The Perfect Smart Home: Understanding Smart Home Devices

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Even to this day people are wondering what actually constitutes a "smart home." The term has flip flopped between simple home automation all the way to remote control and (as we know now) app control. Realistically, the ideas and concepts of an automatic home have existed since the 1970s. With the increase in affordable technology, homes become significantly more comfy, automated and self-catering during this time and, thanks to the principles of the 70s; we now understand that smart home technology is a concept worth keeping alive in modern homes. Enhanced comfort, convenience and cost efficiency all combined under the umbrella of "smart home."

Why are Smart Homes so Popular?

An alternate question may be; "why are smart homes STILL so popular?" Home automation has been on the rise since the age of the television remote and- based on what we already know- that means that smart homes have been popular since then. So before we start writing off smart homes as a "fad that millennials are into," we really need to consider why home automation is so popular and that is something that can be a lot more obvious.

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The idea is comfort. Plain and simple. When it comes to home automation (and therefore smart homes as a whole) the core concept really is comfort. Whereas, in the past, this meant being able to switch TV channel with a remote- rather than having to get up, walk to the television and manually change the channel, TV watchers can now control their entire television with a simple click of a remote from anywhere within their home. As you can imagine, this is much more convenient and therefore comfortable than the old method. And it's upon this convenient, comfortable principle that the concept of the modern smart home is built upon. 


Do I Need a Smart Home?

If I had my way, I would simply answer "yes." Whilst, at first turning your home into a smart home can seem like somewhat of a daunting prospect, I can assure you that not only is much easier than you might expect, but once you've made a start on automating your home- you'll be wondering how you've got by so far with such a manual home. The simple ability of being able to turn on my heater on my way home from work each day so that I'd come home to a nice, toasty and comfortable home- easily got me through the cold winter evenings. And that's why, if you have the option to do so, I'd always recommend at least including a few smart home ready devices in your home. The convenience and comfort alone is absolutely worth it.

A photo of the Senelux Wifi Panel Heater with a mobile phone showing the temperature and controls, indicating smart app control

Despite this, there's absolutely no rush to start throwing smart devices into your home with no rhyme or reason. In fact, the bulk-buy method is the exact opposite of what I would recommend. A more gradual and tactical approach to improving your home is a much more affordable and effective way to make your first steps into the world of smart homes. By upgrading your home this way, you'll be able to more effectively get to grips with the functions of a modern smart home, whilst also saving money and time when it comes to building up your ideal, comfy home.

Smart Homes For Beginners

When it comes to starting your smart home, the best place to start is with a single smart home device. This could be a heater, a dehumidifier, an air purifier- as long as the smart home appliance that you start with is something that your home needs, then you're already making a strong start. Just make sure that the home appliance you decide on IS actually a smart home compatible device. Recently, we created our very own Smart Home Ready Devices department designed to streamline this decision. This helps to let you know which of your favourite Senelux home appliances are actually a part of our smart home devices range and are also a great way to start making your first steps into the world of modern smart homes.

The perfect way to start your home isn't really going in full-force. Instead, the ideal way to make your start on your smart home is to be opportunistic when you already know what type of home appliance you need. This will gradually start to introduce yourself and your home to a new way of cosy home convenience without breaking the bank. But there are many more reasons to make a start on your very own smart home- one of which is specifically designed to start saving you money right away.

Saving Money with a Modern Smart Home

Now that you've made a start on your smart home, you're probably starting to notice a few things. Firstly, creating your smart home isn't as expensive as you first thought. And secondly, you're starting to save significant money on your energy bills. Energy efficiency isn't a new concept. The idea of saving money on your energy bills isn't new and isn't controversial. Really, we all want the comforts of home to be affordable, and there's no better way to ensure that this is the case quite like a smart home. With trackable statistics often displayed alongside your smart home device, you can keep an eagle eye on what your smart home devices are spending when it comes to your energy bills.

Moreover, smart home devices typically have all of the functionalities of the device itself and often have even more options available such as timers, automatic switch off and monitoring that can help you start saving serious money. Smart home devices are a fantastic way to start saving money and start building an unequalled comfy and convenient home environment.


When it comes to bringing your smart home to life, there's no better way to do it than comfortably. Just like smart home devices themselves, making the significant first steps into the world of smart home appliances should be fun and laid back and done in a comfy way. Because smart home devices mean so much to us here at Senelux, we've already made our own first steps into supplying high quality smart home devices- with our energy efficient pledge, we really want to make smart home devices more accessible and affordable than ever to help you keep your home cosy, convenient and cost effective.

So don't be put off from the future of smart homes because of technical talk or complicated sales speak. All you really need to know is that smart homes and other forms of home automation started in the 1970s and have continued to be a staple of luxurious and supremely cosy homes throughout the world. By taking the plunge into smart home technology, you'll be reducing your bills, improving your home comfort and adding a degree of personalization to your home decoration. With smart home devices being consistently made and improved upon, this surge of home automation is always being improved upon and swayed by the needs of home owners, renters and many, many more people who are taking the plunge into this exciting, new world.

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