Heating in the United Kingdom

A pair of hands being warmed up by a Senelux desk top space heater in a home office setting

It's not uncommon to have serious concerns regarding heating in the United Kingdom. Traditionally speaking, the cold weather can have serious impacts on your health- not just physically with trips and falls- but also with helping to spread colds or other invisible and uncomfortable illnesses that no one wants to deal with around Christmas time. But why, despite this, are one quarter of U.K adults claiming to be switching off their heating this winter? At Senelux, our experts delve into this unusual revelation to alleviate some of the unnecessary stresses you could face this winter.

One of the biggest concerns is, of course, cost. Perhaps the worst-kept secret about the current cost of living crisis is that, not only have prices risen for household electronics and heating units, but the cost of running said heaters has also risen significantly. One way to combat this, is to look into heaters that have adjustable, energy saving modes such as the Senelux Mini Heater seen above. As we can see, not only does this heater have a multitude of energy saving capabilities, but even at it's highest setting this heater only consumes 1500w- a far cry from the 1500w that are considered "standard" across it's rivals. Additionally, on a low heating setting, this amazing heater only consumes 750w- that's 50w less than other small heaters that consume (on average) 800w. At this point, you can see how you can start making some serious savings with a Senelux Mini Heater, however currently (23/10/2023) we're offering 13% off this amazing heater with free U.K shipping- so we're even devoted to saving you money on upfront costs as well!


An image of a Senelux Tower Heater in a bedroom/home environment neatly fitting in with the bed in the background

Another big concern is what type of heater to buy. For this, we have already covered some ground in a previous article which you can find by visiting our previous post on How Much is My Heater Costing Me. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of different types of heaters on the market and you'll know better than anyone what type fits your space best. To see our range for example, click through to our Heating Collection. To find out what type of heater is best for you, the best thing to do is keep it simple; measure the size of the area you want coverage for and browse your options. For larger, more open spaces- something like the Senelux Tower Heater with rotating functions can heat a larger area incredibly easily and won't break the bank in doing so. For smaller areas such as a snug, home office or bed, you may want to look at some smaller alternatives.


A Senelux desktop space heater in an office setting with a computer screen and a stack of books either side of the small heater

Another big concern when it comes to heating is efficiency. Heating efficiency can be an overwhelming- even daunting- mish-mash of statistics and outputs. But don't worry; the best way to think about efficiency also happens to be the easiest. First thing's first- size. The right size of heater for the space you want heat. We've already gone over this above, but the best way to think about this is by looking at a heater's dimensions and power usage (wattage) to find what's most appropriate for the area you want to heat. Secondly, heating speed. Roughly translated to: how fast does the heater take to start outputting heat? We've placed our Senelux Desktop Space Heater above for a reason. This heater takes just 3 seconds for components to fully heat up and start outputting as desired- unlike most other heaters which, on average, around 10 seconds. As you can imagine, this has two main advantages. Your space is not only heated faster, but this heater also uses much less energy before you feel the effects- both of which- save you valuable money whilst keeping you warm and toasty this winter.

A Senelux mini heater set on a table heating a brightly lit room

The reality of modern heating is that you don't have to go without. That's the truth of the matter. With some savvy, cost cutting tips, you don't have to switch your appliances off this winter even in the midst of the current cost of living crisis. Our range of Senelux heaters are all subject to free UK shipping and our experts are determined to keep you warm this upcoming Christmas period with affordable and innovative designs. Always remember the core tenants of buying your next heater:

  • Analyse your space and get yourself a heater than matches. This can be as simple as breaking out a tape measure or ruler and inspecting the area for a new heater. Or, if you prefer; you can simply check the product description to see how long the components of a new heater take to warm up (which can give you a pretty good indication of how long it will take to heat up your space.)


  • Keep costs down with energy. Investigate the energy (wattage) and see how much it would cost you to run any new heater in your area by keeping an eye on your local energy tariff. Remember that up front cost is also a factor in this and you should keep your eyes peeled for any potential sales/discounts or free shipping options.


  • Finally, inspect the area around where your new heater will go. Rotating heaters like the Senelux Tower Heater can be a phenomenal heating addition to any large, open space such as a garage, basement or large living room. Always check the additional features of a heater to know exactly what you can take advantage of with your new device.

And that's all there is to it! Be aware and take advantage of your heater as much as possible. Always remember that heaters, dehumidifiers or any home appliance from Senelux is designed with you in mind. The included features are designed to save you money and, inevitably, heat your home or office. At Senelux, we're dedicated to keeping you warm this winter- and every winter following. 



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