Senelux 16 Inch Metal Pedestal Floor Fan, Chrome Standing Fan with 5 Blades, Oscillating Function, 3 Speed Settings, Adjustable Height

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Classic design meets modern home cooling. The 16" chrome pedestal fan is a fantastic and robust fan that exemplifies simplicity and easy to use controls. Outfitted with 3 customizable speeds and automatic oscillation, your chrome pedestal fan is a classic addition to your home that makes your home living easier and cooler.

Robust Cooling Fan

A truly superior cooling experience, the 16" chrome pedestal fan is a robust and sturdy cooling solution for any modern home. A sleek and elegant chrome classic, the 16" pedestal fan is a must have for any home looking to make an impressive statement. Traditional design meets modern convenience thanks to a fully customizable cooling experience that is easy and elegant. Whether you want yours for a home gym, living room or even garden, the 16" chrome pedestal fan is a versatile, cooling guardian against the exceedingly hot summers your home will experience.

Designed with your home in mind, the 16" pedestal fan proudly boasts a classic and vintage look with all of the necessary comfort of modern home design. Featuring three completely adjustable speeds whilst maintaining a near silent ambient sound, the 16" chrome pedestal fan is adaptable to any size of space and any amount of home decoration. High, medium and low speeds allow you to really fine tune your cooling experience whether you want a powerful stream of cooling, soothing air or a gentle, subtle breeze to help you during the warmer, muggier days of spring- your 16" pedestal fan is ready for your home.

Classic Home Cooling

There's more to this classic design and elegant construction than meets the eye. The telescopic stand of your pedestal fan also has fully adjustable heights and angles, allowing you to completely take control over the display of your home and focus your cooling efforts on the areas of your home that require it most. Combined with automatic oscillation and the cooling breeze provided by your 16" chrome pedestal fan is extremely efficient- making your 16" chrome pedestal fan a worthwhile addition to your home.

This incredible electric cooling fan is specifically designed to provide smooth and refreshing air even during the hottest temperatures. Take the sting out of the summer heat with this quiet and dependable fan. Whether you're trying to get some much needed sleep during the overbearing summer months or simply trying to add a bit of refreshing cool air to a home gym set up, you'll struggle to find a better fan than the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan. Versatile, cool to the touch and quiet; the 16 inch pedestal fan is the best way to get a decent summer night's sleep.

Keep Cool This Summer with a Pedestal Fan

When it comes to cooling fans, pedestal fans offer adjustability, durability and exception home cooling. Equipped with five shiny, high efficiency blades- the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan is unmatched when it comes to high quality, cooling air circulation at home. Ideal for helping you keep cool this Summer, making sure that the air flow in your home is strong and steady is paramount when it comes to the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan. Thanks to the adjustable height of this pedestal fan's neck and automatic oscillation features; your home can benefit from a light, refreshing, cooling breeze all Summer long. Don't let the heat gather in the nooks and crannies of your home. By making the most out of the adjustable features of this cooling pedestal fan, you'll be able to shift that pesky, stagnant Summer air and introduce your home to the soothing, relaxing breeze of the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan.

Metal fans also have a several distinct advantages over their plastic counter parts. From the obvious advantage of increased durability, portability and cleanability due to the polished steel effect of the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan- all the way to the more subtle and nuanced ways in which the metallic design of this chrome pedestal fan helps you keep cool in the hot Summer sun. One of those advantages is related to the five durable blades that come as standard in this amazing Senelux fan. That advantage is smoother breeze generation. Thanks to the sleek, polished and smooth finish of the Senelux pedestal fan's metal blades; this great cooling fan is able to generate significantly more wind which can be easily controlled on the back of the fan's motor. But the meticulous design of the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan's blades also allow for a smoother, more soothing breeze whilst also ensuring that your pedestal fan will last thanks to the frictionless internal machinery throughout this all-metal pedestal fan.

Get that Fresh Air Feeling at Home

Whilst it may seem like a fan's primary function is to provide an artificial, cooling breeze throughout your home- the core mechanics of a modern, chrome pedestal fan are capable of providing so much more than that. The reality of the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan is that- whilst it does provide great home cooling- this pedestal fan can manipulate and move hot, stagnant Summer air that can be stifling within a home. This means that instead of simply providing your home with cool air; the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan is capable of tackling uncomfortable heat right at the source; motionless air. During the scorching Summer months, the sun is responsible for creating overbearing heat. This may not be so bad- when out and about and enjoying the brighter days and warmer weather; but thanks to the lack of cooling breeze and natural air movement, your home may become much less comfortable.

Air movement is an essential part of creating a comfortable home environment in the Summer. Due to the sun and the warm weather, making sure that your home has an ample supply of air is vital for home comfort during the Summer and air movement and generation is exactly what the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan is designed to do. The five sturdy blades are large enough to facilitate this while also being lightweight enough to run quietly and smoothly even during the hottest weather. The fan blades of the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan are instrumental to providing an entire home with great air circulation and supporting a home's existing ventilation. Your pedestal fan won't just cool down your space, but will also improve the quality of the air that your breathe at home. Summer can feel like a season where it can be difficult to find crisp, breathable air. But, with a Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan, your home can really benefit from the addition of cooling air that does much more than simply linger in your home looking to become more hot air later. Increasing breathability within your home particularly when coming home after a Summer time event or activity.

A Completely Adjustable Pedestal Fan

The epitome of home comfort isn't decided by the type of home appliances you may have, but instead; home comfort is defined by the ways in which you can customize your home appliances to work for your needs and home. This can mean physical adjustments such as tilt or size. Or it could be a mechanical customization such as alternate modes or additional, optional functions. When it comes to the Senelx 16 inch pedestal fan- you can have plenty of both. Using a single, straightforward telescopic neck, the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan can be adjusted to be either taller or shorter if your home needs a more compact fan. Furthermore, with the easy to use plastic screws, your 16 inch pedestal fan can be tilted to combat warm air either higher in your home or lower down where hot Summer air can linger along the floors and carpets throughout your home.

The adjustability and customization of the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan isn't just confined to physical and practical needs however. On the back of the motor, a small plastic stopper can be pressed down or raised up. This will then allow the fan to engage in automatic oscillation mode. Oscillation is a must have for almost any home fan and thanks to intelligent, home-centric design; the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan has a wide range of rotation when cooling down your home and providing a lighter, breezier air flow throughout your entire home. More than this, due to the tightly designed and smoothed metal of the 16 inch chrome pedestal fan, the oscillation mode is not only reliable and durable for extended periods of time, but also does not raise the level of noise produced from this already powerful yet quiet cooling fan. This ensures that the 16 inch pedestal fan has one of the best automatic oscillation features available within modern cooling fans. Dependable and designed entirely for your home comfort, the Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan is much more than a simple cooling fan- but rather a stalwart companion increasing the mobility of your home's air flow and keeping you cool and comfy throughout the Summer months.

Three Great Wind Speeds

Adjustability may be highly useful for homes, but different modes are also essential to providing your home with amazing, cool air throughout the Summer. Whilst most pedestal fans are content with one or two speeds, the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan is very different. Offering three completely unique and versatile wind modes, the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan is great for almost any room of any size. Thanks to the high powered motor, the efficient cooling ability of the third and highest wind setting allows this otherwise unassuming fan to provide rapid air movement throughout even large, open rooms; certainly capable of cooling down a well ventilated home even during the height of Summer. Meanwhile the second mode provides steady and combative air that can easily keep hot air at bay whilst supplementing medium sized rooms or home hallways with an ideal flow of refreshing, breathable air.

The one thing that can never be depended upon is the weather. Mother nature isn't just powerful, but is also unpredictable, even during bursts of seasonal Summer weather. That's why it's vital to not just have a fan that can deal with warm, stubborn air; but a fan that is versatile and adaptable to the specific requirements of your home and also to the ever changing weather. That's why the Senelux 16 inch pedestal fan is specifically designed to be as versatile as possible. Amazing for any size of home regardless of the weather, this chrome pedestal fan is able to be customized however you want as per the space available in your home and depending on your needs. Outside of the wind speeds, there is no adjustment that can be made to this chrome pedestal fan that impacts on the operation of the fan itself. Meaning that, no matter how you choose to display your Senelux 16 inch chrome pedestal fan; you're guaranteed to get the same great cooling time and time again.

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Ideal for Offices and Workplaces

Consuming only 50 watts of electricity, it's safe to say that- not only is your 16" chrome pedestal fan cooling efficient- but also energy efficient. Reducing the cost of home essentials is incredibly important and the fastest and safest way to ensure that you're saving money on your home, is to always check that your latest cooling solution is energy efficient. Designed with an incredible classic chrome finish, the 16" pedestal fan is designed to fit in with you home easily and without disrupting your life or daily routines. Silent operation comes as standard with the 16" pedestal fan and, with 5 powerful cooling blades, the quiet operation of the fan does not compromise the quality of the cooling you can expect from your chrome pedestal fan.

Senelux 16 Inch Metal Pedestal Floor Fan, Chrome Standing Fan with 5 Blades, Oscillating Function, 3 Speed Settings, Adjustable Height


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