Introducing Our New Dehumidifier

Introducing Our New Dehumidifier - Senelux

Unmatched, Innovative technology with exceptional quality. There are no words more appropriate for the newest addition to the Senelux dehumidifier family. From a stylish and portable design to exceptional performance that is easy to direct and master- The Senelux 25L Dehumidifier is the definitive leader in fighting off any unwanted mould, odours or damp. In this article, we're taking a good look at why the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier is a guaranteed must-have for any home.


If you're already a customer of Senelux, you will know: we are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve your quality of life. With an extensive range of dehumidifiers, electric heaters and fans, you're home and your comfort matters to use more than anything else. With the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier, we've spared no expense. With continuous drainage and a free hose included with every purchase, the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier is the ultimate defence against unwanted, stubborn mould. With the incredible ability to remove 25L of water from even large spaces per day, our newest dehumidifier is the first and only line of defence you will ever need against damaging elements and subsequent devaluing of your home and destruction of your comfort.


With Smart App capabilities, operating our new Senelux 25L Dehumidifier could not be simpler, especially with Alexa and Google Assist synchronisation. Your wish, is our dehumidifier's command. With the inbuilt ability to be entirely customizable; we're keeping our promise- that our appliances bring you comfort and ease at every step of the journey. More than that, the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier comes with a stand-out, easy-to-use feature of it's own. Unlike your average dehumidifier, the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier features advanced control systems that which intelligently- and accurately- adjust humidity levels to suit you. Not only does this ensure the maximum level of comfort in any size of space, but also greatly reduces the amount of energy used; saving you massive amounts of money by ensuring that non-essential operation isn't occurring. On the same note as all of these convenient features, we would be completely amiss to neglect the attached wheels and carry handle that come pre-built into every model of the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier. More features, not only for versatility, but also for your ease of use.

Not only is the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier an innovative, top-of-the-range dehumidifier, but we have also designed our latest model with your home in mind. With a stylish, all white design- this extraordinary dehumidifier is a seamless addition to any home or specific room. Whether it's a bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, basement or loft- this amazing dehumidifier is (literally) right at home anywhere. Operating at less than 45 decibels of sound, not only does this dehumidifier fit in with the "look" of any area, but also won't be distracting when you are performing your ordinary routine. As if this wasn't already enough; we've also made sure to make the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier's menu as easy to operate as possible. With child locking features ensuring that curious little hands don't accidentally alter your preferred settings, our complete and accurate LED Humidity display allows for real-time viewing of humidity levels in your space- ensuring full transparency and knowledge between you and your new dehumidifier.

The Senelux 25L Dehumidifier stands as a culmination of all the innovations made at Senelux. Powered by an incredibly high-performing 320W compressor, the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier is unbelievable in terms of efficiency. With a huge capacity tank of 5.5L, this powerful all-in-one machine is capable of extracting 25L of water a day ensuring that your living space remains comfortable and dry. This not only safeguards your space from damage (potentially saving valuable items from the effects of damp and mould,) but the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier is capable of even defending your health. Excessive damp can cause respiratory problems, skin problems and eye sight problems which, if you want to read more about, you can read about these issues in our article how to get the most out of your dehumidifier. As we approach the winter months, it is vital to ensure that you have the best defences in place for the sake of your health- especially in the lead-up to Christmas and the New Year. As such, the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier could not have come at a more beneficial time- not just to help you fight the effects of the damp, rainy weather, but also to increase your standard of living and even your health.


To summarise, the Senelux 25L Dehumidifer is an incredible must-have for anyone looking to increase their defence against illness, damaged property and invasion against their usual comforts. This dehumidifier is the epitome of all that Senelux stands for: innovation, comfort, ease and intelligence. The newest addition to the Senelux family of Dehumidifers is currently available and you find out more about it by visiting the Senelux 25L Dehumidifier page. At Senelux, our incredible range of dehumidifiers are not only highly efficient and designed with you in mind- but they're also affordable and constantly being fine-tuned to assure you the best results at the lowest prices. If you're in the market for any kind of dehumidifier, Senelux is your one-stop-shop for high end dehumidification. You can see the full range of Senelux Dehumidifiers on our website.

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