also your wallet. Using 50% less electricity than a desiccant dehumidifier, your 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is thoroughly energy efficient. Coupled with a humidity control mode which maintains your desired humidity level and a built in timer mode which automatically shuts the dehumidifier off after a set amount of time, the 12l/per day compressor dehumidifier is energy efficient through and through- all whilst maintaining its status the ultimate protection against damp and excess moisture.

Capable of dealing with cases of mould in walls, ceilings and even furniture, there's a lot more to the 12l per day dehumidifier than first meets the eye. In the UK, dehumidifiers have seen a surge in popularity due to an unforeseen advantage of moisture removal. The 12l per day dehumidifier is one of the best laundry dehumidifiers available in the UK. Greatly increasing the drying capacity of laundry, the 12l per day dehumidifier is able to handle even the largest laundry loads with ease thanks to the advanced and efficient compressor built in to the body of the dehumidifier itself. When it comes to dehumidifiers, not only is the 12l per day dehumidifier one of the best in the UK, but it is also extremely versatile thanks to it's portability and the efficient moisture control capable by this large home dehumidifier.

A Robust Solution for Damp, Dust and Mould

One of the greatest aspects of the 12l per day large dehumidifier is it's ability to cleanly and swiftly remove pollutants from your home. Outside of the usual home protection benefits such as dealing with mould in walls, this means that the 12l per day dehumidifier is a must have for any house proud home owner or renter. After all, home protection is already vital, but home cleanliness is the first step to preventing damage to your home or your property. And, with the 12l per day dehumidifier's amazing home cleaning potential- there's no denying that this dehumidifier is essential to more than home protection. So don't rest when it comes to dust, dirt and damp. Instead; let the Senelux 12l per day dehumidifier do the heavy lifting for you so that you can get back to what matters most. Your home, your comfort and your family. 

Ever 12l per day dehumidifier comes fully equipped with a straightforward and easy to maintain dust filter that can be simply removed, exchanged, replaced or cleaned. Unlike other dehumidifiers that internalize the dust they collect which eventually causes mechanical issues and safety concerns- the 12l per day dehumidifier is a long-lasting exception to this rule. Interchangeable and easy to maintain dust filters mean that your 12l per day dehumidifier is capable of lasting much longer than other large dehumidifiers with minimal effort. Located above the 3.2 litre water tank is a dust filter protection gate. By simply removing this protective gate that keeps your dust filter secure, you'll be able to see your dehumidifier's dust filter. Not only does this allow you to actively see the incredible results of your dehumidifier, but these sturdy dust filters are also straightforward to clean. It's as simple as removing the dust filter and giving the dust mesh a quick rinse under some warm water. And like that, you're dehumidifier is ready for anything you can throw at it. 

A Large, Customizable Dehumidifier

When it comes to options, the Senelux 12l per day dehumidifier is one of the most customizable and versatile dehumidifiers for homes. Not just when it comes to protecting your home from damp and mould, but also for your home comfort. This large dehumidifier can be portable if the wheels are installed into the bottom of the dehumidifier's base. Alternatively, you can have a static dehumidifier by simply removing the wheels or not installing them in the first place. The choice really is yours when you use a 12l per day dehumidifier. But that's not all when it comes to comfort dehumidifiers.

The Senelux 12l per day dehumidifier is capable of many automatic home comfort settings. From timers that allow you to specify the times for your dehumidifier to stop and child lock safety features that allow you to rest easy in your home; safe in the knowledge that your dehumidifier settings aren't being tampered with by curious, little fingers or racking up an unnecessary energy cost by automatically switching off when your custom timer runs out. Comfortable and worry-free dehumidifying are the cornerstones of this high performance dehumidifier. Add to this the 12l per day dehumidifier's relative humidity levels- and you've got one of the best dehumidifiers in the UK for creating the ultimate cosy home environment.

Experience the Benefits of a Home Dehumidifier

For those dipping their toes into the world of dehumidifiers, it can seem like an uphill struggle to find the perfect dehumidifier. A lot of factors need to be considered such a portability, the level of damp protection that you need and more. Whilst this can seem overwhelming, the reality is that the more versatile a dehumidifier is- the easier that it becomes to find the ideal dehumidifier for your home. The Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier is one of the most versatile dehumidifiers currently available. And it's because of this that you can start understanding all of the benefits of introducing a new dehumidifier to your home. From protecting your home from damp, combatting the effects of mould and neutralizing pesky odours within the home- the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier has an almost unlimited number of benefits to bring to the home.

Getting rid of damp in homes is the primary function of any good dehumidifier. And, courtesy of the great, inbuilt compressor; the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier is at the top of the field when it comes to doing exactly this. But, by removing lingering damp from the walls, ceilings and carpets of your home- there are a whole host of other benefits that you can enjoy thanks to your brand new dehumidifier. For example, damp is well known to cause complications in a home's air flow. By trapping particles that produce odour (as well as creating odour in and of itself,) damp can cause major discomfort for people within the home. By tackling this problem at the root (damp,) a high quality dehumidifier like the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier can greatly reduce the amount of lingering odours that can cause various levels of discomfort within an entire home. Don't let bad smells linger in damp patches within walls and ceilings. By allowing your dehumidifier to tackle the damp, you'll be able to take care of any odour within your home. Greatly improving your quality of life and level of comfort within your home.

But eliminating odours isn't the only great thing about a modern home dehumidifier. Lingering odours are only one part of what a Senelux dehumidifier can do for your home. The larger benefit is much greater and more beneficial- not just for your home- but for yourself as well. Damp will trap particles easily and even start to exacerbate problems like mould and odour. As a result, such damp can cause respiratory problems that can cause severe damage to your personal health. But thankfully, with a Senelux dehumidifier by your side, you can start taking a greater level of control over your health, home and comfort all in one. Thanks to the highly effective damp and moisture removal ability of the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier, you'll be able to deal with almost any amount of damp throughout your home.

Relative Humidity Dehumidifier

One of the key advantages of the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier is it's great moisture removal potential. Whilst this may seem like it could be a double edged sword, it's important to realize that the potential power of this great dehumidifier is exactly that. Potential power. Its important with a highly efficient dehumidifier to keep track of the moisture levels in your home as- with such a high powered dehumidifier- it can be possible for your dehumidifier to take away too much moisture. With this in mind, the Senelux 12 litre dehumidifier once again has the perfect answer for this potential problem. Relative humidity mode. Relative humidity simply refers to the amount of humidity present within a room. Abbreviated to RH, relative humidity is important to keep on top of when you introduce a dehumidifier to any home and, because of the comprehensive and easy to read LED touch display present on the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier, you can easily keep track of the relative humidity of any room within your home.

Equipped with a moisture sensor, the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier is able to display a highly accurate reading of a room's relative humidity. Whilst this may seem like extra work for you, the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier allows you to enter relative humidity mode. What this mode does is allows you to choose the humidity level to be achieved by your Senelux 12 litre dehumidifier. The dehumidifier itself will adapt it's moisture control procedure to accurately achieve this desired relative humidity level so that you can focus on what matters most to you and your home. Depending on your needs (and the ideal level of comfort for your home,) the recommended relative humidity level in the United Kingdom is 40% to 60% relative humidity. This can easily be achieved by the great compressor inside the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier. This allows you to keep your home's air and moisture levels completely flexible to whatever level that you need without needing you to be on stand by. Let your home dehumidifier do the heavy lifting and give yourself more free time thanks to the automated, intelligent design of the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier.

A Great way to Remove Dust

Excess moisture causes a lot of problems within the home. From actively damaging your home by creating damp patches in walls, causing leaks in ceilings and allowing mould to develop all the way up to damaging your furniture, creating rust and spreading odours. However one of the biggest problems that a dehumidifier can help solve is dust that can settle in the nooks and crannies of your home. Dust has a particularly nasty way of getting caught in places that are notoriously difficult to clean and maintain using traditional methods. Polish and a cloth can work wonders, but unfortunately with windowsills, small corners, shelves and furniture- it can feel as though your cleaning methods aren't enough to fully cleanse your home of dust and small particulates that don't just affect the look of your home, but also decrease the quality of air within your home.

This is where a high quality dehumidifier becomes a great asset for your home. Whilst there are plenty of devices that can remove dust, a great dehumidifier can easily suffice when supplemented by other good cleaning methods. The Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier is one of the best dehumidifiers for dealing with dust. Thanks to an ingenious dust filtration system that is engineered to be straightforward, simple to use and easy to maintain. Discreetly located on the back of the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier (just above the 3.2 litre water tank,) you will find the dust cover's filter. By removing this you will be able to see the amount of dust that your Senelux dehumidifier has captured whilst performing it's other moisture-control functions. This dust filter is sturdy, long lasting and highly effective at ensuring that the dust that your Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier does not re-enter your home as the dehumidifier operates. The only maintenance that you will need to do is wash this dust filter. Although this may be an additional task, this dust filter is specifically designed to be easy to clean and can be washed easily with a simple cleaning wipe or even just with a short rinse under a kitchen tap.

Keep your Home Protected from the Elements

A great dehumidifier can mean the difference between a high value home and reoccurring problems within the home. Most people already know that a dehumidifier's main purpose is to remove damp (thus cutting off issues such as mould and lingering odours.) Whilst this is true, the actual applications of a dehumidifier are much more varied and intricate than simply removing damp. Instead, a great dehumidifier like the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier can be used at all stages of a home's life span. Do you live in a historic property that is subject to leaks or dust build up? Then a dehumidifier can greatly improve your quality of living as well as your levels of comfort at home. Furthermore, if you do invest in a "fixer-upper" property then having a trusty dehumidifier by your side can make all the difference when it comes to making your personalised touch on your new home.

By providing that all important anti-damp defence, you'll be able to work on your home with a brilliant peace of mind. Safe in the knowledge that your trusty Senelux dehumidifier is keeping your foundations safe and secure from the effects of the rain and high levels of humidity. Not only does the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier have enough dehumidifying power to keep your home safe, but it also has the ability to keep your foundations strong. A vital element that is crucial for any property owner. Don't allow damp and mould to drive down the value of your home. With a great dehumidifier by your side, not only can you rest assured that your home is comfortable but also completely safe for you and your family.

An Energy Efficient Dehumidifier

With rising costs associated with UK energy bills, it's no wonder why people are neglecting their home and their comfort. However, this doesn't have to be the case when it comes to the dehumidifying power of the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier. Due to the highly efficient moisture extraction rate of this dehumidifier, the amount of moisture removed from your home compared to the amount of energy used more than qualifies the Senelux 12 litre per day dehumidifier to be called energy efficient. Add to this the abundant amount of energy saving features that come, as standard, built-in to this remarkable dehumidifier and you have a dehumidifier that is affordable and cheap to run for years to come.

There is no better way to get started into the world of reduced energy bills and affordable home appliances than with something that every home needs like a dehumidifier. Not only is a dehumidifier an incredible investment (particularly when it comes to staving off repair costs and maintenance bills in your home) but thanks to the continued development of energy efficient technologies and designs, a great dehumidifier can also be incredibly sustainable and cost effective.

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Get Moisture Under Control

It can be quite a struggle to start your dehumidifier journey. Talks of relative humidity, damp corners and mould in walls can result in an overwhelming experience for an exciting new addition to your home. The 12l/day dehumidifier is here to make things easy and straightforward so that you can focus on your home, safe in the knowledge that your faithful dehumidifier is keeping your hard work protected. Able to extract up to 12 litres of moisture from your home per day, this dehumidifier ensures that you are in complete control of your ambient relative humidity and that you can write off issues like damp corners and mould in walls. If mould had an enemy, then it would be the 12l/day dehumidifier. The built in LED display enables you to see the relative humidity levels within your home and RH (relative humidity) mode allows you to set precisely the ambient relevant humidity that you want in your home. It's important to remember that an ambient relevant humidity level of 40-60% is recommended for the average home in the United Kingdom. By seeing and controlling the relative humidity level in your home, you can be one step ahead of damp and mould- whilst ensuring that your home is protected from the damaging effects of each.

Senelux 12L Portable Smart Compressor Dehumidifier


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