Senelux 14 Inch Pedestal Fan, 5-Blade Standing Fan with Remote Control 4 Speed 2 Wind Modes 8-Hour Timer

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Four adjustable speeds, remote and foot control and an energy-efficient motor; the 14" pedestal fan is completely customizable to suit any home setting with ease. Designed with ease and comfort in mind, combat the effects of overbearing heat in your home, erasing stuffy air with the gentle breeze of a fully adjustable 14" pedestal fan.

Straightforward Cooling

Introducing the 14-inch Pedestal Fan, designed to provide you with the ultimate cooling experience in any room of your home or office. A modern and stylish fan that is equipped with 5 durable blades to ensure efficient airflow and optimal cooling. The adjustable height and tilting head allow you to completely customize the fan's position to suit your specific needs, making it a versatile and functional addition to your home. The sleek design complements any home décor, allowing you to stay cool in style, with ease and, with fully customizable settings- stay cool exactly how you want to. Experience ultimate convenience with the pedestal fan's included remote control, which allows you to effortlessly adjust all settings of your pedestal fan from a distance. The innovative foot touch control panel also offers a hands-free option to change settings without the need to bend down. Both control methods provide easy access to fan speed, oscillation, and timer functions, ensuring a comfortable and customizable cooling experience. Choose from 4 distinct and fully customizable fan speeds all of which excel in efficiently cooling your home - super light, light, soft, and strong - and 2 wind types - sleep and natural - to create the perfect, cooling environment for your home.

Modern Cooling for Your Home

Your pedestal fan is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. The oscillation feature ensures a comfortable atmosphere throughout your entire home, while the built-in timer allows you to set the fan to automatically switch off after a specified period, ranging from 1 to 8 hours- greatly increasing energy efficiency so that your home is always cool and cost effective. With a powerful yet energy efficient 45W motor, your fan delivers optimal airflow without consuming excessive electricity, helping you save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint all whilst enjoying a cooling breeze on those hot, summer days.

When it comes to enhancing your home comfort during the Summer months, your convenience is paramount. Included with every 14 inch pedestal fan, a remote control helps you to operate your electric cooling fan from anywhere within your home. Not only does this make the 14 inch electric pedestal fan one of the easiest electric fans to use, but also gives you complete control over the cooling breeze you want in your home. Don't suffer under the oppressive summer heat when trying to get some much needed sleep during the warm summer nights. Introducing a trusty electric fan into your home is an ideal way to beat the summer heat- making sure that you get all of the benefits of a silent, cooling breeze no matter what you're doing this summer.

A Fully Customizable Standing Fan

A pedestal fan may go under many names and have many different varieties. Some may call a pedestal fan a "stand fan," "standing fan" or simply just a "tall fan." However you wish to label the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan, there's no denying that this particular fan is one of the most versatile fans available in the UK. This is thanks to the signature customization and adjustability that is available within any standing fan. With a telescopic neck and tilt function, you can easily place your Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan anywhere within your home and get the incredible benefit of the cooling breeze provided by your standing fan. The primary function of a modern standing fan is to move hot, immobile, stagnant air and move that air away whilst providing a breezy, cooling air flow that replaces that heavy, hot air within your home. Thanks to the full adjustability of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan's design, you can provide this essential air flow throughout your entire home- no matter the space that you have available.

The telescopic, adjustable neck of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan allows for smooth, multi-functional cooling throughout your home. Warm air tends to accumulate (inconveniently) in those difficult to reach, tightly packed places. The corners in ceilings or where two walls meet are a prime example of areas of your home where warm air tends to linger. As a result, the best way to combat over heating throughout your home is by using all of the tools available within your standing fan to specifically target these areas of stagnant, immobile air. Thanks to the lightweight, fully adjustable design of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan- you can do exactly this. By removing these pockets of scorching Summer air, you can keep your home cool, your air circulated and yourself comfortable. The Summer months no longer require tossing and turning and trying to keep cool. With a Senelux standing fan by your side, you can keep your home air mobile and breezy but also, most importantly, cool and refreshing.

A Standing Fan that works for you

During hot, stuffy weather, almost any fan is guaranteed to provide much needed cooling and home comfort. The core purpose of a fan is to keep people cool, refreshed and relaxed in the face of overwhelming, sticky heat. However some fans can only provide cooling. Having to move around to switch your fan on or off or fiddle with tricky, unmarked settings can cause significantly more hassle than it's worth. Furthermore, by having to adjust your fan manually- you'll be heating back up again, completely undoing the effects of your home fan. Luckily, with the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan, this isn't something that you have to worry about. This fan offers a free remote control included as standard. This means that, from the comfort of your bed or sofa, you can keep yourself cool and, what's more- you'll be able to fully control the level of cooling that you're allowing inside your home. With a wide range of wind settings and fan speeds to choose from, all of the functions that are available within the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan are fully customizable and controllable via the included remote control.

Adjustability is already a great feature to have with any fan. Being able to control your cooling experience is essential for keeping a refreshing air flow moving throughout your home as well as keeping you cool and breezy all year around. But whilst adjustability allows you to build your fan in a variety of ways, the functions of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan are a great addition that seriously improve the quality of your home cooling experience. With a wide variety of wind modes and fan speeds to choose from, your 14 inch pedestal fan is entirely suitable for any size of room and any season. If you're experiencing a heatwave in the Autumn or Winter, there's no reason why you couldn't use your Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan to keep yourself cool. Thanks to the array of functions at your disposal with this incredible standing fan, you'll be able to use the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan in almost any occasion, during any weather and in any size of space within your home.

Four Fan Speeds to Choose From

When it comes to fan speeds, the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan comes equipped with 4 completely unique and incredibly versatile fan speeds that you can use to enhance the air flow within your home. The first speed is the slowest and is designed to simulate natural air. This mode may seem redundant, but for those who enjoy the heat of the Summer season- then this is the fan speed for you. Because the cooling effect of this fan speed is not that powerful, what this speed does is provide a great and mobile air flow. So for those of us that enjoy the warm sensation of the Summer sun; there is still a function of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan that's specially designed for you.

The second fan speed is an extended version of the first but this time focusing a lot more on cooling. Ideal for those who want a great balance between warm weather and soothing, cooling air. The second fan speed is a little bit faster and provides a steadier flow of air. When used indoors, this allows the fan to provide that signature air flow of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan without completely getting rid of the Summer heat. This is certainly the mode for those who want to enjoy the warm weather but just with a little bit of small scale, localized cooling within their home.

The third fan speed at your disposal with a Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan is ideal for cooling. This speed provides much faster fan blade speeds that not only enhance air flow, but is also capable of cooling down small to medium sized rooms within the home. Great for those who keep active indoors even during the Summer. If you're planning to cook, host an event or simply just want to remain cool, comfy and undisturbed throughout the Summer months- then fan speed three is the perfect way to achieve this. Not only does this mode keep you and your home nice and cooled, but thanks to the wide head of the fan, the air flow provided can start to provide a significant amount of motion in your home air. This allows for a much tighter, more refreshing and airy feeling within the home- particularly within smaller rooms. Fan speed three is the just the right balance of cooling and air flow for bedrooms, hallways and other areas in the home that are smaller in size.

Finally, fan speed four is for those who don't care so much for the warm weather and need serious cooling power distributed throughout their entire home. At fan speed four, the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan does not hold back. Unleashing the fastest speed that it can and supplementing your home with a powerful gust of fresh air rapidly. This speed puts all of the fan's power behind cooling which makes it the ideal setting for larger, more open rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms or even garages or basements. A true depiction of just how powerful the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan can be. The fourth fan speed that this versatile fan can muster is essential for getting through airless, windless heatwaves in style and comfort.

A Fan with Automatic Oscillation

A variety of fan speeds, a remote control option and adjustability are crucial to ensuring that you're able to have your Senelux 14 inch fan working as hard as it possibly can to keep you and your home cooled throughout the Summer months. However, with a 14 inch wide fan head, the engineering of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan is crucial to how the entire cooling device operates. Such a wide head (equipped with 5 efficient, cooling fan blades) allows for a wide range of cooling to be distributed easily and evenly throughout the entire area where you have chosen to display your pedestal fan. Despite this, this pedestal fan also has an automatic oscillation mode. This not only allows for an even greater level of cooling and fresh air distribution, but also allows you to remain cool in larger open areas of your home.

Automatic oscillation is simply defined as "a fan that rotates." On the surface, this may seem like a fairly mundane feature of the Senelux 14 inch pedestal fan, but when it comes to unparalleled cooling; automatic oscillation is essential to providing as wide an area as possible with a consistent and steady flow of fresh, cooling air. By having a fan rotating at a steady pace, no areas of your home will go uncooled. And, because of the lightweight design of the entire fan- as well as the surface area of the stand- even having the fan on the highest possible fan speed and also automatically rotating is safe. The exceptional design of this standing fan's base is so accurate as to avoid taking up a lot of space in the home whilst keeping your fan steady- able to resist small knocks and bumps even when operating at its maximum potential.

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Providing that cosy home feeling can be a struggle during the hotter summer seasons. Stuffy air and sticky heat can be a huge detriment to your home comfort and a sleek, cooling fan can make the world of difference when it comes to keeping your home cool and cosy- restoring your comfort at home. The 14" pedestal cooling fan is an exceptionally efficient cooling fan that enables you to fine tune your home cooling experience- thanks to a variety of efficient modes and wind speeds that allow you to fully customize your cooling air flow.

When you use a 14" pedestal fan, you're experiencing superior comfort and enhancing the air flow within your home, fighting off your home's stuffy air and replacing the sticky heat with a soothing, gentle breeze that's quiet and highly efficient. At the bottom of the 14" pedestal fan, all of the necessary controls for operating the cooling fan are clearly marked out and ergonomically designed. However, if you prefer, you can easily customize your home cooling experience with the included remote control. Featuring all of the essential controls that really allow you to control your home cooling- the included remote control enables you to relax in comfort whilst having complete control over your cooling experience.

Senelux 14 Inch Pedestal Fan, 5-Blade Standing Fan with Remote Control 4 Speed 2 Wind Modes 8-Hour Timer


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