Black Friday at Senelux

Black Friday at Senelux

November can be a particularly challenging time for everyone. Between the cold, damp and increased air pollution- homes are facing a significant decline in quality and protection during these trying times and, with the current economic status in the U.K, far too many people are going without this autumn and winter. Here at Senelux, we couldn't be more excited to take part in Black Friday to ensure that our already affordable home appliances are even more convenient for you, your family and your home. With serious savings to be enjoyed, make sure you've got the necessary protection against these particularly hostile months.


At Senelux, we work around the clock to bring the best home appliances to your door. This Black Friday is no exception. With fast delivery, free U.K shipping and, during this Black Friday, an incredible 20% off on all products; we're making your home better for less. Whether you're looking for a new, state of the art dehumidifier, a reliable electric heater with rotation or an air purifier to beat 99.98% of polluting allergens in your home- we've got just the thing for you and more in our Black Friday 2023 sale.

Senelux Tower Heater with a 20% off tag in the same image

Applied during checkout, all Senelux products bought directly through us are subject not only to free U.K shipping, but also a 20% discount lasting until midnight November 24th 2023. We may be dedicated to making high quality, home essentials as affordable as possible however with this incredible 20% off deal, you're guaranteed to make some serious savings.

Senelux Space Heater with a 20% off tag next to it.

At Senelux, we've been working around every clock to ensure that we're able to deliver the highest possible standard. No where is this more evident than in our range of cost-effective, highly efficient heaters. With winter literally right around the corner, there's no better time to pick yourself up an incredible Senelux heater at a massive discount. Not only are our heaters among the most efficient- heating up your space in significantly less time than other heaters- but Senelux heaters also come with a range of features such as customizable heating to reduce your energy bills and rotation features to bestow cosy heat into those hard-to-reach places.

Senelux Mini Dehumidifier with a 20% discount tag next to it.

Of course, Senelux's famous line of dehumidifiers are still (and always) an exceptional addition to any home. Designed for spaces much larger than our dehumidifiers themselves, our collection of dehumidifiers are always ready to protect your home from the effects of damp, rot and air pollution. As the rain beats on our roof tiles, a Senelux dehumidifier is a great first line of defence against the adverse effects of the weather.

Just like our range of heaters; Senelux dehumidifiers are jam-packed with additional features and customization options to ensure the easy fine-tuning of your Senelux appliance to your home. Whether its LED powered displays, continous drainage options or custom humidity levels, our dehumidifiers are designed to keep you in control of your home as hassle-free as possible. If you need more, why not consider our sleek, modern designs which extends throughout our entire range of appliances. Elegant and designed to fit in seamlessly with any environment, Senelux's forward-thinking range is guaranteed to impress.

Senelux HEPA Air Purifier offered at a discount

This Black Friday, we're promising to keep your home safe, comfortable and affordable as possible. Amazing deals coupled with our free shipping commitments means that we're securing you the best deals available and that is something that we here at Senelux proudly boast. With an extraordinary team of experts, we're here for you 24/7.

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