New Appliances at Senelux (October 2023)

The Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier set against a white background with a glowing blue LED light visible from the bottom.

At Senelux, we work around the clock to improve quality through innovation. No where is that more prevalent than with our recent steps to improve your home with luxurious, high quality electronics and appliances. This October, we have introduced incredible and innovative new products to our ever expanding range and, in this article, we're going to take an in-depth dive into our latest devices. From an exciting new addition to our range of luxury dehumidifiers to something entirely new and brilliant for almost any occasion, we're breaking down everything new to Senelux this October.

 A picture of the NEW Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier presented against a light blue Senelux background.

No doubt you've seen our expansive range of fantastic dehumidifiers. Well, this month, we've brought a new and exceptional new member into our brilliant dehumidifier range. Introducing the Senelux Q4 1100ml Dehumidifier. Perfect for almost any size of home with a mighty coverage area of 240 square feet of space. This small but powerful dehumidifier is one of the most cost-effective and affordable dehumidifiers on the market today, with impressive semiconductor technology that ensures that not only is performance at the fore-front of this amazing design; but the health of your environment is also a fundamental aspect.


That's not all however. At Senelux, we deal in luxury electronics at affordable prices- and the Q4 is a shining beacon of this. When in operation, the device cycles between a full range of LED colouration to brighten up any space that you place the Q4 within. With compact and comfortable dimensions the Q4 Dehumidifier can fit into almost any space and, unlike some dehumidifiers out there, will effortlessly fit in with any home. But that's not all. We've doubled-down on seamlessness of the Q4 Dehumidifier. With less than 30 decibels produced (even in the toughest conditions) you can freely leave this dehumidifier whilst working, sleeping or just enjoying a good book. This brilliant dehumidifier is the perfect companion for your home.


With an incredible water storage capacity of 1100ml, the Q4 excels at drawing water from the air with jaw-dropping efficiency and- due to the high capacity tank- can operate silently and effectively for hours on end with unrivalled ease. More energy efficient than most other small dehumidifiers (with no impact on performance) the Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier is an exceptional appliance designed to bring a touch of luxury to your space. Alleviating a lot of headaches brought about by other dehumidifiers with the Q4's easy-clean and easy-empty design.

 A Senelux Q4 Dehumidifier set against a white background. The Senelux Q4 dehumidifier is broken down into its two core components; the main body and the water tank- displaying the product's easy-clean features.


Introducing, the first product of it's type in the Senelux family; The Senelux Ice Maker. From now on, there's no excuse to leave your glass half-empty. The Senelux Ice Maker is the perfect companion for any social gathering with unparalleled ice making capability. With a sleek, futuristic all-metal body and snug, easy-access design, we're harnessing the power of ice to make your special occasion a smooth and luxurious affair.



Capable of creating any size of ice you want, the Senelux Ice Maker is an unbeatable companion for any aspiring or current cocktail maestro. If your art is drinkable, then the Senelux Ice Maker is a perfect companion. With incredible speed, you'll have perfectly shaped, uniform ice ready for your drinks in as little as six minutes. Furthermore, the Senelux Ice Maker comes with its very own basket (which your ice cubes are automatically added to) and scoop, so there's no need for fumbling your ice from machine to glass.


With Christmas and New Year's right around the corner, you'll be needing that special little "oomf" to add to your drinks- and fast, uniform ice cubes are the classic, time-honoured tradition for any festive drink. With an easy-open top, the Senelux Ice Machine is not only capable of producing fantastic ice, but also minimizes a lot of headaches from similar appliances. Easy access to your ice (not to mention- easy to clean!) means that you'll have a faithful and long-serving companion for your future occasions. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or simply a Christmas or New Year's party, make sure your glass isn't left half empty.

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