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Energy bills in the UK can be a difficult thing to come to terms with- especially in light of the cost of living crisis. The reality is; we're all looking for ways to save a bit more money in our day-to-day lives with different money and energy saving techniques. At Senelux, we pride ourselves on our expertise and willingness to help you with exactly that. In this article, we're covering some handy money saving tips to help you get the most out of your Senelux dehumidifier and potentially save up to £15 per day.

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Using a Dehumidifier For Laundry

Firstly, did you know you can use a dehumidifier with your laundry? That's absolutely true. A dehumidifier absorbs moisture from anything in a room, basement or garage for as long as there is room in the tank and the dehumidifier itself is switched on. This has many uses, however the main ways people use dehumidifiers are as follows:
  • Combating mould - if your home or office is suffering from mould issues you can call a mould removal specialist. But this is expensive- costing, on average, £1,790 to remove mould from a typical UK property- and offers very little in terms of future protection. Instead, you could use a dehumidifier as explained in our article How to Beat Black Mould.
  • Reducing dust - ever smelled a musty scent in your home? This could be due to dust collecting in the hard-to-reach places in your home. With a dehumidifier, you can easily and affordably reduce the amount of dust in your home for easier maintenance.
  • Eliminating bad smells and odours - as you may have guessed, a dehumidifier can also eliminate any bad smells with ease. This is more of a by-product of dust reduction and mould prevention but is still a welcome home comfort that can save you money on air fresheners which do nothing except hide the root cause of any lingering odours.
For more examples of how a dehumidifier can be a huge and affordable benefit for your home, be sure to check out our article on the benefits of a dehumidifier.
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Cutting Costs with a Dehumidifier

But very few people know how to make a dehumidifier work for them in the most cost effective ways. One way you can make the most out of your dehumidifier is with your laundry - specifically laundry drying. Dehumidifiers suck up moisture from just about anything and your clothes, bedsheets and furniture are no exception. With traditional tumble driers, you could be looking at annual energy bills of up to £18.75 a day- an expense that simply can't be spared during the current cost of living crisis. Now this is on the higher end of laundry costs, however if you're in any kind of doubt, the average cost for a single laundry cycle with a traditional drier can be as much as £1.88 with a UK average of £178.20 per household- per year- spent on drying laundry with a traditional dryer.
A dehumidifier, on the other hand, can cost as little as 5p an hour. A significant and savvy saving in comparison. If, like our Senelux 12 Litre Portable Dehumidifier, your dehumidifier is 170 Watts- you are ready to start your money and energy saving journey. If you don't currently have a dehumidifier, check out our range of Senelux Dehumidifiers, all of which are subject to free UK shipping.
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A Truly Modern Dehumidifier

If you're in the market to start saving money with a sleek, brand new, state of the art dehumidifier, you can also check out Senelux's innovative 1100ml compact Q4 dehumidifier. Designed for quiet, energy saving use; this dehumidifier is stylish and easy to use with 7 custom LED colours to perfectly match your space. With an easy to remove clear tank, you'll be able to literally see the effects of your laundry drying endeavours with the Senelux Q4 dehumidifier. If this peaks your interest in our range, click here to see more of our Q4 dehumidifier.
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How to Use a Dehumidifier For Laundry

To start drying your laundry more effectively and cheaply with a Senelux dehumidifier, you only need two things:
  • A traditional washing maiden (or another suitable way of hanging your damp laundry)
  • And a high quality dehumidifier
That's all you need to start saving yourself some serious money. Firstly, place any freshly washed, damp clothes on the maiden or indoor washing line as you normally would if you were air-drying your clothes. Then, make sure your windows and doors are closed to prevent any water from outside from being drained (this also helps you save money as the tank of your dehumidifier will not fill up with unnecessary water.) And finally, wait. A dehumidifier essentially speeds up the air drying process and will take around 4 hours to dry out a full laundry load. This works out at around 20p per load- £1.68 cheaper than using a traditional dryer.
A picture of a white leather couch. In front of the couch, a hand is grabbing at the portable 12 litre Senelux Dehumidifier
And that is all you need for your laundry drying needs. Although everyone is currently feeling the pinch, we hope that this article and Senelux's wide range of amazing products can start helping you with your money and energy saving. For more money saving tips, remember that here at Senelux, our experts are posting regularly to help you in any way we can.

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